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| September 6, 2021

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‘It saved her life tonight’ | Woman uses 911 text system to alert deputies to assault; suspect shot by HCSO deputy
The Harris County Sheriff’s Office said the deputy shot the suspect after he lunged at the deputy with knives.

Author: Chloe Alexander
HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — Harris County Sheriff’s Office deputies said things could have been worse Saturday if it wasn’t for one woman’s quick thinking and a very useful resource.

The woman was reportedly being assaulted by a suspect and deputies said she wasn’t able to call 911, so she used the 911 text feature to get help.

“It saved her life tonight,” Chief Deputy Edison Toquica said.
Toquica said that if the woman didn’t use the text feature and deputies didn’t arrive when they did, the woman could have been killed. She was injured by the suspect but is expected to be OK.

The incident happened around 3:30 a.m. at a home in the 900 block of Cypress Station Drive.

When the first two deputies arrived at the scene, they found the victim, who had run out of her home after she was assaulted and choked by her boyfriend, authorities said.

The deputies attempted to arrest the suspect, but he repeatedly yelled at them saying he was going to have to shoot him because he was not going to jail. The suspect then started fighting with the deputies, hitting them several times, officials said.
According to authorities, the suspect knocked a female deputy to the ground and the other deputy tried using a Taser on the man several times, but it didn’t work.

When more deputies arrived, more Tasers were deployed, but they were only partially effective. According to authorities, the suspect was able to get to the kitchen, where he appeared to be trying to get some knives, authorities said.

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Attempted catalytic converter theft leads to shooting in North Las Vegas

NORTH LAS VEGAS — Authorities are investigating a shooting in North Las Vegas that they say was prompted by attempted theft.

According to police, two men were trying to steal a catalytic converter around 7 a.m. on Azure Avenue near Lamb Boulevard.

The vehicle’s owner tried to stop the men when one of them shot at him, police say. He was not hit.

The owner then shot back at the shooter, believed to be 38 years old, and hit him. Police say he had minor injuries and was brought into custody.

The other man trying to steal the car part left the scene. He remains outstanding.

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Perp; “You gonna have to shoot me, I’m not going to jail…”

LEOs; “Ok, have it your way…BANG!”

Rosane Rosana Dana; “What’s with all these people wanting to steal converted Cadillacs?…Oh,…Never mind.”

Got lost over in the Adams Linky. Led to an article on the Kimber Rapide Black Ice (fapfapfapfapfapfap) which led to the Browning (Howitzer Be His Name) Camo *sigh*, which led to…. Well played ‘Ed. If Navy could play football as well as you play me on your distractions….

John Seabee

Awww man, ya left us hanging there. Did the deputy send the mutt to an eternal dirt nap or does he need more range time?

John Seabee

Oh… RTFS… Needs more range time and needs to learn to double tap.