It’s a Damned Rout!!!

| August 25, 2021

The title is a quote from a novel by Geogette Heyer. The main character was a disabled vet of the Peninsula Wars (Napoleon’s forays) and his wife was the daughter of s self-made successful businessman. Napoleon had escaped his jailers and reformed his army, and then set about retaking the continent. The soldier’s father-in-law was in London when Wellington (over in Belgium) called for a retreat. He sent for his son-in-law, and referred to it as “a damned rout”, while the soldier countered that by saying that Wellington was always at his best during a retreat.

We are now in the middle of a damned rout that did not have to happen. And I blame one man only for it.

From the AP article:  Gunfire broke out early Monday near an entrance to the airport, where at least seven Afghans died a day earlier in a panicked stampede of thousands of people.

Navy Capt. William Urban, a U.S. military spokesman, said an unknown assailant shot at Afghan security forces at the airport’s northern gate, leading Afghan, U.S. and allied troops to open fire in response. He said an Afghan soldier was killed and several Afghans were wounded.

An Italian humanitarian organization that operates hospitals in Afghanistan said it treated six patients with bullet wounds from the airport.

There was no comment from the Taliban, who in recent days have fired warning shots and lashed out with batons to try to control crowds swelling into the thousands outside the airport. – article

Lindsey Graham also had a few things to say about this debacle:

More and more political animals of both parties in the Swamp are voicing their disapproval of Braindead Old Fart’s mishandling of this. It is, as the soldier’s father-in-law said, a damned rout.

To quote one of our own, rabid howler monkeys could do a better job.

No matter how much he and his cronies try to blame it all on dTrump, it’s the Guy In Charge when it happens that gets the blame.  All that sorry asshole had to do was keep his babbling, blabbering mouth shut.

I want our people back, you son of a bitch!!

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(Oh shit, the Taliban are in for it now!!!)


Ol’ Corn Pop is a baaaad dude

AW1 Rod

I just read that the Taliban are now throwing away their AK-47s, in favor of captured M-16s and M4 carbines. So, now they can begin killing abandoned American citizens with our own weapons.

Everyone in this administration should be Ceaușescu-ed!


That’s easy. Joe and crew can just declare them illegal, and halt the importation of Russian ammo.

/sarc, for our more literal readers.


Wait a second, you don’t suppose the Russians would take all that ammo that they were selling in the Us and sell it to the Taliban now? That would be like totally illegal.


From the Babylon Bee:

Biden To Make Sure No Americans Are Stranded In Afghanistan By Stripping Citizenship Of Everyone Stranded There

WASHINGTON, D.C.—In a press conference today, Biden assured the world that he would get every American out of Afghanistan. When asked how he would do this, he explained that on the pull-out date of August 31st he will simply revoke the American citizenship of every American who hasn’t shown up at the Kabul airport yet.

“Voila! An elegant solution! Knock on wood, no malarkey!” he said to a stunned press. “If you haven’t fought through 12 checkpoints of terrorist thugs and shown up at the airport by the deadline, I guess you don’t want to be an American! Boom! No American left behind! Real simple, Jack!”

Biden then began hitting on a female reporter in the front row before forgetting where he was and walking aimlessly into the crowd.

“Hooray! A truly elegant solution!” the corporate press all said uneasily as Biden was ushered off stage by a team of handlers.

The Taliban issued a statement in response, saying “LOL.”


I mean, that lump of crap was in the room when Bathhouse Barry green lit drone assassinations of US citizens, even the one that led to the killing of a duel Yemeni/US citizen-child.
With “‘leaders’” like they it’s easy to see who is valued, who is expendable and who is marked for death.
‘Hang together or hang separately’, it’d be my honor to hang with you deplorable dw’s.


The Taliban were organized and in fighting shape with 5000 released prisoners to bolster their ranks.

They met little to no resistance.

But there is no way the Taliban holds the north.

They will lose the northern region by Christmas. And Kabul will be back in a newly formed Northern Alliance hands by this time next year. If not sooner.

Also, where the hell is Akhundzada? It says a lot that he is not in Kabul. Either he is dead or no longer in charge of the Taliban…Or, he knows Kabul is unsafe for him in Kabul. Which makes it clear he knows they can’t hold Kabul if armed resistance breaks out.


OK, Dr Fauci ISIS.

How about we get the Taliban AND Al Queda.
Two is better than one right??
Oh wait, I can’t wait for Dāʿish (داعش‎) to pile on as well, sheeeettt, why don’t we just invite them all to hang out in the Rose Garden for a little party like Mommy & Daddy “Bob the Knob” Bergdahl who most likely taight his son everything he knew about Man Love Thursday.
NOW, I know you’re busy getting ready for your own turn tomorrow so Scoot!!! Go get all made up and perfumed like you do every Wednesday evening for your production and presentation of Brokeback Afghanistan.
Go toddle off like a Good Boy.
😀 😀 😀


Nothing you said is coherent,

A Proud Infidel®™️

Pot, meet kettle.


I’d bet you $1 that just about anyone *ELSE* here would argue your point.
It was succinct, albeit supremely sarcastic, but it was a reflection of and there was a valid point towards your previous behaviors and diatribes.
Just because YOU don’t want to recognize it or acknowledge it, that’s on you. (Or Biden, Harris, Pelosi, AOC etc.) Typical deflection and projection.


Perfectly cogent and coherent but nice guy that Chip is, he left out the ILLITERATE FRAUD part…


Why oh why did the Army ever let you go…


A better question is why didn’t they let him stay… I’ve seen officers separated “with escort”. Rare, yet deserved.


Because the United States Army is where MEN are supposed SERVE?

The Other Whitey

Lars, if someone asks what semen tastes like, you’ll know we’re interested in your opinion. Otherwise, kindly fuck off.

Your side fraudulently installed this senile retard and his literal-whore veep. Therefore, you own this shit, along with all of its domestic and global consequences.


Go fuck voted for and still support a traitor and you support a conspiracy to overthrow the election and install a despot.

You are an absolute fucking scumbag.

A Proud Infidel®™

YOU ARE a useless overeducated brainwashed idiot who can’t even take two breaths without shitting your pants over Donald Trump, you support worthless socialist idiots who like you have never really made themselves useful or contributed to Society.

The Other Whitey

Are you talking to the mirror, Lars? You support the asshole whose bought & paid for by the Red Chinese and act surprised when he continues to bend us all over for them. You continue to pitch a thoroughly-debunked hoax, while lying your ass off about objective reality concerning the last election, the riots, and the anti-American far-leftist subversive movement you actively support IN VIOLATION OF YOUR OATH AS AN ARMY OFFICER, you fucking cockbag.

You maintain the lie that they are “anti-fascist,” when they consistently act EXACTLY like fascists/nazis. They openly support racial, religious, and ideological discrimination. They push for censorship of free speech, seizure of private property and assets, and massively-increased government regulation of individual liberties (it just needs to be *their* preferred government). And most tellingly, they employ intimidation and violence, up to and including murder, to silence and disenfranchise those opposed to them. AND YOU SUPPORT THEM!!

Fuck you. Fuck the sloot you dripped out of. You are utterly pathetic, a liar, an oathbreaker, a traitor, and beneath contempt.


OK TOW You farm animal raping bastard…and I mean that in the nicest way. I’m over here tearing up because you, my friend, just bought yourself another addition to the NEW and IMPROVED The As(s)teroid of Insults®™

I need to edit it for a slightly different take, only because there are only like 62 brazillion ways we can manipulate the word Fuck…let me work my magic and see what you think….

“Because it’s a hazard to all mankind and it’s my opinion, the sloot you wiggled out of, the gaping cloaca from which your mother excreted you, should be added to the EPA’s Superfund site, and because it’s highly unlikely it will ever be again, habitable for humanity, should probably be sealed up for all eternity, much like the Agbogbloshie Dumpsite in Accra, Ghana, with Chernobyl coming in a close second.”

The Other Whitey

Happy to help, sir!


Like any Leftist, he’s only upset with OTHER people doing something he wants to do.


Commissar, I’m curious as to your ethnic heritage.

Judging by your use of the English language I’m going to guess American.

But your self title of ‘commissar’is a bit perplexing.

See, Russians hated the commissars through their existence in the Russian military.

The commissar was generally considered a useless puppet whose role in a unit besides ensuring compliance with the party was also to enforce courage on the battlefield by threat of force and death was always on the table.

From what I’ve read of the Russian military the commissars were usually fragged or allowed to get themselves killed if in combat. This led to many commissars leading from the rear so as to not catch any bullets from behind. This too became a sign of weakness and contempt within the Russian military leadership, as a commissar coming home by himself meant only one thing- the others had died fighting and the commissar either fled or didn’t give his full measure of devotion (read not faithful enough to the party).

You choose this name why?

If you’re a Russian, you’re polishing a part of their history they loathe and so make yourself contemptible.

But if you’re an American, well, you’re just really stupid in choosing such a name.

If you truly support the antics of the corrupt establishment and their minions I’d hope for your sake when things get crazy you consider the history of that name.


American pale according to his Facebook page.

After witnessing his writing (and the subsequent beatdowns, all I can say is “he ain’t here for the hunting.”

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

I mentioned once before in a comment that I believe the man is a Conservative and he likes to stir the pot and everyone reacts to his comments. This is his Shtick and has a ball doing it Imho

A Proud Infidel®™️

Nope, he’s indeed a brainwashed liberal out of UC Berzerkely and he’s obviously never been satisfied with himself or anything!


Hasn’t he played Warhammer 40K like most Millennials, at least, if he doesn’t know sh*t about history?

USMC Steve

Wrong answer clown. No basis in reality or fact for calling President Trump a traitor. But there is a stolen election to prove every single socialist democrat in America is a traitor, or at minimum a seditionist.

We support a guy who got the job done despite the treachery of all the socialist dems and a good many of the establishment repubs for OUR benefit. That senile motherfucker illegitimately in there now, cannot pour piss out of a boot with instructions written on the bottom of the heel. Obama’s third term.

You seriously need to pull your head out your ass and start working for America instead of against it, cumbubble.


This is a place where very nearly only thing that ever happens is people expressing opinions.

Also, you know literally fuck all about the military.

Or the security situation in Afghanistan. Now or ever.

I earned the fucking right to have an opinion on Afghanistan.

A Proud Infidel®™

HEY YOU big dummy, I too have done my time over there and I bet that I did more time outside of the wire in two weeks than you did in your entire tour, you self-important Desk Jockey!


Over where Infidel?

Pretty sure you served in Iraq, but did not serve in Afghanistan…or vise versa.

Also, weren’t you supply and the sergeant major’s driver?


That would be self important Dick Jockey, API. Spapos rides them hard and puts them up wet.

The Other Whitey

You regularly show up to run your cock holster on any of a long, long list of subjects about which you demonstrably know fuck-all, and then you try to claim superiority over actual subject matter experts when called out. So you’re a hypocrite.

Your opinion is worthless, because you have pissed away any and all credibility you might have had, then blame others for it. Respect is earned, and so is disrespect.


Name a single fucking expert that I have disagreed with on this board…go one.

You all deny science, deny medical experts, are anti-intellectual and damn near deny the sum total empirical knowledge of all human existence.

I am not an expert on much of the the conversation discussed here…but I do listen to and read what the experts have to say…

Saying things that are consistent with science and the empirical data is not claiming to be an expert…you fuckwit.

Seriously, stop trying so hard to be a god damn moron. It comes naturally to guys like Infidel…let him have his role here. Be a step above that moron because I am starting to confuse you too.


You tried to school TOW on firefighting. You were a fraud then, too.

The Other Whitey

You’ve argued with me about wildland firefighting and EMS, and accused me of incompetence based on your own ignorant assumptions vs my professional training and real-world experience. You’ve argued law enforcement the same way with career LEOs. You’ve argued litigation with people who have law degrees. You’ve similarly argued the finer points of naval aviation with naval aviators (front and back seat). Need I go on?

And as per usual, here you are yet again lying your ass off insisting that you didn’t say what you said when you said what you said. The internet is forever, shitlick.


Um, Lars, the expert, a fire captain, as well as all the rest of us non-experts who may very well be experts in a number of areas of which you are unaware, are waiting breathlessly for your response to your challenge to name one subject matter expert you’ve ever contradicted.

Once again you’ve let your mouth overload your ass, boy.

You’re gettin’ real top-heavy there, dipshit…


Point us to an NCO, hell how about a member of the E4 Mafia, that can vouch for your service in AZZCrackistan, until then continue to stomp your feet and whine about your “rights” while supporting the trampling of all Americans under this Administration. I bet you partook in Bacha Bazi. ESAD


My service was verified. Fuck off.

And nobody is trampling on your fucking rights by requiring masks and vaccines you fucking snowflake.

You had to get vaccines to start school as a five year old. And we are in a pandemic.


that is one of the dumbest things you have ever posted here.

but, you are not the bright bulb in the dimwit chandelier, now are you?

Did your master tell you that ordering people to mask, vaccinate, stop working, allow people to live rent free in your property, and stealing billions of tax payer wealth to pay the lazy this was not tyranny, or did you come up with that BS on your own?

And how did you hear your master with your head so far up your ass?

I get that you are super indoctrinated and hate your country and the people in it, but damn, do you also have to be an idiot?


“Also, you know literally fuck all about the military.”

I’d wager my paycheck against yours that this statement is factually incorrect. Just like your lord and master Obama, You fancy yourself to be the smartest man in the room. I’ve got some news for you, sunshine. It ain’t true.


Another Whitey knows little about the military. He proved it multiple times.


He doesn’t claim to be a military expert, as you do in all subjects. Indefensible fraud.

The Other Whitey

In fact, I’ve often asked questions regarding things I don’t understand. I’ve even offered the occasional mea culpa upon discovering I was wrong about something.

All Lars ever does is lecture, double down on bullshit, and claim superiority for it.


Commissar snivels:
August 25, 2021 at 2:08 pm

– This is a place where very nearly only thing that ever happens is people expressing opinions.

Syntax errors. You CLAIM you went to Berkeley, right? LIAR.

– Also, you know literally fuck all about the military.


– Or the security situation in Afghanistan. Now or ever.

Again, neither do you. How many tours were you involved in – where and with which unit?
More LIES from you.

– I earned the fucking right to have an opinion on Afghanistan.

No you haven’t. You are a LYING little PIECE OF SHIT.



Hol’ up. Hol’ up. Lars never went to Berkeley….AND never served?? Is this confirmed???


No, Hatchet is a fucking moron.

My service has been verified,..unlike most of the anonymous asses here…like Hatchet.

A Proud Infidel®™

Actually, he has served in the US Military. As an Officer he transferred over to Civil Affairs when their only qualifications were to be an Officer and breathing at the same time, there he was undoubtedly his Unit Staff’s SLJO, their Shitty Little Jobs Officer, the one they ONLY keep around in case of RIF (Reduction In Force) cutbacks and then to be thrown on the proverbial sacrificial altar.


Ah. We called those guys the FAGO, “Fun and Games Officer.”

So basically because he’s EDUCATED by proxy of being an OCCIFER, he’s here to save the masses?



I too earned the right with 2 trips to that shit-hole and also have an opinion. My opinion is that the political party that YOU support are traitors to this country. You can flip it any way that you want so that your point “wins”, truth is, DJT never left anyone behind like Obama, Clinton (him and her) Carter, and now your president Biden HAVE…. History is history regardless of what the MSM says. There will come a point where your ilk will be run out on rails. I talk to strangers that are more in line with my opinions than yours. Your side is on borrowed time and knows it. That’s why they are trying to control everything through fear and force. Thank God for them they have COVID to blame it on. BTW,,,, looking more and more like a collaboration between the Chinese and your “Lord and Savior” Obama.

Shame on you!


Commissar, you are kind of ignorant so I’ll help you out.

Firstly Akhundzada is not really a military leader at all and is from the South. He is also a Pashtun and he is well aware that it isn’t really safe for him in the North so why would he go there? There have been several attempts against his life since h has been in charge. He isn’t afraid of USF, but more for the inevitable infighting that will follow the US withdraw.

Speaking of prisoners being released… those freed in the Berghdahl trade are up and running shit in Kabul now. Obama is the gift of ignorance that keeps on giving.


Gonna have to disagree with you 5JC, Zero knew exactly what he was doing when he traded those terrorists for Berghdahl, he intended for them to return to their old ways, because he hates America


Whatever his intentions were they sure as shit right back to work killing Americans. On the one hand I can’t really blame them. If China ever invaded the US I’d be killing Chinese until they put me down. If they locked me up for 14 years that would just be more incentive.

To quote Kevin Reynolds “Because we live here.”


Shorely have been seeing WAAAYY yonder more C-17s flying in and out of Robins AFB the last few days. WAAAAYYY yonder more. And C-5s, C-130Js (that’s the one that Lockheed put the motors and wings on properly). Odd that, huh? Day and night, different times. Used to just see one now and again, coming in for some of that depot level maintenance.

I was hoping they were hauling a MOAB on their way out. All kinds of things on that base that can go BOOOOM! They’re coming in real low and slow, but when they’re egress, them engines are firewalled. Curious and curiouser.


My fking word. Maybe the ‘defense’ in DoD is against; logic, reason, reading, working toward a hard but achievable goal yet taking time to psyop the American people and chest-thump hollow ‘accomplishments’ to the world.

RGR 4-78

Department of Dumbass.


Very Proud, very proud.


All part of the grand plan to 25th Biden and install Harris – who, with Pelosi next in line, should be very, very nervous.


Pelosi doesn’t want it because she’d have to give up a shitload of power in order to be President.


No kidding. More power less headaches and zero accountability. Her voters say she isn’t left wing enough….


Just FYI and because this is a small thread and it’s likely to NOT get lost, I’ll be maybe on and off until next week. I’m traveling and may or may not have time to read TAH or post.
We’ll see….if I have time and a bug up my ass.
Just sayin’ is all, if you don’t see me, not to worry, just a few mental health days off in conjunction with a weekend. (but I still have to work until tomorrow morning AND the AoI was just posted so I have to watch over that, as always….it’s like giving birth every time…:D


You better TAKE the time to read the headlines at least, or you may find more than a bug up your azz, you phuquer. DaHell we gonna do if a phony crops up or we have a well deserving sh^tbag that needs an As(s)teroid of Insults dropped on him/she/it? Just as those astro nuts depend on you, thus do we. And iffen I find out you’re “skipping” out to try and beat me to OAM, Imma gonna be one more pi$$ed off white boy.


If you aren’t here, it’s like leaving a weapon system unmanned and parked. We’re all gonna die!


OK KoB and SFC D You fucking turd herders, I’m over here laughing my ass off.
YES, as KoB Said, the AoI is a significant NOn Nuclear (but close to it) weapons system that is not to be trifled with without proper training.
In addition, yes, I’ll stay close, JUST in case shit blows the fuck up like maybe (I’m not sayin is all) fucking Skippity Archer in the next couple of days, and not only will I elbow a motherfucker right in the doo dads without warning ifin’ OAM is in the AO (YOWZA YOWZA Ms. Denise photo on your other thread) but my heart aches for her as well and I’m about to leave everything behind and get in the car to deliver some much needed hugs to OAM and TLC and all that mushy shit.
So anyway, yeah, I’ll be in the intrawebs Al Goreyrythems AO for TAH.
Just a note in case I’m not a on the Ball as usual. At least I dropped the AoI on the Valor Brig Diddler Slippery Archer, so e’ll see how THAT pans out.


Never mind the fact Bumblin’ Biden is about to leave 2 DOZEN High School students stranded in that shithole.

But hey, get your vaccine, alright?


I saw that earlier. Who the Fuck takes their kids on a school trip to Afghanistan? Californians apparently. There’s no telling why they do what they do.

The Other Whitey

Not this (ex-)Californian!


They’re apparently citizens of Afghani descent, who went to see family.

I personally wouldn’t go there, but if it was an arranged trip, with a predetermined return time….and now these KIDS are fucking STUCK???

It’s bad optics all around.


Holy crap!


Now the Taliban are saying that they expect ISIS-K to attack the airport and they won’t be able to defend it. Not that it would be a false flag attack or anything like that. Likely just covering their bases when everything really gets Fubarred.


Welp, they did it around 10:00 am. Two bombings at the airport and a shootout. More mayhem to come. Heckuva job, Gropey Joe.