USAF prohibiting non-vaccinated from PCSing

| November 29, 2021

Today’s the deadline to get the COVID jab. With the deadline here, Poetrooper pointed us the the Air Force’s latest policy. If you haven’t gotten the experimental vaccine with no long term studies of its effects, then you can’t leave Minot. This will likely secure near 100% compliance from bases like Minot, Grand Forks, Holloman, and Barksdale, it will have the opposite effect on bases people actually want to be at. Don’t want to leave Guam or Tyndall? Simple E-4 Mafia logic will tell you to not get the vax.

From the Gateway Pundit;

The US Air force issued a mandate last week preventing any airmen who aren’t vaccinated from moving to another location.

It’s really unbelievable that there aren’t any military personnel strong enough to stand up to the insanity and abuse of the Biden campaign. Biden showed the whole world what he thinks about our military in Afghanistan. He left thousands of Americans and behind, many of them military families. Then he relied on our enemy, the Taliban, to protect our troops and as a result, 13 men and women died there.

Now the Biden gang is making things difficult if not impossible for military personnel who don’t wish to take the COVID vaccine.

A report coming out of the Air Force last week states that anyone not vaccinated for COVID is no longer eligible for a permanent change of station.

I guess the unvaccinated will have to find a way to lose half their household goods themselves. For the full experience, they should take the other half of their household goods and put it on one of those container ships waiting outside Long Beach for an indeterminate amount of time.

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Ah, Teh Covid strikes!
comment image


The video!!!


Five dollars is all my Mom allows me to spend! LOL


Why are they pretending The Worst Cold EVER isn’t endemic?

Unless this is all a plan to get anyone with above room temperature IQ to quit…

Let’s go Brandon.

Clown World


Uhhh…. the same Gateway Pundit
that pushed the fake story about
27 Air Force pilots resigning rather than taking the shot?

Gateway Pundit echoed junk site Real Raw News on that one,
and GP foolishly does the same with many other stories
that are soon after proven false.

Perhaps consider VERIFYING anything you see on the unreliable Gateway Pundit
(with a simpleton Googly Fu search)
with something a bit more legit?
Like, for today’s example, Air Force Magazine?


IF VG is to retain any semblance of credibility,
stick with the sources from the horse’s mouth (Air Force, etc.)
instead of the rightwingnut horse’s ass (Gateway Pundit).


FYI, from the bottom of the link provided, “Air Force Magazine is the official publication of the Air Force Association”, aka not the Air Force.


Reference 27 pilots.
If you need more, there are countless other examples.
Just use your friend, the Fu of Google.

Getting it right 60% of the time
does not justify f’ing it up 40% of the time.

F Gateway Pundit.
You should know better.


You still didn’t read it, did you…


Read it?
I just copy and paste plopped the 1st paragraph (for Mason).
Scroll down, below Mason’s not so great The Office meme.


Joe Hoft wasn’t there when Kelly signed it and since Hoft works for someone that was wrong-ish once, it’s not authoritative. /s

We need more truth verifiers here. Maybe a rule that only TruthGuard articles can be referenced? /huge-er s


It’s not VG’s credibility in question. It’s yours.


SFC D (and Mason),
Learn from this,
the 2021 prevailing wisdom in my area (red counties) of PA….

Rightwing is good.
Rightwingnut is not good.
Anyone who can’t tell the difference, is a rightwingnut.

Simple test of this…
Is anyone here still on board with My Pillow Guy Mike Lindell???


The Overton Window only works if one allows Leftist shame tactics to effect them.

Based Pillow Guy hasn’t committed any crime and hates the fraud more than most, let that beautiful SoB run free! Perhaps it’ll force the Enemies of the REEEeeeEEEpublic to heavyhandednessing right into the tyranny they want.

You seem squishy. Have you lost a backbone lately?
I’m growing concerned.


Roh Dog,
Well, you failed the Lindell test?
Still donating, too??


The base principle is Lindell gets to speak. That is Universal.
That is Liberalism.
That is Constitutional.

If I decide to ‘donate’ that is my business, not yours. If I decide to get one of his (allegedly) kickass products, that’s MY business.

I don’t really like purity tests, they get me all hang tyrants/1776-y in my loins.

You have a GREAT day.


You too.
Spend wisely. 🙂


Your prevailing wisdom in this case led you straight into the shitter because you didn’t read the article.
Stick to the topic, the article was accurate and correct. Stop deflecting. Leave the knee-jerk critical reactions to Commissar.


SFC D (and Roh-Dog),
Nothing like leftwingnuts (Commissar and 1 or more others)
and rightwingnuts (you guys and several others here)
letting yourselves devolve into
divide and fight over politics,
instead of keeping your eye(s) on the real enemy here,
Stolen Valor and Military Phonies.

It’s why I put up this smallish fight
for reasonable rightwing politics,
and push back on the over the top rightwingnuts.

NOTE – I haven’t seen thebesig post 1 rightwingnutty article since the September go around.


Now I’m a rightwingnut. I’m so embarrased. Thank you for becoming the self-appointed keeper of truth and all that is holy here at TAH. I, for one, truly appreciate your efforts in supporting truth, justice, and the American way.


Did you read the article, or just summarily dismiss it because of the source? Did you not see the memorandum from LtGen Brian T. Kelly? Perhaps consider actually reading the article before dismissing it. There’s another guy here who does that. Don’t follow in his footsteps.


I read it in full. It’s brief in facts,
and jumps into rightwing(nut) rant in the very 1st sentence.

Then I deployed the Fu of Google,
now all but a requirement for anything Gateway Pundit spits out.

That’s Gateway Pundit,
and the reason NOT to cite it as a primary source (for anything).


Read. The. Official. Memorandum. It’s that big wordy thing with the Air Force letterhead, signed by a flag officer. Ohhhh shit, Gateway Pundit forged it, I get it now!


Ok, thanks for verifying the verifying.
My comments stand.


It’s NOT the “exact same”.
Nothing coming from Gateway Pundit is.


Got it????
Google is your friend.
Not Gateway Pundit.


You left out the boilerplate Gateway Pundit,
the 1st paragraph….

It’s really unbelievable that there aren’t any military personnel strong enough to stand up to the insanity and abuse of the Biden campaign.
Biden showed the whole world what he thinks about our military in Afghanistan.
He left thousands of Americans and behind, many of them military families.
Then he relied on our enemy, the Taliban, to protect our troops and as a result, 13 men and women died there.
(end paste)

There’s your Gateway Pundit problem.


Which part is incorrect?


Why am I so tough and unforgiving on the Gateway Pundit?

Because I’ve now had 5+ YEARS of watching current and former friends on the Book of the Fake running with, sharing, and then getting all amped up over Gateway Pundit fakery.

Yes, Pelosi and Maxine Waters are rotten and evil to the core,
but that does NOT justify Gateway Pundit pushing the fake tweets and photos, and invented quotes,
which piss off a lot of people (for no reason),
who then get doubly pissed off when they realize
they’ve been FOOLED by Gateway Pundit.


I can only imagine that Commissar guy
dropping links here to Occupy Democrats,
and watching almost everyone here implode.

Note to Commissar – This is not a dare.
Don’t drop OD anything here.


Gov employee unions are going to sue to have gov employees treated same as private company employees wrt the vax mandates.

As the mandate appears dead, not sure what that will mean. Certainly, whatever happens the DoD will be treated separately.


“No favorable personnel actions” is what I saw. No PCS, no promotions (technically should also mean no ETS) – obviously no one is considering successor actions. Freeze a PCS, gotta freeze the PCS of his replacement. Promotion freeze – who will fill the slot that person was gonna be allocated into? What happens to the person due to be promoted into the slot someone is no longer vacating? As the saying goes, this is throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Or peeing into the stream you drink from.


I don’t think they thought through all the possible ramifications of this plan. But, the military rarely does.


Thank God I’m Retired. The whole military seems to have forgotten it’s JOB and instead wants to punish troops instead of the enemy.

Green Thumb



Not that it would matter for hollomanites, they are on 5 year stabilized tour aren’t they? Just like people at Grand Forks or Los Angeles. They are basically stuck there for life as it is. Especially with how PCs works now for AF enlisted.


Does that mean the guy/gal at Eglin can’t go remote to Kunsan?

Coercion in the assignment system is old hat with the USAF.

In the first Clinton administration during the drawdown, the AF went to the voluntary assignment system. The only folks that could be non-vol’d on an assignment were folks with more than 15 years in service. So take the remote to BFE or take the TERA (Temporary Early Retirement Authority)

I saw instances in a flying unit where 4 or 5 guys punched until someone fell on the grenade. Next thing you know 14 April 1994 occurs.


People Control!


I thought that “Whynot Minot” was one of those idyllic duty stations in the Air Force? Like 29 Palms is for the Navy/Marine Corps…


All of the TAH Editors are well aware of the proclivities of several of the sites sourced here. We all use due diligence in cross-referencing the articles posted, regardless of the source.

Disagreeing with a site’s philosophy does not mean we won’t post an article- I’ve quoted CNN and HuffPo, for example. Even a blind chipmunk finds the occasional postable article. It’s also healthy to keep an eye on the opposition.

Ignoring a site’s content because of a policy disagreement smacks of elitism at best, censorship at worst. Not how we roll.

The same applies to those who choose to comment here- TAH was established as an open forum, and it will remain so. Does this challenge your world view? I hope so.


Good point.
So when someone posts an article, or comments on an article,
using sources such as Morning Joe, Joy Reid, CNN’s Stelter, or Occupy Democrats
(keeping my eye on the opposition),
and then others freak out over the ridiculousness,
you’ll (all) see my point here today in singling out The Gateway Pundit.



Reading all comments has me wondering if the individual everybody refers to as Lars has changed his name to marine dad.


Nice try. Scroll up.
Just above this, to my reply to AW1Ed.

Backing The Gateway Pundit over a war veteran conservative fan of busting Stolen Valor phonies pretty much typifies the very reason I speak out about those who fall into believing, trusting, and then sourcing from the fringe of fake news, conspiracy theories, and other bullshit (left and) rightwingnuttery coming from websites like The Gateway Pundit.


Your comment posted about 2 minutes before mine did, so I apparently missed it.

It seems you don’t like gateway pundit, and that’s fine. But to continue beating on it after the horse has died seems counter productive to making your point, at least to me. Not everybody is plugged into your reliable news source it seems.

Just an observation from my cheap seat.


Fair enough.
I believe the long replies below by Poetrooper and myself
should wrap this up.


Get down off your high horse. Your holier-than-thou self appointed source checker act is wearing very thin. You and Lars have become opposite sides of the same coin. You do not get to approve sources.


“High horse”…”holier-than-thou”… “wearing very thin”… Ol Poe’s been away for much of the day and as he was getting caught up reading through this thread, those terms were all resonating in his brain while mentally composing his response to Marine Dad. What the self-appointed, know-it-all, Marine Dad, mistakenly ASSumes is that ol’ Poe is using Gateway Pundit as a primary source. GP is not on my extensive reading list and when I do reference it, it is because I linked there from other, reliable, conservative sites which are, and which I trust. MD61 also ASSumes that the GP article hasn’t been verified by Poe as well as TAH admin, another mistaken conclusion that he is all too quick to jump to. But MD61’s most egregious blunder is his willingness, even eagerness, to label others here at TAH as “right-wing nuts” simply because their thinking may be more conservative than he pictures himself to be. MD61 has in the past pointed out that he is not a Republican but rather a conservative. Well, that’s probably good for him because if he were a Republican, he’d damned sure be a RINO and that’s a breed not too popular among most real conservatives, including, Poe imagines, most who come to this forum. Ol’ Poe would wager he speaks for most here when he says this old drumbeat every time TAH posts something from Gateway Pundit has gone beyond the point of tiresome. As the comments indicate, it’s become irritating, especially the name-calling. MD61,… Read more »


Ol’ Poe, you’re wrong again.
I have always identified here as a
GOP voting Republican conservative,
who leans to the moderate right rather than to the ultra right,
who gladly voted for Trump twice,
but soured on Trump in 2021 due to his poor behavior on and after January 6.

This country was founded on parties and ideals,
but also on the ability to communicate and compromise,
a talent slipping away from many politicians today,
and certainly lost on many voters,
who will cling to 1 party on 100% of 16 party planks,
even if they only really buy into 10 or 12 (of 16)
because for many,
defeating the other side is more important than actually solving some of the country’s troubles.

Both parties do it.
Democrats are awful at compromise.
Worse than Republicans.
But Republicans aren’t much better.
And watching anyone who throws aside or belittles anyone who isn’t 100% in their own camp on every single party issue is truly disappointing.

Example – I think abortion is fine.
Have it it. Fund it, too.
So does Fox cupcake talkface Tomi Lahren.
Blaze’s Glenn Beck fired Tomi for it,
and Fox forgave her.
So, anyone hanging high lord God over those who aren’t totally against abortion should be all over crucifying Tomi Lahren with condemnation and holy rolling, right?

I’ll stop there.
Gateway Pundit is an unreliable shitstain
by any standard of news, media, or entertainment.
So enjoy reading it.

My stock is fine.


Marine Dad says, “And watching anyone who throws aside or belittles anyone who isn’t 100% in their own camp on every single party issue is truly disappointing.”

Does that disappointment, by any chance, also stem from calling others here at TAH, right-wing nut jobs because they aren’t 100% in your camp?

“My stock is fine.”

So you may think, but you’re spending it fast with these arrogant and dismissive postings about Gateway Pundit.

Time will tell…


Good morning.
Dismissive, yes.
Arrogant, no.
Anyone swearing by or sourcing Occupy Democrats or Joy Reid gets the same response.

So, yes, time will tell…


“Gateway Pundit is an unreliable shitstain”.

Yet everything in the article was correct, was it not? I get it. You don’t like the source. You don’t like the intro. You have that right. You don’t have the right to belittle the rest of us that took the article for what it was worth. And don’t play that “Backing The Gateway Pundit over a war veteran conservative fan of busting Stolen Valor phonies” card. That’s the most arrogant, conceited, and condescending thing I’ve read here in some time. Your stock is tanking.