Afghanistan Veteran returns to Afghanistan to evacuate those in danger

| October 29, 2021

Afghanistan Veteran returns to Afghanistan to help others flee Afghanistan. (Fox News)

A native of Afghanistan, who joined the Army a few years after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, returned to Afghanistan to help others flee. He is a veteran, he wasn’t deployed there for this mission. He stated that he rescued family members, as well as those who are a part of non-approved religions.

From Fox News:

Since returning to Afghanistan, the former soldier said he’s rescued Catholics and other Christians, as well as Hazara minorities, all of whom are Taliban targets.

“It feels good getting them out, saving them from the Taliban,” the former staff sergeant told Fox News.

He said he helped a family of 10 Afghan Christians escape.

He also helped a couple that recently converted to Catholicism and was “in danger because of their religion,” the veteran told Fox News. “Everyone in their neighborhood knew about it, and they started snitching on them.”

He said he and some Afghan nomads helped them illegally cross the border into Pakistan. The couple ultimately escaped to a third country.

“On my way back from this area, I got caught by the Taliban, and they lashed me on my back,” the former staff sergeant told Fox News. “I think it was only seven times, but had they known that I had actually just helped a Catholic family get out, it would have been worse. Far worse.”

Meanwhile, the Taliban visited one of his family’s safe houses, forcing the family to flee through a back door. His journalist niece was injured during the escape.

“I had no choice but to come here myself after I learned that there was an ambush on my family’s house once more,” the former staff sergeant told Fox News. “I still haven’t heard anything from our government as far as any sort of assistance.”

“I pleaded for help from the U.S. government,” the veteran told Fox News. “I did not receive any.”

But getting his family from the Kabul area to Pakistan wasn’t realistic, the veteran said, noting that the family of six would have to pass through around 30 Taliban checkpoints.

After his interview with Fox News, the veteran said he successfully helped his family escape, though not to Pakistan. He also said they have 28 days to secure a passage out of the country they’re in or they’ll be deported back to Afghanistan and into the hands of the Taliban.

Fox News is not revealing the family’s method of escape or where its living to protect them from possible harm.

Fox News has the story as well as video and photos here.

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Slow Joe

28 days later…


BZ to this Warrior. Bet it was real difficult staying covert, sneaking his family and friends out with those Big Brass Ones clanking.

We spent millions of US Taxpayers $ to import thousands of potential terrorists, thru the Southern Border wide open to allow in millions of disease infected parasites on society, but can’t throw a few bucks to an American Soldier? WTF?

Mooslems…the ONLY religion (sic) in the world that destroys any person that does not convert to their way of life.


Well I hope the Taliban keep getting the old Pineapple up the wazoo, sideways, fronds first.
(Hitler and pineapple video in 3..2…1.. 😀 😀 😀 )