Mikey Strikes Again!

| December 9, 2021

Outraged Mikey Weinstein is Outraged

Mikey never met a lawsuit he didn’t threaten. His Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) has its beady eyes on that egregious violation of our Civil Rights- laying wreaths on the graves of our war dead.

You read that right, sadly. “We don’t have a problem if people reach out and want to place wreaths on the graves of their deceased veterans, but placing them everywhere, blanketing them without the permission of the surviving families is unconstitutional, tyrannical and disrespectful.”

Our ninja sends.

Secularist group targets decades-long tradition of laying wreaths on soldiers’ tombs

Wreaths Across America is accused of taking part in an ‘unconstitutional’ act

By Kyle Morris

A secularist non-profit organization that strongly urges separation of church and state in America is taking issue with Wreaths Across America’s nearly 30-year tradition of placing wreaths on thousands of military graves.

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) is calling out Wreaths Across America, telling the Colorado Springs Gazette that the organization’s actions in placing wreaths on military gravesites around the country are “unconstitutional, an atrocity and a disgrace.”


MRFF Senior Research Director Chris Rodda described the tradition of wreath-laying as the “desecration of non-Christians veterans’ graves” in a November opinion piece.

“The gravesites of Christians and non-Christians alike will be adorned with this hijacked-from-paganism symbol of Christianity — circular and made of evergreen to symbolize everlasting life through Jesus Christ — whether the families of the deceased veterans like it or not,” Rodda wrote.

Another Mikey shake-down, looking for that out-of-court settlement. I believe his record of zero actual wins in court still stands. Thanks, ninja.

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Mikey Weinstein – law suits just for the sake of law suits? Goes the old maxim “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should”. No worries Mikey, there’s a very special warm place for you in Hell…

On our side of the boarder, think these might be some of Mikey’s friends –




Thanks Ninja.


The BARBED COCK OF SATAN is waiting for Mikey to worship it…


PHUQUE HEEM!!!! Despicable scum. Another whose obit I will read with the greatest of pleasure. And if, perchance, I depart these Earthly Bounds before this POS, I’ll be standing shoulder to shoulder with every True Warrior there to toss this despicable scum into the very deepest fires of Hell.

Done paid for some wreaths and am awaiting the call from Lady Friend that coordinates our placing for the appointed time and place here locally.


MRS D and I will be doing the same, it’s a tradition for us. D’s Cantina will be open after, plenty of tamales and posole, cigars available on the back porch. All are invited, doesn’t matter your religion or lack of it.

RGR 4-78

Tamales and beer, that like hunting over bait. 😉


That’s a fact. One of many reasons why MRS D is MRS D.

Mike B USAF Retired

Can’t someone just hook him up with a HALO drop without a chute….and put this ass-hat out of our misery?

I’m so tired of these type of people, they just bitch to hear themselves bitch, and to feel important!


Good one.


HALO drop w/o a chute? Sounds thoroughly entertaining even if Mikey wouldn’t have the balls to agree. *SHOVE* Buh-Bye Mikey.

And thank you for flying Hate your Guts/Kick you in the Nuts Airlines…


I’m starting a betting pool, based on how high the fat bastard bounces. There will also be a pool based on crater volume just in case.


I’m in but it could be risky. Regardless of altitude dropped, I’d be willing to wager that Mikey’s at-max-velocity impact would likely kill many forms of life and definitely wipe out vegetation for miles…

ChipNASA in 5, 4, 3, 2…


We don’t need a repeat of the impact that ended the dinosaurs.


A secularist non-profit organization that strongly urges separation of church and state the complete silencing of Christianity in America

There, fixed it for them. His bigoted agenda is patently obvious.


Then like any good Christian should, someone really ought to find Mikey, declare their unyielding love for Jesus and BEAT every single ounce of Sin out of him… In a loving way, of course.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

In my religion, we call it “laying on of hands”.

Some religions would call it handling snakes.

USMCMSgt (Ret)


AW1 Rod

Mikey can eat a bag of dicks.


Make that a stocking full of dicks.

Hung by the chimney with care of course…


RGR 4-78


Moronicly Retarded Feckless F@#ks.

Hack Stone

Hack Stone would like to thank Mikey Weinstein for his eternal vigilance in finding things that US service members and their families should be outraged about, but they have more pressing matters to attend to, like working to support their families and improve their communities. Thank you for being offended on our behalf.

A Proud Infidel®™️

I find it amazing that to this day Weinstein still hasn’t been hit in the face with a shovel or ball peen hammer, if anyone is deserving of a Pinochet Copter Ride®™️, it’s him!

Jus Bill

Mikey is giving sleaze a bad name.

A Proud Infidel®™️

I have more respect for Larry Flynt than I do for Mikey Whinestein.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Take a long walk off of a short pier mikey.

Amateur Historian

Oh fuck you, mikey!!!


So, evil Christians can’t extend holiday wishes and good fellowship to non-Christians or something?

Leftists are unhappy people who feel better by making everybody else feel worse.


Perhaps he just needs some stocking stuffers.

Like folks sending him bags of (gummi) dicks, which he can go eat.

Milo Mindbender

How do some assholes get so bitter? Is it an accident of birth or is it by practice?
If you don’t like the wreath, request your families grave sites be unadorned. If you don’t have any family in that military cemetery, how about you stay in your shooting lane, and fix something of substance?

A Proud Infidel®™️

That makes too much sense while it gets in the way of Mikey Whinestein trying to inflict and project his self-made misery on everyone that he can, IMHO he’s in need of a Pinochet® Helicopter Ride™️


He ain’t as bitter as he seems. It’s an act to make money. I think he might be the MRFF’s only actual employee, though he might have a secretary.


Looks like last year they spent $494,860 on “Program Expenses”, but his personal salary is $314,160. Administration (which salaries should be a part of IMO) is $67k and fundraising $90k.


Looks like he’s taking pages out of Rev. Al and Jessie’s book on how to shake people down.

Prior Service

Short version: Dick


My parents are both buried in the National Cemetery in what I as a military brat consider is my hometown.

Some friends of my sister are involved in the local wreaths across America organization and a couple years ago donated to specifically have the wreaths put on each of my parent’s graves each year.

I live about 3-1/2 hours from there and typically get over there a couple times a year to decorate the graves myself, but it is good to know someone was looking after them.


At the gates, pearly or otherwise:
“Oh! You’re that Mikey Weinstein! Stand over there for a minute. The Man wants a word with you.”


Little shitstain better be standing at attention, too.


He is simply jealous. He knows the best he can hope for as a decoration of his tombstone is a urinal cake.