Scheller Sentenced

| October 15, 2021

LtCol Scheller

With amazing alacrity, the judge overseeing Lieutenant Colonel Scheller’s Court Martial has passed sentence. Charged with six misdemeanor counts, he pled guilty to all.

In a special court-martial, the maximum punishments include a forfeiture of two-thirds basic pay per month for one year, up to one year of confinement, and/or a bad-conduct discharge. An officer found guilty cannot be dismissed from the armed forces or confined.

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Scheller, Marine who criticized Afghanistan withdrawal, sentenced to reprimand, forfeiture of $5K in pay

Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller Jr. spent 9 days in the brig during pre-trial confinement

Brooke Singman By Brooke Singman , Stephen Goin

The U.S. Marine who posted videos on social media criticizing military leadership and the Biden administration’s withdrawal of military assets from Afghanistan was issued a letter of reprimand and a forfeiture of $5,000 worth of pay for one month, after pleading guilty to all charges during his court-martial hearing this week.

Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller Jr. pled guilty to all six misdemeanor-level charges Thursday, including willfully disobeying a superior commissioned officer, dereliction in the performance of duties and conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman.

The judge, on Friday, said he would have given a two-month forfeiture of pay, had it not been for the nine days Scheller spent in pre-trial confinement. Scheller was freed from the brig last week where he was being held for violating an agreement to stop posting criticism on social media.

The judge said he does not condone Scheller’s offenses, but noted his 17 year USMC career, saying that prior to his social media incident, he was an officer with an outstanding record – a record, he said, he weighed heavily.

Many expected a much harsher outcome. Never the less, his career is finished, as any possibility of promotion or command is a fantasy. He may be stashed somewhere to finish out his 20, but I doubt he’ll stay.

Fox News

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That’s NOTHING for what he was “allowed” to do.
He’s fortunate, IMHO.
Go fly a desk someplace, put up with your SHARP training and whatever shit you have to do to get by for the next couple of years and then waltz into the sunset and take the money and run for the rest of your days.
You’ve earned it. Fuck your glass house, stones, high horse, morals etc. You’ve made your point.
You’ve been effective in bringing this to the world’s attention and then you did time in the slammer for your street cred.
NOW use your head and make them pay.
Stop being a pompous idiot.
I get the holier than thou stuff.
Just CM Dude.


I just wonder if now they’ll accept the resignation he submitted a few weeks back? I get why he did it but in a few weeks he’ll be an asterisk in a story/PowerPoint presentation and Marines that he could have assisted in guiding their careers will instead have others guiding them.


And in the meantime, Mark Milley, Lloyd Austin, Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr., Biden, Harris, Blinken, etc have YET to accept responsibity/accountability for the SNAFU in Afghanistan…

Thank Goodness we have our DD214s.

Prayers and Blessings and the BEST of Luck for LTC Scheller and his Family.

LTC Scheller displayed COURAGE and TOOK RESPONSIBITY for his actions. BRAVO.SALUTE.



But those individuals will tell you they accepted responibility.

And I am thankful I am retired and don’t fall under these jokers anymore.


^THIS^!!! In spades! Oh…wait…can we still use that term? Haven’t used it in a coon’s age. Oh…can’t use that one either, tho it originally meant that racoons lived a long time. And calling someone a coon used to mean they were a “sly” or “remarkable fellow”.

Now that the LTC has this behind him, bide your time Good Sir, get your 20, and then run for POTUS in 2024. You got my vote.


A spade is the symbol on one fourth of a deck of cards, and a coon is short for raccoon, a four-legged garden thief and birds’ nest robber who wears a mask to hides its real identity.

Feel better now, Big Boy?

Use of long-accepted aphorisms is allowed. Inventing idiotic terms to appease morons is childish.


I still own the book “Little Black Sambo”, given to me when I turned 5 years old.

I have every book Dr.Seuss wrote.

I have High School yearbooks where my classmates were praised for working and helping “Retarded Children”.

I still have my High School Ring with the “Confederate Flag” on one side of the ring that my Senior Class of 1002 Seniors VOTED for. Our Student Council President was Black.

My Black Soldiers affectionally called each other the “N” word in front of me because they knew it did not bother me one bit. Why should it?

I still loved the show “Amos and Andy”…and Rochester from Jack Benny.

I still love the movie “Gone With The Wind”.

I could go on and on and on and on…


As I recall Rochester was the brains of the outfit.



(Watermelon smashing prop comic)
Gallagher authentic 1981 bumper stickers…

[I {SPADE} MY DOG] (x2 listed)


Have a Heart and buy your wife a diamond.

a. vietvet

this viet vet hopes the secretary of the navy revisits Mr.Lincoln’s second innaugural address……with malice toward none and charity for all……at the end of that tragic civil war…….


Sounds about right. Now, we shall see about the rest of the story. Maybe.


Trying to figure out if it’s a slap on the wrist or a reduced version of “You’re fired!”


Can still make it to 20 and retirement if her wants.


He was tossed in the brig on misdemeanors? Yeah, this was definitely politically motivated for talking out against His Majesty’s “decisions.”


Ol’ Poe suspects the brig time may have been the only way DoD could keep him from embarrassing them further on the Internet.

The wrist-slap punishment was likely due to the enormous public sentiment in his support and a means of avoiding even greater public disfavor.


In your damn faces Biden, Milley, and Austin.




Again,the ninja family WORKED as well as jumped (Airborne) with Milley and Austin when they were not General Officers. One of us was Milley’s Branch Manager out of MILPERCEN/TAPA/PERSCOM (we lost track of the name changes) when he was a LTC.

We BOTH knew that Milley and Austin did not come up with the SNAFU at Afghanistan to include Bagham and leaving equipment. We both were taken back how they changed in the past 20 years. They were NOT the same Soldiers we worked with.

The ninja family are appalled that neither of them now have the GONADS to resign…We know Biden or the Left Wing Democrats will not fire them.

We both have lost all respect for both of them….even though we have to admit Milley DID have a bit of an arrogant attitude when he was a Field Grade Officer…Austin was not like that.

They both need to GO. LTC Scheller has more integrity and courage than those two combined.


Well dang! Ol’ Poe sure is slow–he hadn’t realized ninja has multiple personalities, which under present day social rules raises the question:

What are their preferred pronouns? 😜😜😜

Green Thumb

In the Army, these dudes are sent to the Infantry Schoolhouse to finish up.

At least get something for their training and value.


Isn’t that where he already was? I thought he was a training battalion CO. Going off memory though, so I could be wrong.


“This isn’t Germany or occupied France. All you can do is fine him a few thousand Francs and give him 30 days. You might as well let him go now.” –Rick, “Casablanca”


One book deal coupled with even a short speaking tour, and the LTC will earn more than he has earned his entire UCMC career.


As ol’ Poe said in an earlier thread:

Think Ollie North…


IMHO, he made his point, paid the token price for being honest and upstanding, and whatever the future holds for him he can laugh at the spayed ossifers who no longer have the … equipment … to stand up for what is right.


My views on his public display are known here, so I won’t revisit them.

In that he admitted to the charges,
Essentially he did not earn his pay for his time in the brig or the time he spent dealing with the mess he created. Fair enough.

I hope someone talks him out of his resignation, but if he goes through with it he is fool in my view.

Disagreeing with the decisions of your seniors may warrant your departure from service, but if that service was honorable, then you are warranted in claiming the entitlements of that service, to include pay, benefits, and retired rank.


Don’t know that the USMC (or any other military service) is obligated to accept the retraction of an officer’s application for voluntarily resignation. So he may have already handed the USMC an “easy way out” of a messy situation – e.g., the USMC merely processes his voluntary resignation and lets him go. That would certainly spare them the bad publicity of processing him for an admin discharge short of sanctuary, which I’m reasonably certain is being considered.