David D’Anunzio – Fake Navy SEAL

| July 2, 2021

David Alan D’Anunzio

The folks at Military Phony send us their work on the David Alan D’Anunzio fella.  D’Anunzio comes to us from Brooksville, Florida but appears to have grown up in upper New York state.  His Facebook page claims he lives in Tampa, Florida which is just south of Brooksville.  D’Anunzio is 58 years old at the time of this writing – July 2021.

D’Anunzio currently serves as the Department of Florida’s VFW Sgt-at-Arms.

In the above photo, D’Anunzio proudly displays a US Navy SEAL Trident on his chest.

He also has a Combat Action Ribbon which will be addressed later.  For now, please note that his CAR is worn upside down.

In a photo of the honor guard at VFW Post 8681, you can make out the US Navy SEAL Trident but it is a bit harder to see.  The section to focus on was enlarged.

D’Anunzio’s Facebook page is littered with images of the U.S. Navy SEAL Trident.

David D’Anunzio – Facebook

Someone that met D’Anunzio recently said that D’Anunzio claimed that he was in BUD/S Class 114 and stationed with SEAL Team 2.

There was some suspicion by a former Navy SEAL.  He checked the BUD/S-SEAL database only to find D’Anunzio as not being listed.  This was also confirmed by a SEAL that works with Military Phony.. . . . .

. . . . .



NPRC FOIA Results – David D’Anunzio – Summary Sheet


NPRC FOIA Results – David D’Anunzio – Assignments 1981-1984


NPRC FOIA Results – David D’Anunzio – Assignments 1984-1989


NPRC FOIA Results – David D’Anunzio – Assignments 1990-1992

. . . . .


The DoD Manpower Data Center / SCRA database was searched with the following results.

DoD Manpower Data Center / SCRA Results – David D’Anunzio

. . . . .



We were able to find a photo in the 1983-84 East Med Cruise book for the USS John F. Kennedy.  This coincides with the time D’Anunzio was on that ship.

Although the name is possibly misspelled, ‘DS’ would have been his rating at the time.  We could not find anyone in the United States with the name spelled as “A’Anunzio” so there is reasonable suspicion it is him. The photo doesn’t really add any value to the case other than establishing his unit was not a SEAL Team.

. . . . .


We came across this newspaper article which falls under the category of “Hometown Heroes” or “Local Military News” area.  “Gates” refers to a town in New York, about 10-minute drive from Rochester.

. . . . .


There is no record of David Alan D’Anunzio attending BUD/S-SEAL training and no record of him serving with a SEAL Team.

In fact, the BUD/S class that D’Anunzio claimed – BUD/S Class 114 – classed up the same month that D’Anunzio joined the Navy so that would be impossible.

D’Anunzio wears a Combat Action Ribbon (CAR).  The ship he was on – the USS McInerney (FFG-8) – earned a CAR for the Gulf War.  We do wonder if he was asked about his CAR and that may have lead to the story of him being a SEAL – implying an individual award vs. a ship award – but who knows?

If D’Anunzio has used false claims to gain anything of value – he may be in violation of the Stolen Valor Act.

. . . . .

Ironically, D’Anunzio was released from active duty on July 1, 1992 – exactly 29 years ago yesterday.  I’m sure he is reflecting on his many years of NOT being a SEAL.   When discharged, D’Anunzio joined the lucrative ranks of all those prior Navy sailors that were NOT SEALs.

The older we get the better we were.

Oh, one more thing – D’Anunzio is one of the first people that we ran across that DOES have an Honorable Discharge Button… so there’s that.  That has got to be rare – not meaning it is rare to have an honorable discharge, but rare to have the Honorable Discharge Button in one’s records.

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Cocksucker! How about unfucking your assbackwards CAR?


For anybody that wants to flood the hangout site of David D’Anunzio, phony Navy SEAL, you could show this picture in your post, or in a follow on post to a post showing a link to this site:

David D'Anunzio phony Navy SEAL

They could scroll past the post, or ignore the link, but the meme would be hard to ignore. :mrgreen:


He already found out about MP and/or VG.
His trident pics on his Boog of the Fake went POOF.
(Caddyshack – “Another $50 says he eats it.”)


This is when you guys counter with the above meme. :mrgreen:

His friends may scroll by the links that you guys post, but a picture calling him out as a fake SEAL would be hard to ignore.

Make it hard for them to cover their trails.

Daisy Cutter

MarineDad61 – I don’t think the removal of SEAL Trident pics was due to the posts. There has been a SEAL or two banging on him for the SEAL claim.


Daisy Cutter,
Ok, got it.
Unsure how long ago MP/VG got their hands on the FakeBook page screenshot, with the collection of trident pics.

A Proud Infidel®™️

WAITAMINNIT, izzat fart monkey wearing US Army MSG shoulder boards with that donkeyfuck of a mishmash?


A Proud Infidel@,
That’s the same rank sported by Elko’s LES BROWN
I already predict a PAGE 2 on Diamond Dave.
Any public responses and defenses,
plus a complete photo collection.
It’s only “fitting”.

A Proud Infidel®™️

IMHO he also has a thousand yard meat gazer’s stare!

A Proud Infidel®™️

And more 8TFU than a chocolate dildo in a crowded gay bar on Valentines Day!


Maybe David D’Anunzio and Phildo served in the same seekrit skwirrl SEAL unit – the one that fluffs “towels” over at Brucies?

DS is the old Data Systems Technician taring:


Another cocksucking turd that the VFW failed to properly vet…


BTW -DAVID D’ANUNZIO performs fellatio on pinnipeds!

Green Thumb

That what I was thinking.

Being they were “tight” back in the day, Phildo hooked him up with a job at All-Points Logistics.

But him being two and a half hours away in Brooksville could mean only one of three things:

1 – He is working covertly with the False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) to set up another location on the Gulf side of the state to better fleece the US government and American Taxpayers in his fraudulent Navy SEAL, Native American and Law Enforcement claims to secure government contract.

2- He could have been left there after a field trip. I doubt All-Points Logistics has any accountability whatsoever plus this dude looks a little “lost in the sauce”.

3 – Phildo did not pay him for some harassment work or other special assignment so he packed up his things and left. We have seen that happen before as well.

Any thoughts on this one?


And of course this assclown has a motorcycle.

— SIGH —

There always has to be a motorcycle with these imbeciles. Straight out of the well-worn, dog-eared pages of the TAH Poser 101 Guidebook.

So where is Lil’ Davie’s leather vest covered in poser bling, camouflage doo rag, and dumbass-looking white-framed wrap-around mirror-lens sunglasses?

Can’t be an authentic poser riding around on a motorcycle without all of the proper poser accoutrements.

And no service dog to help him cope with the ravages of the PTS of the D?



Wow, Mick, sounds like you’ve lost that lovin’ feelin’ for the embellishing POS, David D’Anunzio. You know he has riden into a danger zone, leading a charge on the Buffet Line at Golden Corral on Veterans Day. His PTSofD prolly comes from the chocolate fountain being wiped out before he got to it.

That meat gazing smirk means he has made a seal on something. His girth makes him appear to have eaten a bunch of seals. Soon as he develops a taste for chili, he may get him a nice vest. That gold trident would really pop against the black background.

Way to phuque up what may and or may not have been Honorable Service.

Saw this linky on MP last night, but couldn’t access the comment side. Has something changed over there?


“His girth”
All of them have a pretty good roll just above the buckle.
That VFW beer doesn’t drink itself ya know.

Steve Balm

Try it now. i.e comments on MP


Tanks Mate, wide open now. Left this POS a little love. It is times like this that I would like to have access to the Book of Fake. Would prolly stay in Fake Book Jail, or be banned.


Just like rappers, you have to spend some time in jail to get some real street cred.


Spent some time in the real deal jail, Bro. 3 nights and 4 days. And those charges were as full of phony fakery as this POS is. My revenge has been to live well and I still have my charm, good looks, and hundreds of friends and compatriots. Her? Cold, lonely, friendless, lost her looks and makes a walrus seal look svelte. And yep, I can cook better than she could.


Not only a motorcycle,
but a prominent POW*MIA patch on his VFW regalia,
as seen on the updated photo with the upside down Combat Action Ribbon.

Is the “cause” of POW*MIA a direct cause for phonies to slap on the patch, and hide behind that organization?


Jimmy Hendrix got an Honorable Discharge, without a button, on this day in 1962. Like D’Anunzio, Hendrix was “unsuitable” though Hendrix seldom spoke of his military Experience 🙂


E4 Mafia '83-'87

He takes a steamer on his fine career just to try impress with shiny, flea market bling. He’s supposedly in my barrio of Tampa. I’ve seen a guy at my gym about his/my age without a beard wearing a SEAL Trident cap while working out. I’ll keep a look out for this douche nozzle.
Another case of not vetting, or the leadership of his post is filled with other phonies.


Guy had legit Navy service and he had to shit on that by claiming to be a SEAL. AND…and…and he’s in the VFW. Stand by for heavy rolls shitbird.


What is a “Honorable Discharge Button????”

Unfortunately, it does appear that he is qualified for membership in the VFW. Even when he was vetted, not sure anyone would have checked beyond his basic eligibility. However, that certainly does NOT excuse embellishing his military record.

Can he be thrown out of the VFW? Maybe, maybe not. It’s worth trying since he is shown embellishing while wearing the official VFW cap and thus bringing dishonor to the VFW. He for sure should be relieved of all official positions with the VFW.

All of us who proudly belong to and serve the VFW should follow up on this and make sure that the Florida Department does the right thing with this clown. There’s a national convention coming up later this month where official action can be taken.


Worse, while participating in
1. Official VFW Post “Honor Guard” functions, and
2. Official VFW Department of Florida functions.

It’s not easy to dishonor an Honor Guard,
although we’ve seen others here do just that.

For everyone here who is a member of the VFW,
and also blessed with the Book of Fake,
I highly recommend joining this FaceBook Private Group,
currently at 8,766 (VFW and Aux) group members.

Many Department and several VFW National officials
are members of this group.
A great place to post about VFW phonies,
bringing them to national attention,
as well as appropriate Department attention.

[VFW – The Unofficial Facebook Group]


Lest not we forget about his home VFW Post 8681:



Good catch.
We can all soon see …
1. IF a new comment on that page will stay or vanish, and
2. IF that page’s phony photo will stay or vanish.


It’s lighting up. Both places.
Someone got to the Post 8681 FakeBook page
with a comment of a VG screenshot.
Someone got to the private Unofficial Facebook Group
with a new post, with a link to VG.


That cruise book photo is creepy. Early warning signs?

MI Ranger

Has anyone asked him about the Trident? Maybe he thinks it is a cool Navy Electricians badge? You know, sometimes people mistake the Army’s Pathfinder badge for the one people got for running the torch in the Olympics. I have also heard people thought the old Army Combat Diver/aka SCUBA badge was some kind of Astronaut badge, maybe that’s why they changed it to be a Special Operations Diver badge with cool knifes and sharks!
Not sure why he would call out a BUD/S class that was obviously before his time, unless he is hard of hearing and thought someone said Basic School. Why can’t these posers make it at least challenging to deduce them?!
He does not appear to have the physique of an old person who used to be cut! He looks like a guy who used to be skinny…and got old.


BONUS – Observation.

Same Florida VFW Post.
Same Post Honor Guard.
A 2nd D’Anunzio.
Female. Army Veteran. Life Member.

Which begs the obvious (to us) question…
Was she lied to and fooled by Phony Navy SEAL David?
Did she know all along, and (phony enabler) lie and go along with it?
Or worse….
Did she beat back past questions and (phony defender)
push back and bully on those who asked?

There may be some public dust kicking up on
Phony Navy SEAL VFW Comrade David.


It is his wife. I chatted with her on FB for a little while one day. At least, I think it was her. She started out ok, but the conversation went down a rabbit hole when she started telling me about his redacted service record that the VA wanted for his disability claim (VA doesn’t care that much about your service record–they want your medical records), CIA guys in black cars shadowing her, etc. Oddly, she blocked me at the end of the conversation.

Steve Balm

His CAR is worn upside down.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66 A Gang Snipe

Another phony Seal From Florida and it’s not even Monday. Almost time for me to change the genuine under the sink water purifier.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Ass-puffing duck fuck! I wonder if he plans on taking a road trip to Elko NV for some chili?


A Proud Infidel@,
Deja Fu, I just typed it above.
Phony Dave sports a prominent POW*MIA patch on his VFW regalia,
as seen on the updated photo with the upside down Combat Action Ribbon.
Double Ugh.



Speaking of, isn’t “D’Anunzio” French for ‘catching anal on your birthday’?


The Trident photos seem to have disappeared from his Facebook page.

A Proud Infidel®™️

ALREADY? Well gee whiz…


Mr Bill & A Proud Infidel,
The 2nd D’Anunzio in that VFW Post & Honor Guard is his WIFE.

SHE has now deleted some (but not all) of their couple photos from her own Book of the Fake.

Link below, this FakeBook couple photo from 9 years ago shows him all decked out in veteran swag,
but NOT as a Navy SEAL.

8 years later, in 2020,
They are side by side in the VFW Post Honor Guard,
and he somehow grew a Gold Trident
(between 2012 and 2020).

It now looks like wife Mila D’A.
owes a lot of people an explanation, too…
For knowing.
And enabling.



When does she come in and “stand by her man” for his asshattery? Maybe tell us all that his files and training are “sooper seekrit”?


Apparently not yet, and likely coming soon.
The wife still has the Phony Navy SEAL VFW Post Honor Guard photo up on her own Book of the Fake.

Recap, both links, above and here…
2012 – Husband and wife, hubby NOT a Navy SEAL.
2020 – Husband and wife, together, in VFW Post Honor Guard,
hubby NOW a (Phony) Navy SEAL.

So what year did the Phony SEAL crap begin,
and what year did the wife know (all along),
and did nothing?

Shame of both Mr. and Mrs.,
for bringing dishonor to an Honor Guard.

IMHO, Shooting rifles over veterans’ graves and services,
while sporting the Phony Navy SEAL,
really really really pisses me off.
(It’s brownian motion, Les Brown-ian.)


He’s wearing a Chief’s anchor in that FB photo.



I took a hard look at the anchor and fortunately for him it does not appear to be an actual rank device.

It looks to be all brass/gold color and is of the variety you get at a Army-Navy store or out of a gumball machine. I still don’t like it but it would qualify as a souvenir item.


I sometimes wear a cap with an embroidered facsimile of Master Chief anchors. I am quite sure that anyone who recognizes what it is would rightly assume that I am claiming the rank.

I would not be surprised if MSG(SEAL) D’Anunzio has claimed to be a Navy Chief on his way to becoming an Army Master Sergeant.


I am not a VFW member though I could be. We probably should not bust on them for letting this idiot in. After all he does legitimately meet the criteria for admittance. He has a Southwest Asia service medal, and he even has a Navy Expeditionary Medal. There is also the Combat Action Ribbon (CAR).

I know there are soldiers out there with a CIB that wonder how a data services sailor might get a CAR. In the Marine Corps the CAR is a personal award much like any medal awarded for meritorious or heroic achievement, not a participation “trophy” such as a unit, service or campaign medal.

In the Navy the CAR can be awarded to a unit or vessel. All Navy personnel ASSIGNED to the USS Kearsarge in 2005 were awarded a CAR because someone fired rockets where the vessel was believed to be the target. When I say ASSIGNED, that means if you were on emergency leave in NYC due to a family members death when the attack occurred, you still got a CAR. I know that is bullshit, no Marines got one that day.

Who the command is determines who gets the CAR. You can imagine how upset Navy SEABEEs attached to USMC units in Al Anbar who basically got shelled all the time, fired upon and cleared IEDs nearly daily for months at a time were told that they did not meet all of the USMC criteria for the CAR while sailors from the Kearsarge who were asleep in their racks got one.

Do not blame the VFW, he probably did not join wearing his fake Trident. Do you have to get interrogated to join and prove each star on the SSDR? Let us focus our disgust on the idiot poser.


Beyond the fakery,he just looks creepy. Like windowless white van with a “free candy” sign creepy.

Mustang Major

“Will you help me find my puppy?”


“Did anyone ever tell you girls that you could be models?”

Mustang Major

D’Anunzio lives in Spring Hill, Florida, not Tampa, Florida. Big difference.


Enjoy these new comments on the post in the private
VFW Unofficial Facebook Group

[Post] – Please, let’s police each other, and prevent these occurrences.
Another VFW member with good and honorable military service
not only ruins his own reputation,
but embarrasses his VFW Post, Honor Guard, and Department.
D’Anunzio currently serves as VFW Dept. of Florida’s Sgt-at-Arms.

– Couldn’t just be happy with his Combat Service. How sad.
Is anyone from the Department of Florida doing anything about this?

(Reply) Yes, it’s frustrating to see veterans with honorable service that decide to poop all over it.

– GIF may contain facepalm, really, stressed, mad and angry

– What a shame. Always looking for more glory.
He should be immediately removed

– Does the VA have a psychiatrist that specializes in these guys?
They have to know that they’ll get found out sooner or later, especially if they get a high profile.

– Had one in our post Army aviation wings, CIB bronze star Purple Heart etc. saying 1st your grunt second came back as pilot. stole $ from relief fund saying he had mortgage problems used for patio. Found him out after many years wasn’t even in Nam but Thailand.
Very convincing still VFW member banned from our post

– Prison time!

– I never served with a unit that was 100 percent, and never expect to see veterans hit that mark either. But dirt is dirt – no matter what bag you dump it in or how high you stack it, dirt is still dirt.
And it should be swept 🧹 out wherever found.

– Sounds like an Article 9 case..


For a guy that bitches about Facebook constantly you sure do spend a lot of time on Facebook.


In reviewing the VFW’s eligibility criteria on their website, I thought to myself “Self, I don’t see World War 2 US Merchant Mariners as eligible” You see my Dad was a WW2 USMM Mariner and had 22 Convoy runs across the North Atlantic (including the infamous “Murmansk Run”) dodging Adolf’s Wolfpacks. My point is, if Dad ( God rest his Soul), was alive he would not be eligible to join the VFW even as the US Mariners that served in WW2 were granted full Combat Veteran status in the late 80s….if he only had a Trident.


Repost of my comment @MP:


1) Current address listed as Spring Hill, FL (about 40 mi. N of Tampa).

2) Additional social media: http://www.tagged.com/profile.html?uid=29359285

3) Served 11 yr / 5 mo. Mysteriously he reenlisted in OCT 90 and then was discharged in JUL 92 after 21 mo. Odd contract for a re-up??

4) AWARDS/ QUALS: Several discrepancies in photos vs. NA13164 that is transcribed from official DOD/DON records.

NA13164 Pimp Pics
CAR x1 CAR x1 *gedunk award to fleet in DS/DS theater. Not earned individually.
NUC x1 NUC x1
MUC x1 MUC x1
NBE x1 NBE x1/2 * has worn 1 & 2 E’s in pics.
NGCM x2 NGCM x4 * In order to have 4 GCM, min. svc would be 16 yr. not his 11 yr.
SSDR x2 SSDR x4 * 2 extra SSDR for those secret squirrel missions
SKLM x00 SKLM x1 * SKLM was not awarded to his ship for DS/DS.
KLM x1 KLM x1

5) Summary:

DAVID ALAN D’ANUNZIO was NEVER a US Navy Special Warfare Operator. His actual job was to pound keyboards, tinker w/ broke equip. and swab decks.

DAVID ALAN D’ANUNZIO likes to wear & take photos w/ UNEARNED AWARDS. U gotta pimp dat bling, yo’…if you are an insecure twidget.

DAVID ALAN D’ANUNZIO will probably NEVER admit to his deceptions because that will hurt his standing w/ the cool kids in the VFW who once AGAIN will circle the wagons and protect their puppy.


As an old FFG sailor I’ll just go ahead and say it – this dirtbag was stationed on USS BURT and ERNIE (FFG 8). He also looks like he’d enjoy hanging out with Burt and Ernie too if you know what I mean.

Maybe the Florida VFW leadership has been shamed into taking action. The world wonders.


Fakers gonna Fake
Try 88M
No one would ever suspect it



The Brotherhood of the NDSM has taken another hit.


I’d love to see Don and Diane Shipley give this puke-bag one of their infamous unannounced visits and watch the video of said visit on Don’s extremesealexperience website. A possible Don Shipley out-take: “Yeah, we knocked on this guy’s door, told him who we are and why we were there and D’Anunzio promptly shit himself. Smelled as bad as his fuck’n fake pictures looked”.

Simply DO NOT and will NEVER understand why someone with a lengthy service record, who received an honourable discharge would want to destroy all of those accomplishments with LIES. What a putz…


End of weekend 4th of July search on the Google of Fu…
#1 – MP – David D’Anunzio – U.S. Navy SEAL, Blog of Shame
#2 – VG/TAH – David D’Anunzio – Fake Navy SEAL

As everyone here knows,
Google is your friend, UNTIL …


Oh oh,
a blitz of holiday weekend posts by the wife.
Advice for others?
Buddha and Buddhism?
Does she know about her hubby’s new fame?
Or not?
After all, she was side by side with the non-SEAL turned Phony SEAL.
Perhaps she needs to be informed.
Perhaps something as simple as “Google your husband.”
Or, a link plop.

Wide open for clickies and comments… of luv.
Reply here when you’ve succeeded, so the rest of us can look.


On the wife’s page (above),
the cutesy couple photos are all gone, POOF,
but the offending Honor Guard photo remains.
Trouble in paradise.


Good news.
New attention on this Dept. of Florida VFW Phony Navy SEAL.
A new lengthy post on a national VFW group on the Book of the Fake.

The group is official Dept of Texas,
but has become a defacto national source for VFW Commanders.
Formerly called VFW Post Commanders’ Group,
now called VFW Post Discussion Group.

(paste of today’s post)
[Reaching out to Dept FL & Tampa, not sure if you’ve seen this yet,
Dept Sgt-at-Arms “David D’Anunzio” claiming graduated BUDS class 114,
qualified as SEAL & served w SEAL Team TWO.
SEAL fakers (yes that’s a thing) are usually more discreet,
we have a couple reported to us DAILY –
not easy to make Military Phony . com pretty thorough as link here shows – congrats shipmate!
(link shows FOIA by MP w his service record
(Data Sytems Tech USS Kennedy & USS McInerney).
SEALs reaching out to him & Post/Dept leaders in FL for weeks for appropriate action from them, no response from those leaders yet.
Of crs on being busted, the FL Dept SAA deleted his fb pg immed, SOP.
Looking fwd to seeing his SEAL documents/DD-214 that may have been altered,
does FL still require/check DD214??
We can do better comrades!
Anyone here familiar w his alleged Stolen Valor case?
Thank you (link to MP article)]
(end paste)

In the 30+ comments over the past 2 hours,
some in Florida claim that Dept. of Florida “took care of” this.
But alas, nothing visible.

IMHO, telling him to “take off that pin”
is not “took care of”.
We shall see.
Round 2, in Florida.

4,132 members, almost all pre-screened as current or past elected Post, District, or Department commanders.

Green Thumb

I forgot about this clown.

He looks like one of those Nutcracker Soldiers that you can wind up and they walk around.


Green Thumb,
Florida is a LARGE state,
loaded with old folks, old veterans,and VFW posts.
The expectation is that VFW Dept. of Florida
takes swift and public action,
UNLIKE Dept. of Nevada,
who did NOTHING about website favorite and
past Post Commander and appointed Dept. (state) official
Lester Kent Brown (deceased).

Green Thumb


I remember that poser-supporting North Florida MC that backed Phil Monkress and The Big Turd Keith Riley Keeton even after the proof was made known.


Oh oh…
The ADMIN of the VFW FakeBook group (above) has now chimed in,
to the fellow that posted,
and followed up with heavy handed comments….

[Admin] Upon reviewing your postings about the fake seal your comments in my opinion are hostile and demeaning to a fellow veteran and is not in compliance with the rules of this group.
I am asking that you please be more respectful to others in the group.
If you are unable to do so then let me know.
– Admin
(end paste)

Lessons for all out there…
(1) – Be blunt and factual, but restrain your rants and anger.
(2) – FakeBook groups are run at the whim of the group admin(s).
(3) – Not all veterans, including VFW members,
are on board with exposing and outing phonies.

We know why.


Anytime an argument or recommendation is met with HR language you are witnessing a cover up.


Not this time.
News below.
Good news.


we shall see…we have heard this before and later found same person in new position at new post.


Not post. Department.
Removed from State Honor Guard,
and under disciplinary action by Florida Department.
If his post allows him to remain in the post Honor Guard, sans trident, that’s up to them,
but it’s then a stain on the post as well.


UPDATE – Good news. Just happened.

Statement by a VFW Department (state) level official
in a Book of the Fake VFW group.

[Comrades, I have spoken with the
State Adjutant/Quartermaster of the Florida VFW.
He appreciates this being brought to his attention
and he has informed me that the Florida State Commander has in fact
removed Mr. D’ Annunzio from the Florida VFW State Honor Guard
and have started the VFW Disciplinary Action process.]
(end paste)

So everyone knows,
this would not have happened
without the efforts of everyone at the
Military Phonies and Valor Guardians websites.


I needed some good news, D’Nnuttzio getting castrated? Sucks to suck.

Mucho grande-o, MD!!!


And yes.
And thanks.

It’s good to see some so-called secret privy
Honeymooners Ralph Kramden Raccoon Lodge
VFW procedures and actions
get some much needed and much welcomed public attention.

“Gentleman, the traditional Raccoon salute.”

Green Thumb



And as our Ed Norton(Art Carney) would’ve declared “SHEEEESH!!!! It’s about time – you know Ralph, it’s get’n worse everyday”.