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| October 13, 2021

Remington Model 8

Police say they arrested suspect under a car as he tried to steal catalytic converter

by: Heidi Schmidt
Police arrest a suspect after being tipped off by an observant citizen.

Officers were called to an apartment complex Monday night. They said someone called after seeing two men in the parking lot stealing catalytic converters. Officers said they responded and found a suspect under a vehicle with a battery operated saw.

Investigators said the suspect’s accomplice took off in a vehicle and left his friend behind to face the alleged crimes.

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Fox 4 KC

Man accused of trying to sexually assault woman in Rock Hill in custody, police say
The woman was able to fend off her attacker, shooting at him until he fled, running toward Celanese Road, police said.

Author: Anders Hare, Matthew
A woman defended herself against a man who tried to sexually assault her by shooting at him multiple times as he fled, Rock Hill police report.

Shortly before 10 p.m. Monday, officers responded to the reported shooting around along Automall Parkway in Rock Hill, police said.

Investigators released a video of the suspect with the hope someone may recognize him and call the police. The video was recorded around the time of the attack.

When police arrived, the woman said she was able to find her firearm and shoot at the attacker, officers said. After the shooting, the attacker fled, running toward Celanese Road, according to police.

The department later confirmed to WCNC Charlotte the suspect was in custody as of Tuesday night, and the investigation is ongoing. More information, including the suspect’s name and mugshot, have been promised to be released as soon as possible.

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More than 4 pounds of cocaine seized, three arrested in New Bern

By Conrad Hoyt
One man and two women were arrested Monday on drug-related charges.

52-year-old Elvin Ballard, of New Bern, is charged with three felony counts of trafficking in cocaine, felony possession with intent to manufacture, sell and deliver cocaine, felony maintaining a dwelling for a controlled substance, felony conspiracy to sell cocaine and resisting a public officer.

30-year-old Ashley Rossi, of New Bern, is charged with drug paraphernalia and resisting a public officer.

32-year-old Haley Rossi Berry, also of New Bern, is charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and resisting a public officer.

Craven County deputies say they, along with New Bern police and the State Bureau of Investigations, had been investigating drug trafficking in New Bern for a month.

They say they used search warrants on homes on Chevy Lane, Briarwood Lane and a rental unit on Trent Road, all in New Bern, and found over 70 ounces of cocaine.

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K9 Ringo helped in the search. Who’s a good boy?

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James Haltom

A local auto parts (catalytic converter) redistribution agent was recently found dead under a stolen automobile in Richmond County, NC. It seems the body was located under a formality jacked up automobile deep on state game land property. The local authorities are puzzled about how the car flew through the air and landed on this man. No tornadoes have been reported.


The Model 8. The gun that took down Bonnie & Clyde. Wish you could still get one for an affordable price.


“the suspect’s accomplice took off in a vehicle”

I wonder if that vehicle had catalytic converter..


“What’s with all of these people stealing converted Cadillacs. Aren’t there any stock Cadillacs to steal? What? Oh…Never mind.”

Too bad Ms Thang didn’t shoot til the perp bled. Good on her for fighting back, but range time people…range time.

Had to dig real deep to get to K9 Ringo’s name. The initial article had the pic but not his name. Wanted to make sure that Good Boy got his well deserved press for the job well done. Hunter weeps.

“…beautifully made…very reliable…hallmark characteristic of John Browning’s (Howitzer Be His Name) designs…” Could not of said it better myself.


In the city of Kinshasa,(Congo) there is a rash of catalytic converter thefts. The thieves grind the honeycomb material in the converter, mix it with vitamin sleeping pills and smoke it, typically with tobacco. The mixture is called “bombe,” and its effects are rather interesting: “This is really good quality, you know the attraction to the drug is higher than the attraction of being with a woman. We are going to consume everything, we won’t leave anything in the bag. We will add a bit of powder in the cigarette, and the rest we’ll mix with C4 (Diazepam) and Nutriline,” Says the unidentified man. Within minutes the trio are swaying slowly, scratching themselves in a semi-comatose zombie state that experts in the Democratic Republic of Congo say can cause users to stand motionless for hours, or sleep for days. “We prefer to take bombe rather than other drugs because it makes us feel good, it slows us down for a long time, in doing so we don’t go steal things and create problems. Before we didn’t know that bombe existed, we used to drink very strong whiskey made by indians, we were agitated and we started to hurt people, but with bombe, it calms you down, you get tired, you stay somewhere standing up or sitting down for a very long time. When you’re done, you go home without bothering anyone,” says Cedrick, leader of the Nzigoula 26 Gang. source (one of many) As you might expect, there is… Read more »


I think they are more interested in the $1200 average that scrap yards are paying for the raw materials no questions asked.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

I wonder what the lifespan is of a “bombe” smoker?
Hopefully, days. Darwin self-selecting gene pool cleaning at its finest.