Schadenfreude Texas Style

| July 17, 2021

Texas House Democrats

More than 50 Texas House Democrats fled the state Monday and headed  to Washington, D.C. to halt the passage of two GOP-backed sweeping election reform bills.

The measures in the bills include ending drive-thru and 24-hour polling places, banning ballot drop boxes, and empowers partisan poll watchers. They are said to be designed to ensure the integrity of the vote by preventing voter fraud.

Democrats say they will restrict voting access and will disproportionately impact voters of color in the state.

Remember the pic at the top of the article?

Three Texas Democrats who fled to Washington, D.C. test positive for coronavirus

They will be forced to isolate for 10 days

By Andrew Mark Miller

Several of the Texas Democrats who fled the state capital to avoid voting on an election integrity bill have tested positive for the coronavirus.

Three of the 60 Texas House Democrats tested positive for the virus while staying in Washington, D.C., according to Texas House Democratic Caucus leadership.

One of the members found out about their positive test late on Friday evening but did not have symptoms, officials say. All House members were notified of the positive tests and were all tested themselves immediately.

The caucus says that the two other members found out about their positive test on Saturday.

I wish illness on no one, and hope for a speedy recovery of those infected. Masks would have made no difference anyway.

Fox News

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Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

corona virus. is that another one beside the CHINA VIRUS???? or is it caused by smoking Corona cigars????


I like to call it the ChiCom virus, as no one canclaim legitimately claim that evinces prejudice against the Chinese people. There are a great many Chinese people all around the world that have nothing to do with the evil murdering regime of the Chinese Communist Party, which rules mainland China with a totalitarian Marxist/Communist form of one party government.


But…but…but…Lars says the Chinese government isn’t communist…😜😜😜


But Poe, it’s only because Lars LOVES drinking that fruity Chinese kool-aid and thinks their shit sandwiches are full of wholesome goodness… *shrug* Which only truly underscores that some Truths are self-evident.


Grandstanding at its finest. Reading into the proposed voting laws it seems to be straightforward AND a method to prevent voter fraud. Not that it matters in the grand scheme of things. LBJ did a fine job of teaching demonrats how to steal elections in Texas a long time ago and they have only gotten better at it.

Here’s a good linky to the Fox Article; 12K + comments and counting;


D-rats want voting laws and systems that are easily susceptible to voting fraud. In addition, they want to import as many third world poor people as possible to replace our native population. It is their plan for one-party rule in perpetuity. Most Progs, including zerobama, admire the ChiCom form of government. Occasionally, they even admit it.


Lots of fully vaccinated people testing positive.


The Dems are all upset over infringements of voting rights like being made to provide a driver’s license number! Or, if that is too onerous an ID number (which Texas provides free)! Or if that is too hard, the last 4 on their SS number! Real onerous infringement, huh…


Just like they are upset about violating our gun rights.


That grinning, homely mutt dead-center foreground is the perfect poster child for liberal women.

Perhaps Lars, who knows absolutely everything about absolutely everything, will come on here and explain to us why so many liberal women are so damnably unattractive and personally unpleasant while so many conservative women are both physically attractive and personable, a rule that seems particularly applicable to female politicians.

As they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

In this instance, that’s belaboring the obvious…


He will not be able to make that assessment, because the only actual women he has been around are the ugly proggy ones.

The Other Whitey

He will call you a racist for refusing to get it on with a tranny.


My college roommate’s gf said I was racist because I didn’t date black girls. I guess Japanese, Mexican, and Navajo girls didn’t count.


That’s where you should have shot back, “No, they won’t date ME. They’re the racist ones.”

The look of her mouth flopping open and shut like a carp would have been priceless.


Larsie is into the “Fang Fang” type of wimmen, IYKWIM


Ol’ Poe stands corrected. Here’s a female Democrat who’s lovely–literally:



Someone’s having a bad 2021.. police raid that reveals crack and guns, lose a primary, lose the command staff on your police force and a incitement for guns and child endangerment.

All that’s missing is a suitcase full of cash, an affair and a dead body to make it complete…


And one of the gentlemen I’m working for keeps asking me why I won’t move to NY.

I’d list the reasons, but I retire in less than 20 years.


I went to DC and all I got was this shitty virus.


Let’s hope they stay away from the gentleman thats carrying monkeypox, flew from Lagos to ATL to DAL this week.
Isn’t this timeline the bees’ knees?


Fortunately, monkeypox isn’t terribly contagious, or terribly lethal.

Hard to believe, sometimes, that we are the same nation that fought a successful Revolution against
a global Superpower, while dealing with endemic smallpox. (30+% lethal and highly contagious)


Oh, understood on the first two points. It CAN be without medical treatment and proper sanitation.

More stupidity from our ‘health’ system was/is my point, I guess.

And news fear-mongering…per usual.


Considering their poo-flinging habits, we might expect the Left to freak out over “monkeypox”.




That picture should be a poster for condoms.


Why, did it make you horny?


Not hardly. Why would you assume that? Oh, because it did that to you…..


No, because you thought looking at them would make someone more likely to want to buy condoms.

The desire for sex is the primary driver of consumer demand for condoms.

So, for you to think that image would drive condom sales then it it is reasonable to conclude that the image triggered your desire for sex.


As always, you’re wrong. Let me get my crayons. Listen carefully. He’s referring to this plane load of whimpering cowards as prime examples of why condoms are necessary. No one would want to willingly participate in the spawning of these whiny pissants. Some folks have a similar feeling about you. Here ended the lesson.

Remember folks, please spay and neuter your progress liberals.


Master Chief, he missed your point entirely, a not-unusual occurrence with the none-too-quick and humorless Lars.


So 51 vaccinated Texas House democrats, along with 12 taxpayer-paid staff, avoiding responsibility to Texas taxpayers flew to Washington DC on private jets. 51 missing House members is the magic number to break a quorum, stopping action by the legislature. They are staying in the Washington Plaza Hotel, where the cheap rooms are $189 a night.

Under the Texas Constitution, lawmakers earn a salary of $600 per month, as well as a per diem for every day they are in session that is currently established at $221 per day. Every day they are “missing” costs Texas taxpayers $43,330.00.

One legislator thought to bring a case of Miller Lite beer on the flight. Another had the misfortune to bring a case of Corona, sharing with two others.


Who paid for the flight? I don’t know anything other than the only news report I heard on the topic said that it was a taxpayer funded aircraft. Maybe, maybe not. Who knows.


Masks would have made no difference?

It is about reducing the probability of spread and reducing the viral load of exposure.

Think of it like a “bullet proof” vest. Bullet proof vests do not make you bullet proof, nor are the vests themselves actually “bullet proof”, but they improve your odds substantially because they absorb a significant amount of the bullet’s energy.

Masks reduce the amount of viral load you expel onto others, and reduce the amount of viral load you inhale.

It is absolutely ridiculous this argument is still happening 18 months into a pandemic.

Masks help. Period. Some masks are more effective than others, but they do reduce the probability of spread and thus the total number of people infected over time.


Then wear a mask if it makes you feel better, but you have no reason to force anyone else. Same with taking the experimental vaccine. If you want it, take it, if not, that’s your decision.

USMC Steve

No they don’t actually. Every mask that I have seen filters only that which you BREATHE IN. They don’t filter what you are BREATHING OUT. Thus if you already have China virus, when you breathe out, it is spewing out all over the place. And that six feet bullshit is just so much fantasy nonsense.


Condoms are effective. Too bad you didn’t end up in the end of one.


I read this and now I just want to shoot you in the face while you’re wearing your mask. (hyperbole)

Christ you really are a dipshit.


I know a few of you are still thinking “nah-ah, a virus is smaller than the weave of the masks people are wearing”…

Yeah, but the virus is aerosolized in droplets of spittle when you talk or exhale. Those droplets are substantially larger than a single virion.

In fact a single droplet of spittle can have a viral load of 10^2-10^11 virions.


And if these cowardly elected “leaders” had stayed home and done their jobs instead of running and hiding, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. Now you can tell me why these oxygen thieves weren’t wearing masks, despite FAA requirements. Are they above the law?



Next thing you know he’s going to have to figure out if they had to show ID for their hotel room or to board an airplane, cause even private airplanes require you to show identification before proceeding into any secure area of an airport.

(insert splodey head here)


We need to find the head witch and burn her (presuming that is zer’s preferred pronoun) at the stake.

Anything to save us from this scourge of a virus we have a 98%* chance of surviving!

(* this BS stat have a CRAPTON of individuals who were circling the proverbial drain with a number of co-morbid conditions. Sorry, definitely not sorry.)

The dis-eases of corporate control and anti-Liberty actions are our ONLY concern.


You wanna have a good time? I did, found that my age demo (35-44 yo) has a 9 times higher likelihood to die from drug overdose than the Chicom Coof (as of Q2 2020). True story.
Know what is even BETTERERZ than that?!
The Center of Data Control has not updated any overdose stats for my age demo SINCE Q2 2020…. right after a significant uptick?


DONE with this psyop. Absolutely done.


About 7% CoD for my age-group. FFS.

Time for another bourbon, or a revolution. Can’t tell atm.

USMC Steve

The stats are actually much lower than that. The last information I saw about a month or so ago showed that roughly .0000366 percent got the china virus, and of them less than .75 of one percent died. I too will take them odds.


I’m well aware the macro number is way lower of a CFR. This is the headline CDC number if you take reported and confirmed cases vs deaths or probable deaths, ie the ‘worst’ number they can manufacture.
I have a buddy who is slightly overweight, eats like sh*t, got the Coof and kept on working….doing tree work.
He said he was a little sore and dehydrated but otherwise gtg.
Done with the bs.

USMC Steve

I just saw where two more tested positive for a total of five.


Vegas odds on VP Cackles having it?


WH & Pelosi aides contract the coof after TX Dem reception. Brilliant.