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| November 22, 2021

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Armed robbery suspect fatally shot by officers during standoff in Crawford County: GBI

Kevin Mark Soles, Jr.

CRAWFORD COUNTY, Ga. — A man wanted for armed robbery was shot and killed by officers attempting to serve him an arrest warrant in Crawford County, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation states.

According to the GBI, 37-year-old Kevin Mark Soles, Jr. was wanted in Bibb County but was at a home in Byron.

Crawford County deputies went to the home on Jordan Rd. to arrest Soles Wednesday afternoon.

The GBI states that they located Soles, but he escaped into some nearby woods.

Crawford County asked for backup from the Peach County Sheriff’s Office, Byron Police Department, Bibb County Sheriff’s Office, and Georgia Department of Corrections K9.

Authorities found Soles in the woods and allege that he was holding a gun. The GBI said officers spent hours trying to negotiate with him to surrender.

The GBI states that officers tried to fire “less lethal” rounds at Soles in order to arrest him.

While trying to put Soles in custody, the suspect reportedly pointed his gun at officers. An officer fired back, hitting him.

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Police: Philadelphia deliveryman shoots 2 teens who were trying to rob him

By Bob D’Angelo
PHILADELPHIA — A deliveryman in Philadelphia shot two teens who attempted to rob him early Saturday, authorities said.

The delivery driver, who was legally licensed to carry a firearm, was accosted by three men shortly after midnight, WCAU reported. The driver told police he had arrived home in the Mayfair section of the city to give his family food, and when he returned to the truck the men approached him, the television station reported.

Two of the teens pointed guns at the driver and demanded money, according to WPVI. The man said the money was inside the vehicle, and when one of the teens began to search it, the driver pulled out his own weapon and opened fire, the television station reported.

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9-year-old Florida girl protects mom from suspected robber with barrage of punches: ‘Right in the face’
Video catches when suspect tried to steal her mom’s purse

By Pilar Arias
A 9-year-old girl in Florida was awarded by police after they say she fought off a robber to protect her mother – and it was all caught on video.

West Palm Beach police say Journee Nelson and her mother were shopping for groceries at Sabor Tropical Supermarket on Nov. 2 when the suspect tried to steal her mom’s purse.

“We walked out the store and then I took a little glance at him and then I looked back at the car and then I opened my door. And then, next thing I know, I saw him running towards my mom,” Journee said Sunday on ‘Fox & Friends Weekend.’

Police say while Journee’s mother was loading groceries into her car, the suspect ‘rushed up on her’ and began to violently pull at her purse before knocking her down. The suspect reportedly told the mother to let go of the purse or “you’re going to make me pop you” while reaching for his waistband.

Journee ran towards the encounter, punched the suspect on his head and then chased him four houses down. The suspect initially got away, but was later identified as Demetrius Jackson and arrested two days later, police said.

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Fox News
Several of our usual suspects sent us this article. Mr. Jackson currently occupies the lowest link in the lock-up food chain, and owns all that it entails.

I believe that every individual is naturally entitled to do as he pleases with himself and the fruits of his labor, so far as it in no way interferes with any other men’s rights. — ABRAHAM LINCOLN

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Hack Stone

A few good examples of when the redistribution Of wealth goes horribly wrong.


I’m afraid that if I’d seen Kevin Mark Soles Jr. in my AO, the pigs would have had a fresh meal. Kevin Mark Soles Sr. must be so proud of his son. BZ to the 9-year-old young lady who protected her mother. Don’tcha know that Demetrius Jackson is now the laughing stock of the county, running from a little girl? Those teens get a chance to evaluate their life choices now. What they do with… Read more »


Mr Soles’ went with the wrong forehead tattoo.


I’m surprised that the Philly DA hasn’t filed charges against the victim for harming those yutes. After all, they wuz just turning their lives around, yo. DA Larry Krasner loves him some thugs, young and aold.

Old tanker

Kudos to the 9 year old. She obviously is not a wall flower hiding awaiting rescue. Well done young lady.


Yep. And I gotta wonder how much respect the perp will get from other inmates after they find out that he got his butt kicked by a 9 y/o girl. (smile)


She was interviewed on Fox and Friends yesterday. She is a cutie. I also wonder how the cell block will treat him as a paver beaten by a 9 year old.


Georgia cops don’t play. Many of them quit school cause the school had recess. That situation came down up the road and around the corner from where Baby Sister lives. I probably know most of the LEOs that were there. BZ troops for taking out the trash. Philly…the City of Brotherly Love. Poor victim selection skilz on behalf of the punks. Beat up by a 9 yo girl. Yep that’ll give dirtbag plenty of street… Read more »