A Little Leitmotif….

| December 17, 2021

While it’s a few days until Christmas, I found the perfect gift for all those of you disgruntled souls snarking and grumbling over what is but a passing phase. When you watch this video, think of someone very special to whom it applies right now.

Troops, I give you the late great Neil Innes and my favorite song of all those that he wrote.


Merry Christmas, and toast the bread on both sides.

Category: "The Floggings Will Continue Until Morale Improves", 2020 Election

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Commissioner Wretched

Love the picture, Ex! Reminds me of the new resident at my house … I brought home a rescue cat yesterday. Solid black, like my departed Sassy, but a tom that I named “Boris.”

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Is the cat in the above picture Santa???? The other day I saw a cat that looked like yours walking on the beach on the inter coastal so it had to be Sandy Claws.


Have always loved the pic of Smokey. His look is a cross between, “DaHell you doing waking me up?” and “The wine bottle is empty, bring me another!” My Smokey (and his Mom, Kay Kitty) is (are) great big, drop dead gorgeous Russian Blues. Sassy Cat is an orange Garfield wannabe, little Pinky a gray, black striped tabby, and Thomas (pronounced Toe Maus) is a muscular clone of your Smokey. Yes they get along with the K9 furmissiles, yes they are all rescues, and yes I brag about going to bed, waking up with, and satisfying a lot of pu$$y…cats! :leer:

In re the video, God must love idjits, cause He sure made a bunch of them!


Have one here who came from the local post– knows the sound of a 60mm mortar and doesn’t like it. Catches/eats a rat a day (at least) and generally acts like the famed honey badger (albeit without the white back or narration by Randal):