Refuse the COVID-19 shot? Face discharge from the Navy

| October 15, 2021

The Navy is setting up to subject Sailors, who refuse the COVID vaccine, for discharge. Active duty Sailors have until November 14 to be fully vaccinated. Navy Reserve Sailors have until December 14 to be fully vaccinated. Sailors who refuse the vaccine face more than just being discharged.

From Fox News:

Sailors who do not have a pending or approved exemption by the deadlines set will face administrative actions and “those separated only for vaccine refusal will receive no lower than a general discharge under honorable conditions” the Navy’s statement read, adding, “This type of discharge could result in the loss of some veterans’ benefits.”

The Navy said it “may also seek recoupment of applicable bonuses, special and incentive pays, and the cost of training and education for service members refusing the vaccine.”

“Sailors must be prepared to execute their mission at all times, in places throughout the world, including where vaccination rates are low and disease transmission is high,” the Navy stated. “Immunizations are of paramount importance to protecting the health of the force and the warfighting readiness of the Fleet.”

The Navy says 98% of its active duty members are already vaccinated against the coronavirus.

The Department of Defense announced in late August that all members of the armed forces must get vaccinated against COVID-19, just days after the Food and Drug Administration granted full approval for the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

Fox News has more on the story here.

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BOHICA. Like has always been said.


Pretty damned generous of them to allow an honorable discharge for those who want it.


“General discharge under honorable conditions” is not the same as an honorable discharge.


Receive no LOWER than an General under Honorable. I think they realized Joe’s fight for dishonorable discharges was a shit show.

Based off grumblings i’ve heard from mainside, they will base discharges of character of service. If you got a good cookie, you’ll get a good discharge.



This is an ethical mess and the people who could “fix it” are not taking up the task. In the redux, you do not get to pick and choose, a’la carte, what you will or will not “subscribe” to.

Left to my devices, I’d let the pathogen run its course and have immune systems develop their own response. That might provide virologists with something to work with. Or not. Flu vaccines seem to work for some, not for others, but the every year it’s a different influenza… until the “global” flu showed up.

Compare and contrast, the war on poverty vs mandatory vaccination. The federal government needs to refine the manner in which they choose their confrontations, i.e., Afghanistan.

The critical distinction has more to do with the global/pandemic/diminution of the U.S. than any practical notion about health care.


After a couple of years they can upgrade it, right? 😉


Speaking of Discharge….
*blinks furiously at the photo….*
You know, if you mouse click the curser furiously on the photo, it shrinks and enlarges, back and forth, back and forth, kinda like it’s in 3D.
Just sayin for those that are interested.


That pic from a Boomer’s Sunday toon has gotten some mileage. Wonder why?


Nothing gets their attention like a nice set of Blouse Bunnies.

Been watching the feeds on this story for a bit bit now. Who didn’t see this coming. Another linked article talked about Big Navy setting up a separate command to handle the workload that this action will create.

Wonder if LTC Scheller has gotten his jab or if he will qualify for this?


How do you know that is a Female?

Anyone else besides the ninja family serve time in Thailand, i.e. “Kathoey”?

While in Thailand, some of my Troops found out the hard way…I tried to warn them…



They look real from this angle, ninja, but you’re right…can’t always tell. However, I would be willing to risk taking on the mission to find out. I ain’t skeered of no danger zone.




My Troops thought those Kathoey’s Breasts were real as well…I tried to warn them…But did they listen?





Croc Dundee showed us (overseas) in the 80s
what nobody in the USAF chain would actually say.
“Jus’ makin’ sure.”



Oh, My, Stars…

AW1Ed played the song from TOP GUN!!

That means he has seen the Light and will root for Army in December!!!




That particular miracle ain’t happening, ninja.

go navy

RGR 4-78

Carrier operations have to be one of the most complicated “Dances of Death” mankind has ever devised.

F#$k hollywood, they have never come close to the real thing.


I just got busted do this at work. So, thanks for that.


I laughed WAY harder at this than I should have.
Sorry Jay. ☹️😖😜


You just wait…

Down the road, there will be VA Disability claims…Lawsuits…

And Morale?

Retention Rates?

Recruiting Rates?

Just wait…The Chinese are rubbing their hands together with glee because our US Military will no longer be a lean, mean fighting machine..

Speaking of the Navy:

Jeff…Still waiting on your source of Info on Bob Hope and the USO during WWII…



When they unleashed this virus upon us none of them dreamed it would cause this much damage to the country. Sure, this is exactly what they wanted to happen but no one could imagine just how incompetent the collective minds of the ruling elite would be. No script could have been written with more disastrous results.


OWB, this comes under that “be careful what you wish for” aphorism.

I’m waiting to find out what their next bit of trickery is.


F* the Chicoms.


The COVID Vaccination has become a POLITICAL Issue.

Biden and his Sheep don’t give a Rat’s Ass about the Military…

Am I the ONLY one that sees this?

If an individual wants to take the vaccine and wear a mask, THEN GO FOR IT.

That is your choice. I respect your decision.

Just don’t force your beliefs on me. Let me determine my own destiny. Respect My Decision as I Respect Yours.

Freedom of Choice. It’s Our Bodies…Wait a minute….Where Have I Heard THAT Line before??



Won’t work, ninja. Dems don’t recognize “appropriation” of their sacred memes.
Like BLM doesn’t count in Dem controlled cities, it’s against the narrative.


Our very own AW1Ed NAILED IT…

Again, the ninja family has no problems with others wanting to take the Vaccine or wear a mask. Does not bother us one bit. That is called Freedom of Choice.

Just respect our decisions on what we want to do with our bodies.

And BTW…Can someone please explain to me why Illegals coming into our Country don’t have to take the Vaccine or wear masks..?

Thank You, Ed…BTW, you know what is coming up soon from KoB and I…(gabn)…



Already planning the snacky stuff menu, ninja.



One of these days, the ninja family will travel to Georgia to visit the KoB to watch the Army/Navy Game together (if COVID or Joe Biden or the Chinese do not kill us (SARC).

That is, IF we STILL have an Army or Navy anymore.

One member of the ninja family had to sit in the Bleachers as a West Point Cadet and watch the Black Knights lose EVERY GAME (0-10) to include Navy beating Army 51-0.

Since AW1Ed is a SUPER Chef (so is Ex-PH2), then maybe they can join us in putting snacks together to watch a future Army-Navy Game…

BTW, my other Friends STILL believe AW1Ed is a Professional Chef covering up as a Navy Squid…that Mason is a Professional Historian…but they DO believe about YOU being a TRUE Southern Rebel that knows his History (Andrew Zimmer knows…)




C’mon…and bring them too. Firebase Magnolia has a total of 4 full bedrooms (1 down & 3 up) 2&1/2 baths and a 3/4 wrap around porch. One bedroom is set up with 2 twin beds in a Georgia Bulldog Motiff. Gas stove, charchol grill, and fire pit for smoking/gathering around. Colors are posted each morning and retired each evening. Furbabies are welcome.

Loser washes the dishes. (Guess we’ll be relaxing on the porch while the dishes are being done)



Ed knows how to wash dishes?



And yet, I know the Aggies beat Bama. One of our BEST Friends is an Aggie Graduate…He and his wife had tried for years for us to move to Texas…He lives down the road from Alan West, whom one of us in the ninja family promoted him while stationed in Korea…the other ninja member was in the same AOR on the pistol incident in Iraq…We all supported him and at least he admitted he did it and accepted responsibikity for it.

We have family in Georgia, North Carolina and of course, Alabama. Only a couple more years until we can retire from our jobs and move away. Folks still think we get free medical and dental care (NOPE). They still think we have high retirement checks (NOPE). We still have not collected our SSN because we are still working.

We are blessed by our children and grandchildren, our Freedom of Worship, our Freedom of owning guns, our Freedom of Voting, our Freedom to proudly Fly our US Flag everyday and our Friends.

We pray every day we will not lose our Freedom while still alive.

We Love Our Country despite Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, etc etc.

God Bless The USA.


AMEN Sister!

I actually got to watch both games last weekend since they were on Broadcast, Antenna delivered Free TV, as God intended it to be. I absolutely refuse to pay ANY type of cable TV bill. Guess you heard about them fellows that got into a gunfight over the Aggie/Tide game? Still don’t know which fan was the one that was killed. Hey, it’s just a game, to be enjoyed. Now if The Dawgs can just make it without choking thru the rest of the season, they may have a shot at the Natty. Been a long time.

I’m willing to die for my Freedom…Are they willing to die trying to take it from me?


The ninja family is willing to die for our Freedom as,well.

They can kill our bodies, but not our Souls.

BTW, if the Dawgs beat Bama, well, thats the way the cookie crumbles. We will always still be loyal to the Dawgs.



We have six in our group that have denied the Covid vaccine due to religious reasons. I don’t think they’ll win their case. No outright refusals though, basewide here at Osan I think there are 3-4 refusals.


Fair question..
In any given year,
how many 18-20 year old 1st term enlistment sailors
would quit the Navy and go home
if they could?

The 80s fake gay card doesn’t work anymore.
Short of crime or serious cuckoo crap (or pregnancy),
they’re stuck in the Navy for 4 years.

Seems like a convenient way to get unstuck from the Navy,
and get the free bus ride home,
by not getting stuck.


Paging CPL Klinger!


That might depend on whether they are deployed on a ship, or not.

Either way, the folks you work with and for can make immeasurable difference in matters of assimilation, attitude, camaraderie and whether they “fit in” or not.

I would strongly discourage a first term sailor or soldier from failing to honor their obligation and commitment. Hell, when you are 18 – 20 years old you can overcome damned near anything, including the vaccines we all had to take just to be deployable.

My brother is a retired IDC and has shared all kinds of funny stories about dealing with young sailors and Marines who had “run amok”, so to speak. But that was back in the old Navy.

He LOVED the Navy, the Navy did well by him and he inspired a lot of sailors to “stay the course” and how to navigate the system. Isn’t that what Chiefs are supposed to do? 🙂

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

I would strongly disagree, this mRNA not-a-vaccine is showing more and more to screw up peoples’ bodies, even/especially the youth.
A regular multi-year tried and accepted vaccine, yes. But this new poison…..? No.
To any and all first-termers, DON’T take the Jab, take the discharge, get out, keep your health.

Maybe that finding is why “they” are being lenient, so to speak, about letting them leave?

I have not and do not anticipate submitting myself to the program, my immune system seems to be pretty resilient. Wife, OTOH, has had two shots, without ill effect… but we’re 50 years older than those first term sailors.

As a child, in the 50s, we had all of those common afflictions that eventually were immunized against, measles, mumps, chicken pox, rubella–if that is different from the other stuff. Vaccinated for small pox, polio, hell even mosquitoes avoid me!


You are incorrect. It is Dec 28th for the Reserve component. Which brings up the question-Why does the National Guard get until next summer? WTF? Isn’t COVID a danger now? Aren’t all the unvaxxed killing all the vaxxed now? Shows the stupidity and hypocrisy of the DOD…

Also, Let’s Go Brandon!!!

Flash in the Brainpan

Coming from a reliable source in the upper echelons at Millington, TN (for those non-Navy types; the hub of all things admin and personnel for the USN):
It’s not just a discharge our Sailors are getting – they’ll be stripped of every qualification, every school-attended, and every bit you’d need for a solid resume. All that will be on a DD214 is their awards/decorations and time in… Wanna screw your folks on the way out the door? Yup. That’s a pretty good way how.
Further, with the tens of thousands religious exemption waivers coming in; take a guess how many folks are given charge to process these claims… Two. Exactly two big wigs are going line-by-line with “extreme scrutiny” on EVERY request that’s been submitted. Working on high-efficiency there…
Last bit: my buddy is in charge of a fairly small community – EVERY single reenlistment and retirement request comes across his desk and he has to sign it… Well, he said up until August everything was normal then after the mandate was announced he received 37 retirement requests from Chiefs, Senior Chiefs, and Master Chiefs – all received within 24 hours… Do the ‘experience math’ here and at a minimum, you’re talking 750 years of corporate knowledge are walking away in one day.
Bottom line, this is going to hurt a lot of [former] Sailors as well as a lot of communities in very bad ways.