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| July 11, 2021

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Caught on camera: Gunfire erupts when West County homeowner confronts burglar

EUREKA, Mo. ( – Eureka police are investigating after a homeowner confronted a burglar rifling through his truck and it turned violent.

As the suspect was running away, surveillance video captured him shooting at the homeowner, who returned fire.

“It happened so fast, I didn’t know he had a gun,” said the homeowner, Jesse Leuthauser.

It happened just before 1:00 a.m. on White Doe Court. The bullet the suspect fired at Leuthauser missed him. Eureka police are not sure if the suspect was hit. Police believe there were three suspects involved. They took off in a Nissan after the shooting.

“I’m not scared of them. I’m going to take these guys head on if they come back,” said Leuthauser.

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Never miss a good opportunity to STFU, unlike Mr. Leuthauser. Article with video here-

Hapeville man shoots would-be car thief caught in the act, police say

HAPEVILLE, Ga. – Police are investigating a shooting at a Hapeville apartment building during an alleged car theft that sent one suspect to the hospital in critical condition.

Officials say officers responded to the Atlantic Aerotropolis Apartments on the 3600 block of South Fulton Avenue around 3 a.m. Thursday.

According to investigators, the shooting happened after the owner of a 2020 Dodge Challenger who lived at the apartment complex woke up to an unusual noise.

When he went out to investigate, police say the man found several individuals trying to break into his car, with at least one man inside the car at the time.

After yelling at the group to get away, the owner told police he felt his safety was threatened and fired three shots at the group, causing them to flee.

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Fox 5 Atlanta

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