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| July 14, 2021

Navy Colt

Florida man dies after firing shots at deputies during hours-long standoff caught on bodycam
Officer-worn bodycam shows man opening fire on deputies attempting to serve warrant

By Stephen Sorace
A Florida man opened fire on deputies who were trying to serve him with an arrest warrant Monday night before fatally shooting himself during an hours-long standoff, authorities said.

Pasco County Sheriff’s deputies arrived at a home in Dade City around 9:50 p.m. in an attempt to locate an individual wanted on three charges, Sheriff Chris Nocco told reporters at the scene. Authorities did not specify what the charges were.

Deputies spent about 10 minutes asking the suspect – who has not been publically identified – to leave the residence peacefully, according to the sheriff’s office.

The suspect then opened fire from inside the residence.

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Fox News
Bodycam footage unavailable at this time.

Need a better example of a city out of control?

Rapper KTS Dre, 31, shot 64 times after fiancé posted his $5,000 bail

James Brinsford
Rapper KTS Dre was reportedly shot 64 times when he was killed on Saturday, just a day after he was released on bail.

The 31-year-old Chicago rapper died from shots to his face and chest after he was subjected to a hail of bullets.

The rap artist, whose real name was Londre Sylvester, had seen his fiancé put up $5,000 to secure his release after he was charged with violating a bond from a previous case in April 2020, according to ABC7, who cited court documents.

He was arrested at the time for being in possession of a weapon and resisting police.

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Liberty Park Press
Mr. Sylvester made some bad choices, it seems. This was an execution.

All our liberties are due to men who, when their conscience has compelled them, have broken the laws of the land. —WILLIAM KINGDON CLIFFORD

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Hack Stone

Another example of when the Department Of Labor releases the list of most dangerous jobs, the top of the list should be Rapper/Aspiring Rapper. That is the third rapper (who Hack Stone never heard of) killed in the last week. Not tarnish the good image of the rap industry, other genres of entertainment have seen outbreaks of violence. Who could ever forget the running gun battles during the Polka Wars Of The 1950’s that terrorized Wisconsin?

Hack Stone

Shot 64 times? How many rounds were fired that missed? Hack Stone feels sorry for the PFC stuck on doing the Trash & Brass Call.

MI Ranger

The original article said fifty shots hit his face and chest. It also said his Mom got kneecapped first (likely so they could hit him without hurting her more). The suspects then each got in separate vehicles and drove away in opposite directions from in front of the Cook County Jail!!!

These folks really wanted him dead, but did not want to wound any other people than necessary (Mom survived). And planned to make it as hard as possible for the police to follow…even though they did it right in front of them, on camera. I would expect all the vehicles were found later, wiped down and abandoned. Probably six of the over 117,000 gang bangers that out number the 11,500 cops!


Well it’s an easy street to make an escape on, and once you hit the side streets, no chance any cop cars are going to be following. parking on both sides, narrow alley’s, 3 flats. Would be suicide. BTW that 11,500 cops is some wishful thinking. Retirements have been flowing unrelenting for 3 years, cutbacks since Rahm, it’s more like 9500 and falling.


The “alleged” shooters are far better marksmen than the NYPD.

Hack Stone

The Coroner released autopsy results indicating the cause of death for Londre Sylvester as acute lead poisoning.


Nah. Covid-19

RGR 4-78

Heavy Metal variant.


Looks like Londre got taken to the cleaners.

Hack Stone

The article says that KTS means Kill To Survive. Now it means Kapped That Sucka!


Whiz Wheel®™ spin:

Londre Sylvester aka “KTS Dre” aka “Kutthroat Dreko” (SIBLDAM) 75 x 6 = 450.


Good riddance to the trash…in both locales.

Wrongful death lawsuit against the popo…from both locales…in 5,4,3,2..

Bedford Forrest carried Colt’s Navy Revolvers as his personal sidearm. Just saying. You can order a limited edition 1 of 200 engraved (24K gold) copy from the Eyetalians for about $1500 if you act fast.

Not sure where my comment from earlier went *poof* to.


Josef Stolin wanted folks to feel good about elections:

“It’s no longer just about who gets to vote or making it easier for eligible voters to vote. It’s about who gets to count the vote.”

Anyone recognize who he plagiarized?


Uh, I’ll take that one for all the beans in the jar…
That plagiarism would be Sniffer-Joe – “Remarks by President Biden on Protecting the Sacred, Constitutional Right to Vote”, made yesterday at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, Pa. As I read somewhere else, referencing this – Biden is channeling his inner Stalin. And why not?! They’re both named JOE!!


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I am still trying to figure out how a person that violated a bond is eligible to get bonded out on the charge of violating a bond.


Yeah, I was scratching my head about that too… And all he got was bullets. Lotsa bullets.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

“Why did you shoot him with 64 bullets?”
” ‘Cause that’s all we had.”

Hack Stone

The first shot to KTS Dre was fatal. The remaining 63 shots were insurance rounds. Looking forward to The “Reverend” Al Sharpton to speak at his funeral and refer to him as The Prince Of Chicago, like he did with that hood rat in Minnesota, who he never met, but could not pass up the opportunity to get his tax evading ass in front of the cameras.