Facebook to Change Name

| October 20, 2021

Well, to all of you that complain about Facebook you only have about a week until it changes its name.  The announcement of a new name will be made next week.

Facebook is planning to change its name, report says

Facebook is planning to rebrand itself with a new name focused on the metaverse, the Verge reported on Tuesday, as the tech giant comes under fire from regulators around the world over its business practices.
The company plans to announce the new name next week, the Verge reported, citing a source with direct knowledge of the matter. Facebook wants to be known for more than social media, according to the tech publication.
Facebook (FB) does not comment on rumor or speculation, a company spokesperson said in response to a question about the potential name change.

You all at TAH have already been part of the ‘metaverse’ so Facebook is just catching up.
I’m putting my money on them redefining themselves so that they can both enjoy the benefits of Section 230 of the Communications Act as well as continue to censor who and what they want.
In any case you will no longer be able to say “The Book of the Face” unless you parallel Prince and say “the artist formerly known as…”   If they call themselves “FaceTime” we can call it “Time of the Face.”
There are so many ways to play this, so we’ll have to wait to hear.

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Who else here is “8”? (Ok, maybe 5) and laughed at the “fisting”?!? 😳🧐
Go ahead raise your hand… raise it high. Don’t be shy ☺️ . *snickers* 👌✋👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼

RGR 4-78

Face Book of the Damned no more.

How many legal machinations will now have to be re-filed due to the name change.

More tax payer time and money to be wasted.


Ahem. “PAGING WHAT’SYOURFACE!!! PAGING MR. (Did you just assume my gender?!?!?😲🙀) WHAT’SHISFACE!!!!!”


In Intersectional Warfare with a gender fluid Battlespace the need for Genetic Bio-Marked-Weapons to identify friend from foe, (among other things) integrates well with Trans human cee i a created book of farce….just ask the new Admiral.


Digital Leftist Sh*thole would be better.

Largo Larry

Facebook is changing its name to Pravda

Name edited to protect PII.


^^^This person gets it!


Thunderstixx Thunder

The zuksuk pedopages.


AOL (America Online) had it all 20 years ago,
and pissed it away with “growth”.
Yahoo was the leading search engine 20 years ago.
Could have been more. But grateful for the email service.
MySpace? Murdoch spent how much?? And sold it for how much?

New name can be BF or BJ or (Brit accent) Base Fook,
won’t matter.
FakeBook, FarceBook, Book of the Fake, and the other nicknames will live on.

PUNCH LINE – Remember Kanye West?
Now, he’s “the artist formerly known as Kanye West.”
New Name?


Bada-BooM!!! *shrug* A name change can be a good thing.
I mean, it worked out OK for Prince, right? This will be great! Now, YE can be even more irrelevant than he already is..

First impressions; really think His Zuckerness ought to consider changing FaceBook’s name to HellBook. Easy to remember, kinda fun to say. From what I hear from al the bible-beaters, a lot of folks gonna end up there anyway… Whatever. This is even news?
Oy gavolt.


OK, so that begs the question, (I know, poses) is it YE- “YEEEEEE” or YE as in “Con-YAY!” YAYYYYY?!?!?!?
Inquiring minds wan…who am I kidding, I give ZERO shits. As a matter of fact, I wonder if there’s such as thing as negative shits??
It’s gotta be a maths thingie, right??


*yawn* Even if my field was not barren,and I had a bumper crop, zukerphuquer and his book of fake would not get a single one.


Well, they wont call it “Quits”.


Hmm, I’m wondering if some of their advertising promises will be broken – and if some lawsuits would not ensue…

I can still go to MeWe


A turd by any other name. . .


The adult version (F*ckbook) was much more up-front on what it was all about.


Got rid of it 10 years ago. Haven’t missed it in the least.

Regardless of name change, I highly doubt that I’ll ever go back.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

A FascistBook by any other name would be just as tyrannical.


According to finance @ yahoo, Facebook is “worth” $960.809B

And I hate to break it to you, when it goes to its real, un-central bank-reenforced value…. this toxic piece of shit, along with that other piece of shit tesla are in damn near everyones’ mutual funds and retirement plans.

They should rename themselves to ‘flaming Hindenburg falls onto the Titanic while a full passenger train full of expectant mothers take thalidomide shots’… too soon?


Think you may be on to something there, Roh…


I mean the whole ‘flaming Hindenburg falls onto the Titanic while a full passenger train full of expectant mothers take thalidomide shots’ – could be good…


Ok, straw poll….
… “ flaming Hindenburg falls onto the Titanic while a full passenger train full of expectant mothers take thalidomide shots … “
I larfed at this. Am I bad person? Nahhhh. 🤣😛


AOL (and other websites) had that phony “worth”, too.
AOL even used it to buy out (the fools at) Time Warner.
Then, a succession of golden parachute CEOs and staff,
who really didn’t know what they were doing,
shit all over their bread and butter.
Then pissed on their shit and shingles.
Then rode off into Las Vegas and beachfront sunsets.

Show me any entity that ever paid out or cashed out in full on that “worth”,
and I’ll show you a pyramid scheme
AND a bunch of offshore Un-American thieves.


So ya say His Zuckerness is change’n the name of his much-loved FaceBook? Uh, what the cat said…



Well… this is a thing:


Now we’ll have to listen to that Oaklander asshole explain why anyone to the right of Stalin is in a cult cuz he’s gonna be maaaad.
Thanks PDJT. YOU did this to us.


Here’s the message from the President himself:


I wish him luck. It may be a bit of a slog, uphill both ways and covered in fecal matter from our humanoid countrypeople, you know, the one’s with the fluid genders.


Time to buy stocks!


Is TMTG going to be the stock or other like Digital World (ticker: DWAC, DWACU). I couldn’t see the details. Wait and see or try to get on board now, early?


Kinda answered my own question but I’ll wait….
I hate these reddit/internet stock bandwagons.



They will never be rid of the name Facebook.
That would be like Biden getting rid of the name Brandon.

Skivvy Stacker

Maybe they’re finally going to go with Fuck Face


Tom Cruise would agree:


Dumped the book of faces in 2011 and never looked back. So, so thankful that I did. It seemed impossible for a few weeks but then the rewards set in. Awesome.


das ReichBuch



Done fucked up and your reputation is shit? Change your name.

Exxon wiped its name off its fleet of tankers after the Valdez spill in ‘89… changed it to SeaRiver.


BlackWater >> Academi
Academi + Triple Canopy >> Constellis.

I’ll guess the conglomerate is not so hot right now.
They have work for 22,000 employees?


Wasn’t it also called something Chinese sounding too like Xi?? Xe? Zhe? (Googles…”Xe”)
Don’t forget that. Can’t trust *nobody*.


BlackWater >> Xe Services >> Academi
Academi + Triple Canopy >> Constellis.