Vaccine Door-To-Door?

| July 6, 2021

Biden announced that his administration would step up efforts to get Americans vaccinated against COVID-19, stating, “We need to go community by community, neighborhood by neighborhood, and oft times, door to door, literally knocking on doors” to encourage acceptance of the vaccination.

Maybe a bit hyperbolic, you think?

Biden admin launching ‘door-to-door’ push to vaccinate Americans, sparks major backlash

‘It’s the Beto O’Rourke of vaccine outreach,’ one critic reacted

By Joseph A. Wulfsohn
The Biden administration is launching a new “door-to-door” effort to vaccinate Americans after falling short of its Fourth of July goal of having 70 percent of the adult population with at least one shot of the coronavirus vaccine.

Amid the administration’s ongoing concerns of a surge of the more contagious Delta variant of the virus, President Biden pitched his plan to boost the vaccinated population during remarks he made on Tuesday.

“Now we need to go community by community, neighborhood by neighborhood and often times door-to-door- literally knocking on doors, to get help to the remaining people protected from the virus,” Biden said.

The door-knockers are to offer information about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine. This should go well.

Fox News

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AW1 Rod

The first dickhead who shows up at my door will receive a rather less than cordial reception.


Yeah, he is trying to convince you to not risk dying from a now preventable virus…what an asshole.


He shouldn’t be doing that on my doorstep. You’re a fraud.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Hey Major Moonbat, this virus that was MADE IN CHINA has a death rate less than 1%, but that doesn’t keep you from being a useful idiot to your herders and handlers!

The Other Whitey

A bunch of your heroes told hundreds of people each day that the shower was to ensure they wouldn’t catch diseases from lice. Must we remind you how that turned out, asshole?

The powers-that-be have been lying their ass off about this from the getgo. Death rates, reinfections, preventive measures, comorbidities, etc. have been subject to deflection, misrepresentation, and outright lies, and that’s before we even get into the untested “vaccines,” whose manufacturers were granted immunity from prosecution and litigation long before they produced anything, who have been silencing whistleblowers left and right, and whose stock prices have been blossoming.

Like yourself, they have napalmed, nuked, and nerve-gassed their credibility.

Go fuck yourself some more, Lars.

AW1 Rod

My immune system and I will handle it. Thank you very little for your “concern,” and be sure to look both ways before you go fuck yourself.


I’ll open the door and leave the screen door closed. My dog will huff and puff and bark for hours if I let him.


We don’t open our door to strangers. But I sincerely hope they knock on my door so I can tell them about how I worked in the local hospitals and a biomed company and never saw any of this supposed ‘pandemic’. Then I’ll tell the NAZI fucks to fuck off and never come back again.


I’ll go out the back door and sneak up on them
with the garden hose.


Are they going to pay these folks $15/hour. Will they honor a no trespassing/no soliciting sign?

I’ll let my 96 pound German Shepherd answer the door, as he announces his presence with authority.


Yeah, My 160lb Lab / Pyrenees usually answers the door, backed up by the blue heeler and Havanese.. they generally get the message across.


I have a 6-pound black cat. Does she count?

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

Only up to five. Unless (s)he’s a polydactyl.


I’ll tell my attack Shih Tzu that the groomer is at the door. She HATES the groomer.


In rural America they are going to run out of door-to-door people pretty quickly.

A Proud Infidel®™️

I’m sure that will apply to many places in Red State America where people want to be left alone!


I have a gun, a backhoe, and an alibi.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Many of my neighbors own excavators, ‘nuff said!!

Only Army Mom

Meanwhile in Chicago –

The Mayor has announced a “Community Health Initiative”. The brilliant idea is to send EMT’s to the doors of the disadvantaged and POC to conduct basic health checks, blood sugar monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, med compliance, etc.

Who will conduct these health checks (and probably making pharmacy runs to get their meds)? The EMT’s of the Chicago Fire Department. The same EMT’s that are several crews short on any given day and that are on mandatory overtime already. Because they are not busier than ever with the more than 100 shootings (reported) over the past Holiday weekend.

Of course, a doctor or other health care worker will need to put in an order for these at-home services. Which means they will still have to go to a doctor first, in other words, more 911 calls for the hospital taxi.

All this because, in the Mayor’s words, the recent pandemic hit disadvantaged and POC communities hardest, underscoring how we are failing these communities by not providing better health care.

I wonder if they’ll be offering pregnancy test sticks, too.

Can’t make this stuff up.

The Other Whitey

Poor bastard is probably covering at least two alimonies.

Involuntary overtime is a fact of life in the fire service. Some will pull the “If you don’t like it, quit” crap. To them I say: that’s real easy to say when you’re not the guy who’s 15-20 years deep into his career, can’t retire for at least 15 more, and has bills to pay, kids to support, and whose skill set will only get him into the same kind of job all over again, but starting his benefits and retirement over from scratch this time. Might have something to do with our astronomical rates of divorce and suicide…


Dear Sleepy Joe,

This is still a country with personal freedoms.

In other words, get off my lawn.

Still ain’t getting the China virus shot.

MIKE Gunns

Get the fuck off my property is what they’ll hear from me or my wife if they come to my door.


If I didn’t invite you to my door, don’t show up on my porch. And if you’re “from the government and you’re here to help”, bring a warrant. I’ll be courteous, I’ll be civil, and I’ll direct you to the gate. Some folks carry a Saint Christopher medal for protection. My protection comes from Saint John Moses Browning metal.


I think that quip was just typical air-headed boasting by Joseph Stolin. (The Man of Steal) Nothing will come of it.

Get ready for more non-reality pronouncements. He is fading fast, and he is unlikely to appear clearheaded long enough get Harris over the “less than two years of a term” line. Watch for the absolute Olympic gymnastics performed explain away the obvious.

Calvin and Hobbes, meet “Biden-ball”.



Biden’s regime is way too much like Nazi loving sons of bitches. Get names, ID numbers and photos of any enforcers who participate in such a scheme and make them public, keep them public and put them on a first frag list.


Show up at my door you get to meet my 110 pound male American Bulldog and his 90 pound female friend. They don’t care for strangers who make their humans unhappy and have a physique a bodybuilder who be proud of, Gunny (my boy) ran into me at the dog park one day, it was like being hit by a linebacker. Great dogs, but I wouldn’t want them pissed off at me – they’re very protective of their people and home. Come on by, I triple dog dare ya!

A Proud Infidel®™️

Biden and his minions can go piss up a rope, I still haven’t gotten the damned shot and I’m not going to either.


Most of the people in my neighborhood work all day, which leaves the streets empty of cars. I don’t have a car parked out front, so you can’t tell whether or not there’s anyone home.

Nothing says anyone has to answer the door, right?

Another brilliant but expensive program to “do something”, and meanwhile, inflation is socking it to the po’ folks in regard to stocking their pantry shelves. Some things never change.

The Other Whitey

My wife is gonna be very annoyed with the language I will use on anyone who shows up at my door with this horseshit.


Suppose we take a alternative approach and infiltrate their scheme? Sign up for the program and register people like ACORN and similar subversive organizations do.

Hell, you wouldn’t even have to bother people, just say that you inoculated them, squirt Fauxci water out of the syringe, give thanks to the Lord and move on to the next address, sprinkle and repeat until you run out of Fauxci water or addresses.

Green Thumb

Maybe collaborate and incorporate the US Postal Service, Girl Scouts and Jehovah Witnesses.

It might save some money.


The Jehovahs showed up here a few years ago after I moved in.
Nice lookin babe with two odd looking fellows.
I let her in but made them wait outside.

The Other Whitey

I don’t generally mind the JWs. They’ve only occasionally bothered me and I was polite with them. “Gonna pass, but thank you anyway and have a nice day.” On hot days, I offered them water.

Anybody pushing this shit will get a far less polite response.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66 A Gang Snipe

I heard about it this morning on WFTL 850 AM radio, and it was mentioned that the peeps going door to door will be called strike squads. HMMMM, strike squads with initials SS. Sound familiar????????


Should be fun for them going door to door in East Oakland or South Chicago. Do they get hazardous duty pay?


Actually (Can’t speak for Chicago) but this program (Known as “Community Paramedics”) in some areas has been going on for a few years, well before I retired. It was a place for certain EMTs/Paramedics who could not take the pace of a 24 hour Emergency unit. The bulk of the patients , from speaking to colleagues were old and frail, of course you had the younger ones who bore no responsibility for their own health and wanted someone else to do it for them.


My city (and now county) has a similar program.

It is a good one, especially for someone who is elderly and lives alone.

Last year, the paramedics stopped by to see a regular and the person had fallen and broken their hip. They could not move and were on the floor for 3 days.

Sometimes we need to remember “the least of these” and as long as the programs don’t take away from emergency responses, it is worthwhile.


Well thankfully, our no-nuts PM hasn’t thought of this ‘door-to-door-vax-on-the-go’ solution yet. But if Mister Moistly ever does decide it’s a tenable option – the sign on my front door will announce “If you don’t have an appointment – DO NOT knock on this door.” Failing that, I’ll do what Ex-PH2 said he’ll do – open the door and throw a very angry cat at ’em.

Naturally, Lars would invite ’em in and offer them some tea…


“…I’ll do what Ex-PH2 said he’ll do…”


Is Ex a tranny???



Hey, Imma FEMALE of the species, Hatchet!!!!

So is my cat!!! Don’t be pissin’ her off, because I’m right behind her in line! 🙂


Door to doo… they could get the Jehovah Witnesses to do it for free.


Mormon Missionaries would want 10% of the vaccination budget.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight



The Vatican would cut a deal and send Nuns.


Or the Spanish Inquisition

The Other Whitey

Just another excuse to hire a bazillion or so more bureaucrats. No biggy.


Son: Pa, Someone here from the government wants to talk to you.

Pa: Must be one of those Revenuers, get my shotgun boy.


Yet we have hundreds of thousands of unvaccinated invaders just streaming through the Southern border. What’s the fucking point? The idiocy is beyond words.

The Other Whitey

Because it was never about disease prevention or public health.


Do you suppose they’ll be asking if you have any guns in the house?


I think it will be quite obvious when I answer the door.

A Proud Infidel®™

The same 24K IDIOTS demanding a $15 per hour minimum wage are those also clamoring for unchecked hordes of illegal aliens to be allowed to come here who will work for $5 an hour under the table.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

Some questions to ask, and points to ponder……

Assume the COVID is close/similar to the standard, average, annual Influenza (flu) that everyone is urged to get the shot for every year. But no big hu-hu if you don’t get your annual flu shot.

If that’s the case, then why doesn’t Teh Gooberment go door-to-door, every year, checking up on and making sure everyone has/gets their annual flu shot?

Conversely, if Teh Gooberment DOESN’T go door-to-door making sure everyone has/gets their annual flu shot, why are they wanting to go door-to-door NOW to force “Teh Jab” on everyone?

Things that make you go “hhmmmmm………”.

I haven’t had a flu shot for about 15 years- and I haven’t had the flu for about 40…
Since the beginning of this nonsense, I was skeptical. By the time the lockdown orders were issued, I was convinced it was a sham. After more than a year, I am 100% sure the whole Scam Demic was about controlling the populace by means of fear. Still trying to figure out how they got the whole damn world involved…and isn’t it interesting, all this really kicked off when the lid was about to be blown off the pedos in the government and Hollywood… Yeah, things that make you go “hmmmmmm”


LC, the disease itself is real, and is producing new variants repeatedly.

However, the panic-attack approach to it by WDC & Co is orchestrated entirely (in my view) to find out whether or not we’re the bunch of noonches and wimps that WDC thinks we are.

Lurker Curt

Ex, I know it’s real, and it is doing what viruses do, no surprise. I absolutely agree with you about the orchestration- the part that really bugs me is how many people into being noonches and wimps at the beginning, and held firm to that when the lie started becoming obvious.

USMC Steve

These are the social democrats we are talking about. In other words 21st century Nazis. They are capable of absolutely anything they can talk themselves into.


We literally have a fascist movement in the country….

It is the fascists that are 21st century Nazis.

It is not complicated. Only an ignorant fool confuses a social democrat with a fascist.


Only a Commissar confuses a Berkeley education with communist indoctrination.

See? I can do that too. Double spaced as well!

You’re a fraud.

A Proud Infidel®™️

He’s what the likes of Lenin, Stalin, Mao and others referred to as “useful idiots”, ones who History tells us occupied mass graves as soon as they were no longer deemed useful!


Ol’ Poe doesn’t think Lars is as much of a fraud as he is a fool. A fraud knows he’s being deceptive while a fool blissfully believes his own bullshit and ignores reason and reality. That’s Lars.

Any person who repeatedly denies the plentiful evidence and obvious fact that the self-proclaimed National Socialist party of Germany was socialist and that the similarly self-proclaimed Chinese Communist Party is communist, is clearly and undeniably a fool.

As is anyone who insists that Antifa is not an organization.

I truly pity those soldiers who had to serve under such a fool of an officer. Can you imagine their frustration at having to put up with his silly crap?

A Proud Infidel®™️

I bet he had a very shitty retention rate among his Subordinates!

USMCMSgt (Ret)

Go fuck yourself again, Lars.

You can spread your misinformation, Marxist narrative and socialist talking points over at DU. They’ll appreciate you over there.

A Proud Infidel®™️

He’s so fucked up that even his imaginary friends have disowned him!

USMC Steve

You are such a stupid mothafucka. The social democrats WERE NAZIS. Then and now. You are one too, by the way.

Forest Bondurant

“Social democrats”, as you refer to your group, are the same ones who are supporting CRT, the 1619 Project, perpetuating BLM lies, undermining the economy, foreign relations, education, race relations, and everything else in this country.

“Social democrats” failed to denounce the riots and violence that took place last year that was perpetrated by Antifa and BLM, and have called for defunding law enforcement agencies across the country.

“Social democrats” openly encouraged those riots and did nothing to stop it. The media mischaracterized that violence as “peaceful”.

Nearly in the same breath, that same media characterized the riots at the Capital as an “armed insurrection”, and exploited what happened that day to convince other “social democrats” (and others on the left) that it all happened because of those on the conservative right (or by extension, anyone who has conservative views) are responsible for trying to “overthrow the government”, and all conservatives should be criminalized and their views should be silenced.

“Social democrats” share leftist ideologies with Antifa and BLM because they collectively have a depraved dream of changing the country into some sort of backward authoritarian utopia, where “social democrats” and their thugs run the show.

Now, through the lens of “domestic extremism”, “social democrats” are trying to convince the rest of the country that conservatives are responsible for the kind of extremism and fascism that “social democrats” themselves are actually responsible.

So here we are.

Forest Bondurant

Minor correction to Lars’ comment:

“It is not complicated. Only an ignorant fool confuses a conservative with a fascist.”


The question really is “what Constitutional authority does the President have to do this?”

The answer is “none.” Not that that won’t stop him, but the Federal government has no Constitutional standing to make people in the states do anything like this.

This authority rests with the states, if at all.

In addition, it is well established that people such as Code Enforcement cannot come onto a property that is marked with “no trespassing” signs. How does Biden plan on getting around that?

(And don’t get me started on the HIPAA issues that this plan presents.)

Methinks this is more about taking the light off of the missed vaccination goals, and how badly the Federal government has handled this whole mess.

A Proud Infidel®™️

I’m betting that someone is going to file a lawsuit against this and this mess that the current clown crew has proposed could get thrown out with the previous day’s trash!


They’re so cute when they think they’re little dictators.

Until they actually try it.


Stumbled across this and think it’s relevant.


At this point 99.4% of Covid deaths are unvaccinated people.

There has been plenty of time and effort committed to convincing stubborn morons to get vaccinated. Even people with immunosuppressants, autoimmune diseases, and children should be getting vaccinated.

The only people who should consult a doctor is people with known allergies to one of the substances in the vaccine. And in most cases if they are given the vaccines under doctor supervision.

So at this point the vast majority of people who are unwilling to get the vaccine are brainwashed death cultists.

There was a time when getting vaccinated was a moral i,peri time to increase herd immunity, reduce the spread, protect vulnerable people (particularly children and the elderly) and accelerate the timeline to getting our country running again.

Now the only people at risk are those refusing to get the vaccine, and the country is opening up with or without them.

You either get the vaccine or eventually get Covid. America does not give a damn what you choose to do at this point.

And don’t come at me with low probability anecdotes about vaccine reactions. The math is very simple…you are hundreds of times more likely to have severe complications or death by contracting Covid than you are from complications due to a vaccine. And if you get the vaccine you are far less likely to be potential vector for further spread of the virus.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Yeah RIGHT! You’re the brainwashed babbling butthead MORON who screeched that Zika was going to be the great apocalypse, that didn’t happen, and now you’re parroting the mass media propaganda once again. Do us a favor Major Moonbat, stay where you are and DO NOT reproduce, mmmmmkay?


Yeah? Well explain this, genius:

“When asked how many of the new coronavirus patients have been vaccinated, Levy said that “We’re looking at a rate of 40 to 50 percent,” and said that the figure is concerning.”


“Now the only people at risk are those refusing to get the vaccine, and the country is opening up with or without them.”

You dumb shit–you’re not only a fool–you’re an ignorant, uninformed fool.

If you’re going to come on here and pontificate, at least try to keep up with current events.

You embarrass yourself, Lars, truly…