Mike Rick – Phony POW, Four Purple Hearts?

| June 15, 2021

The folks at MilitaryPhony send us their work on Michael Riordan Rick.  In turn, this case was brought to their attention by a special ninja that is part of the TAH community, so what goes around comes around.  Mike Rick, or the guy with two first names, comes to us from Fort Wayne Indiana.  He is 70 years old as this article goes to print – June 2021.

Rick was featured in a newscast and article by local Fort Wayne channel WPTA21.  It can be found here: WPTA21 ARTICLE


Ironically, the video starts out by saying most would not tell them of their experiences but two people would – Rick being one of the two.  Also of note – Memorial Day is not about the veteran, but the fallen.   That seemed a bit off that the guys interviewed did not add at the end of their stories “But the real heroes didn’t come home alive, and that what Memorial Day is all about.”   Oh well, they probably forgot in all the excitement.

So Rick goes on to tell a story about him being a POW in Vietnam, escaping and wandering around in Cambodia for 22 days. He also says he was awarded “several” which implies at least two (2) Purple Hearts during his service.

However, this article says he was awarded four (4) Purple Hearts. A Purple Heart here, a Purple Heart there — all dancing around in the head like sugar plums. Who can keep track?

Rick has this photo displayed on his Facebook page, also implying four (4) Purple Hearts.

Mike Rick – Facebook Photo

So, what’s the NPRC say about all of this?

FOIA – NPRC – Michael Rick – Summary Sheet


FOIA – NPRC – Michael Rick – Assignments


FOIA – NPRC – Michael Rick – Photo

Then, the DoD Manpower Data Center results…

DoD Manpower | SCRA – Michael Rick – Service Dates

Then, the Official Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency…

POW Vietnam Escapees


You can read for yourself at:

Memorial Day tends to always bring people out of the woodwork.  Looks like Mikey has some splainin’ to do since his official military records do not support his claims.

Rick had an exemplary Army career, serving in combat and received a Purple Heart during that service.  It is puzzling why he would state things that are not supported by his military records, as well as not supported by official public records.

I hate it when we have to post a case on a legit veteran with perfectly honorable service.  Makes me sick when their actual service was enough for anyone to be proud of… except them.  Why oh why do these people have to embellish their service beyond any creditable recognition?

I would have thought that all these people who claim to have been wandering around Cambodia in secret would have occasionally bumped into each other.

Knock it off Mikey.

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I read up on the embellishing POS Michael Riordan Rick on the MP Post during evening past. For some reason, no linky to make comments on this tool.

“…puzzling why he would state things that are not supported…” Because the embellishing POS Michael Riordan Rick is a meat gazing, embellishing POS that shoulda, woulda, had oughta been proud of what he did for 20+ years. Was his Purple Heart from a bruised taint or torn tonsils? As a former Legal Clerk, Bitch ought to have known that there are regulations against embellishing what you did. Too bad he can’t become a Prisoner of Love for the Boys of Cell Block D and draw some rations of man meat sammiches and tossed salads! Oh…wait…from his meat gazing smirk, this POS may just enjoy that menu.

Green Thumb


Succinct and the the point.

Nothing else to see here.


A meme that could be used if his Facebook hangout is located…

Mick Rick phony POW white



WPTA21 has a FACEBOOK account and has the same story cited.

All one needs to do is to search “WPTA21 Memorial Day”…one will see “Corrine Rose News” where the story is highlighted.

Corrine Rose is the reporter who covered the story.

Any Facebook folks: Please leave WTA21 some LOVE if you choose.



WPTA 21 FakeBook page story post.


Corrine Rose FakeBook page,
and her Memorial Day story post.
She has been informed by someone, with a TAH link.

[Good morning. I regret to inform you of a major malfunction with your Memorial Day parade story.
A legitimate Vietnam Veteran with 1 Purple Heart…
LIED to you about being a POW that escaped.
It never happened.
Also, 1 Purple Heart. Not 2. Not 4.
It’s sad when a real veteran poops all over his actual service with phony stories.
He was Rambo for a time,
but he had to make himself into Triple Rambo.
His military service records are revealed here.
(Link to this article.)



Corrine Rose was notified and she replied that she is surprised and shocked.


Will Corinne Rose feel surprised and shocked enough
to do a follow up story, about Stolen Valor?
I believe we already know the answer.

A Proud Infidel®™️

You never know, she just might publish a correction in the newspaper on the back page next to the tide tables for Bloom County!


MarineDad61 – check your email.


sbalm, Got it… Thanks. 🙂


Michael Rick’s FakeBook page.
BONUS – Photos with 4 Purple Hearts.
That is,
1 Purple Heart medal with 3 oak leaf clusters.


Thanks. Now posted in the article above.


Why lie? Don’t get it [scratches head].


German Headstart class, that’s a rare one.


Just checked my 214, it’s not listed on mine. Darn.

MI Ranger

Yeah, but my Italian Headstart was listed…strange what is kept and what is not!

I am just really confused:
Why is his information from his original Active Duty time not listed except as summary above first line 6908-7203 Infantry SP5. My guess is this was when he was in Vietnam and earned his CIB, Purple Heart, Bronze Star, two Air Medals, and Three ARCOMs with V device (i.e 2OLC).

Also, why go shit all over a very long career, after surviving two years in the crap? Obviously not Audey Murphy, but he did his job well enough for someone to at least think he deserved an ARCOM with V (in GWOT terms usually means you were in a firefight and performed well under pressure, but there was no reason to act like superman). By the rest of the record there was no time to have earned the Bronze Star, so he clearly did enough to get that as well…not a typical SP5 award.


That’s how the info (just as a summary) is entered onto a new 2-1 for a new set of records after a break in service.

The 2-1 I had for my last 14 years started out with two summaries at the top from where I had two breaks in service before finally deciding to stick it out./s



Would St Louis have ALL the 2-1s in a Soldier’s file?

Was wondering the same thing that MI Ranger asked about his Active Duty time from 69-72.

Wish we knew what unit he was with in Vietnam.

Guess only Mikey and his remaining family members know…

We do know that Mikey was NEVER captured by the Viet Cong…and escape.


“Would St Louis have ALL the 2-1’s in a soldier’s file?”

I would think so, but who knows. Some records may be filed by timeframe, while others may be filed by type of service, etc.

All I know is that I sent a letter to St. Louis about halfway through my last active duty period requesting copies of some of the award orders that were in my previous record sets, but I never got anything back from them, not even an acknowledgement that my letter was received.


Father’s Day update…
Attn: ninja

New revelations today,
in private PM on the Book of the Fake.

Family turmoil now full steam in Fort Wayne over
Mike Rick and his POW & 4 Purple Hearts self inflicted controversy.

I have in PM,
which the family member allows me to send to webpage admins by email,
that multiple Rick family members now want
“to see the weasel go down for his lies”.

Stay tuned,
and keep an eye on the Michael Rick page on the Book of the Fake.
There WILL be more.
Same BAT time. Same BAT channel.


Actually, the “ARCOM w/VALOR 2OLC” only indicates that AT LEAST 1 of his ARCOMs was awarded for valor. The OLCs indicate the total number of awards of a particular decoration. If that decoration also can take other appurtenances (e.g., the “V” device), those go on the same ribbon – not on a separate ribbon. I’m guessing the other 2 ARCOMs were awarded later in his career as EOT awards, and that the ARCOM w/V Device was awarded in SEA. Trivia note: prior to instituting the new REMF device and other odd letters that can go on award ribbons, I believe that the ARCOM – and possibly also the DFC – were the only Army decorations that could actually require multiple ribbons. The Army award reg allows up to 5 devices on a ribbon. Ten awards of the same decoration would require 5 OLCs (1 Silver and 4 bronze) – and that’s actually possible for the ARCOM and (for an aviator) the DFC, though the later would be quite a stretch. (Ten or more awards would also be plausible for the AAM, but those by reg didn’t rate other devices until the new recent alphabet soup letters were created.) Add a V device to 10 awards and you need a second ribbon. I don’t think it would be possible for the AFRM to require another ribbon, since as I recall the most possible devices for that ribbon would be 5 (Gold Hourglass plus bronze hourglass plus M device plus 2 digits… Read more »


Vas ist das?


Was zur Hölle? Scheisse! I’m missing German headstart also.


From the German lesson cassette tape,
aboard the train, in the movie “Top Secret”

There is sauerkraut in my lederhosen.


In meiner Lederhose ist Sauerkraut


Well, what chance is there that it was a primary course in learning to speak German? I don’t think that the public indoctrination programs or pre-school nursery business had really taken off at that point in America’s decline. Besides, it was in Germany–I guess.


Wieviel kosten Sie, Fraulein? Zigaretten oder Schocolade?


Nah, the Headstart was that course they gave you where you learned how to order a beer and what road signs looked like. Hell week was nightmare. Everyone had to order Jaegerbombs until they couldn’t see straight and then self evac on the rail system without getting clubbed by the Polizei with the rubber truncheon. I barely made it.


Why it should go on a DD Form 214, ya got me. (Most useful thing it did was tell me the Germans required a memo from chain of command attesting I’d be there for three years so I could get phone service and, when I provided it, Deutsche Telecom said they hadn’t required it since the ’80s.)


Abwarmen der Panzers, Fritz– wir reisen nach Paris! (Useful phrases like that, you know.)

Mustang Major


E4 Mafia '83-'87

Nice Army career…but just not the brass ring that really brings in the desired attention.
At the bar:
“I severed in a combat zone”
“Yeah, me too”
“Oh, I have a bronze star, and a purple heart”
“Yeah, me too”
“Were you a prisoner of war? Escapee? Wanderer of the Cambodian countryside?”
“Well, no”
The smile that would make The Grinch & Cheshire Cat be jealous “Well, let me tell you all about it…”

Over the years, the only thing that seems to change is the girls get better looking…they had to be that hot, right? I mean she was built like a brick shipyard…Yeah, I did throw down a number of San Miguels, but I swear she looked like Phoebe Cates.


Perfectly fine career and he shits on it. I get the feeling he was that scuzzy SFC/MSG in HHC we all saw around and had no idea what he did except stand around with a coffee cup in one hand and a cig in the other and suck the CSMs dick and yell at Joes.

Mustang Major

Did his Germany time in Div Hq. No down range time,, and if he did get pulled into a FTX or Reforger, he manned the coffee pot and stayed dry. I suspect he has all the stories though.



A Proud Infidel®™️

A perfectly good career and he just HAD TO shit all over it as well as himself, his name and reputation, what a babbling blowhard pus-nuts pile of poodle shit!



If I met this guy in a bar, beers would be on me for his legit service. Why the hell would you need to make it seem bigger?

A Proud Infidel®™️

I know, some people…


Is there some DSM code this sort of mental illness or is just one of many symptoms of depraved mind?

When I hear about guys, as this, I wonder how pervasive the disorder extends into other facets of their lives and others who they have potentially affected.

Moreover, wouldn’t there be a lot of other troops who would have first hand knowledge? Wouldn’t their be morning reports for, duty rosters, some records that would reflect someone’s extended absence from duty?

While John Fonda-Kerry almost certainly wrote his own PH recommendations, a record should exist.

Ft. Wayne was the first place and time I ever saw snow. It was around 1959, Interstate roads were being constructed but US highways were the order of the day. My father needed to go to Pittsburgh, Pa from East Texas and that seemed to be the most direct route. It was in December. Checked into a motel, not a cloud in the sky. In the morning there was at least two feet of snow! Sheesh.

The ’59 Ford Country Squire wagon had bias ply tires–most cars had bias ply tires–and my father was hell bent and determined to get to Pittsburgh, that day. Haha. Well, he did end up buying some chains and became proficient with putting them on and taking them off.

Of course, that snow’venture pales when compared with a 22 day recon patrol in Cambodia and no tires vs snow tires.


I usually don’t comment on these threads, but am I misreading where his records say he won the Bronze Star?

And now he is lying / misrepresenting / misremembering being wounded and captured?

Dave Hardin writes:
I hate it when we have to post a case on a legit veteran with perfectly honorable service. Makes me sick when their actual service was enough for anyone to be proud of… except them. Why oh why do these people have to embellish their service beyond any creditable recognition?

I would argue that this was above “perfectly honorable service,” (although I agree with Dave.) The Purple Heart and the Bronze Star to me, shows service above and beyond the norm (which is great enough to begin with.)

So why? Why Why WHY?!?!?!

Sad thing is that here was a decent man who did a lot in the military who will now be remembered as a liar or one with mental issues.

I know that many will lash out and rightfully so. But to me, this is just sad beyond belief.


He was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal version of the Bronze Star, not the Valor version or it would mentions a V device. The BSM is basically a combat zone MSM if not awarded for valor.


His record does show an ARCOM with Valor device. Why in the world would he crap all over a record like that? Embarrassed that he went from Infantry to law clerk?

MI Ranger

Yeah, but were they handing out Bronze Stars for service to SP5s like Candy in Vietnam? An Officer I can understand (not forgive), but an Infantry SP5? The rest of his career was not combat zones, so the BSM had to have come in that early time period as well.

General Question: Since I don’t have any “V” devices on my ARCOMs (or BSMs for that matter). If I did have two ARCOMs with V device, and three without, would it show as ARMY COMMONDATION MEDAL WITH V DEVICE 4OLC; or as ARCOM with V Device 1OLC, ARCOM 2OLC?


It would be something like your first example. “W/ V & X OLC”.

Not sure how it’ll appear now that there are multiple colors of the “V”, “C”, and “R” devices. Probably something like “ARCOM w/ 2nd V device & 3 OLC” for two awards w/ V and two without.


CIB. At least in 1946 if you had CIB you’d get the BSM later.

Green Thumb


Old Mike Rick here beclowns himself.


Check the “Awards and Decorations” portion of the NPRC Summary sheet, gitarcarver. The BSM is the 2nd decoration listed in that block, just after his PH. As AZtoVA notes, it’s not a BSM w/V denoting award for valor.



Thanks to you and all those who added that clarification.

Still, he could walk into a bar, say that he was awarded a Bronze Star and be correct. Even worse is that the Bronze Star (for both meritorious service and for valor) are covered under the Stolen Valor Act. That means just wearing the medal is a violation.

I just don’t get why this guy (unlike some posers) did this. I really don’t.


Bronze stars are given for “meritorious service.” They are quite common for officers who serve in combat as leaders of combat arms units. They have nothing to do with valor in a combat action without the “V” device. There is also nothing heroic about getting the enemy’s marksmanship badge. One can be awarded for getting hit with shrapnel from a mortar attack while sitting in the shitter. He obviously did something heroic to get a BSM with “V,” but he shit all over it by falsely claiming he was captured by the enemy. There is no way he wandered around in Cambodia for 22 days without being recaptured. The Cambodia border region was crawling with NVA. And any indigenous people who saw him would have turned him in for a reward. Our POW’s were a highly prized commodity.


Yep. Almost exactly that literally happened to someone in Iraq while I was there. The individual was in a latrine on the VBC (Victory Base Complex) and – as another individual in their unit put it when they related the incident to me, was “on the sh!tter” – and was wounded by shrapnel from a rocket attack. Fortunately they weren’t badly wounded.

I kinda wonder how they’re going to answer the eventual question from one of their grandkids: “Gee, Grandpa – how did you get your Purple Heart?” (smile)


He can rightfully claim he was in the sh!t.


At least one documented award for valor (ARCOM w/V), BSM, MSM, multiple AMs, and a PH. And he still has to spout BS about being a “POW in SEA who escaped”.

Sad. Just freaking sad. Kinda ReMiNdS mE oF sOmEoNe ElSe, actually.

But at least that other individual never claimed to be an escaped POW.


Reminds me of Mr. Bob Walker / Chadds Ford, PA,
who wasn’t happy being Rambo.
He just had to be Triple Rambo.
For schoolchildren, as their janitor (ooops, custodian).

“Mr. Bob” – Vietnam Vet, Navy Cross, Silver Star & Purple Heart
Steve Balm | November 25, 2020

Robert “Mr. Bob” Walker – Official Records
| December 9, 2020


Legit WARRIOR fruit salad (Purple Heart, Bronze Star, MSM, ArCOMM W/V, AAMX10) big enough to use as a blanket at night….and he shits all over it.



What am I missing? Where did this guy get the Purple Heart?

Green Thumb



In Viet of the Nam during his first enlistment of 69-72.

MI Ranger

6908-7203 Lt Inf 31mo SP5 Inf; Res 7203-7404 25mo SP5 Inf;


“most would not tell them of their experiences but two people would – Rick being one of the two”

Lemme guess..Mike is the other one.


The 1991 article stated he served in the US Embassy in Tehran “just before the hostages were taken.”

Wonder WHEN he “served”…I thought personnel working at the US Embassy were Air Force, Marine Corps, State Department, Contractors?

The US Army sent an E6/SSG who was a Legal Clerk/ Lawyers Assistant working with the 1st AD in Germany to the Embassy in Tehran?

Why does that sound peculiar as well…or is he embellishing another aspect of his Military service?


Every embassy has a Defense Attache Office (DAO) that is staffed by military personnel. I don’t know if they are typically Army or from all services.

In 1995 while deployed for an exercise to Zimbabwe, I was “loaned” to the DAO in Harare to act as a liaison NCO. There were three staff members there, a LTC, a Captain and a Warrant Officer, all Army.

Again, I don’t know if that’s typical of all embassies but that’s how it was at the one in Harare.

DAO staff rarely wore uniforms (I have a funny story about that but it’s not relevant here) and as part of the diplomatic staff they carried black (diplomatic) passports.

I believe the position held by the Warrant Officer in 1995 would have/could have been held by a senior NCO in the 1960’s and 70’s.

So yes, it is possible for Army personnel to be assigned to a US embassy.


Continuing my thought from above, as I understand it, the composition of a DAO office varies between countries. Nations with a large US military presence have much larger DAO staff.

Given that Iran was on the Soviet periphery, and the US had intelligence operations and military assistance agreements with Iran under the Shah, it would not be surprising that an NCO with an intelligence background could be assigned there.

Doesn’t mean he WAS, just means that IMO it is POSSIBLE and not unusual.


Thank You, Martinjumper, for the information.

Will clarify my inquiry.

Was he in fact working at the Embassy in Tehran before the hostage takeover…or is that story another embellishment on his part?

He was a Legal Clerk/ Lawyer Assistant in the 1970s and was with the 1st AD in Germany.

He did not attend Intel School until 1982.


Ninja, it is possible that he was TDY to the Embassy. A check of his 2-1 reveals that he received three Change of Rater EER’s in the seven months leading up to his return to CONUS in January of 1981.


Ninja, disregard my comment. I see that his Change of Rater EER’s didn’t happen until almost a year after our personnel were taken hostage.

But, it is “possible” that he went from Germany on a three day TDY excursion down to the Embassy to type up the legal sufficiency paperwork for a Report of Survey on that #10 can of missing strawberries that came up missing from the mess hall./s

Mea Culpa


I can prove with “geometric logic” that there is an extra key to the food locker.


Strawberries! They all conspired against me!


“…went from Germany on a three day TDY excursion down to the Embassy to type up the legal sufficiency paperwork for a Report of Survey on that #10 can of missing strawberries that came up missing from the mess hall./s”

Claw, you’re killing me….😆😅🤣😂😆😅🤣😂😆😅🤣😂😎😉


I agree, the Iran story smells.

He was an E-6 legal clerk in Germany. Is it POSSIBLE that he was plucked for some TDY to Iran?

I guess it’s possible in the sense that it’s not IMPOSSIBLE, but why would they grab a guy out of Germany? At that time the US military had bases in Turkey, Greece (Navy and Air Force), Italy, Spain, etc.

Seems much more likely that if they needed a warm body to shuffle some papers in Iran, they’d pick someone physically closer OR it would be a PCS move for someone, which of course would show on the 2-1.

I guess my take on it is that while we can’t say it’s “not possible” I would say it’s one of those things that unless he can produce something on paper that verifies it (because we all know the military puts stuff on paper – travel orders, TDY paperwork, etc) it’s a BS embellishment to try and connect his military service to some well-known historical event.

Side note: He arrived in Korea about 10 days after the Pan Mun Jom axe murders in August of 1976, I’m surprised he didn’t try to work that into his personal history.


ninja: FWIW, there were 6 US Army personnel taken hostage at the US Embassy in Tehran. One of them – SFC Donald R. Hohman – received an award for non-combat heroism for acts performed during his captivity. More info, including names, can be found here:



Martinjumper, Claw and Hondo:

Thank You for the feedback and information…much appreciate it!

Again, am scratching my head about the 1991 article where the reporter wrote that Mikey served in the US Embassy before the hostage takeover.

Just having my doubts that a Legal Ckerk stationed with the 1st AD in Germany did that…

Did Mikey embellish that story considering the article was written in conjuntion on what was going on in the Middle East/Persian Gulf at that timeframe?

Also interesting is that there is no mention of Mikey being a Vietnam Veteran in the 1991 article…

Thank You all again. I learn alot from fellow TAHers.

MI Ranger

I would give him a pass on this one Ninja. There is just enough truth and possible to be true. He did not say he was there during the hostage taking (yet), and yes it was possible he was there [hence the three EERs in seven months while in Germany]. CENTCOM was not around until 1983 so Iran would have fallen under EUCOM. Since there would be lots of Legal Clerks in Germany but likely only one in each of the other countries he could have gone from Germany to Iran on loan. We sent people to Africa all the time when I was there.


Martinjumper and Claw:

Thank You again!

I noticed he went from being a 71D30 to a 71D20 within the same unit.

Trying to figure that out as well.

His first report covered the time period 7901-7908 (7 months, which is longer than a TDY) that was designated “SP”.

Does “SP” mean Special?

The others look as if he had a Change of Rater.

Am guessing his tour was unaccompanied considering it was only a 2 year tour?

Also, what does “AY61” mean?

And what is “dyIlleshiem Law Center” mean?

“dy” means “duty”?

“I” means Number 1 as in 1st AD?

“lleshiem Law Center”?


Illesheim was a “satellite” installation for 1st Armored Division (1AD.)

1st AD headquarters was at Hindenburg Kaserne in Ansbach, Germany. Illesheim was about 35km Northwest of Ansbach (towards Wurzburg.)

At that time, I believe there was a Helicopter battalion at the Illeshiem airfield that was part of 1AD.

The reason I know this is because I worked in the G2 section of 1st AD (at Hindenburg Kaserne) from 1987 – 89.


Here’s the Wiki on Illesheim: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Illesheim


Here’s more: Storck Barracks was where 1st Brigade of 1st AD was headquartered, in Illesheim:




Thank You!

Now wondering if thatis where he spent his 2 year tour in Germany and why did he go from a 71D30 Slot to a 71D20 slot?


As far as going from a 71D30 to 71D20, could be he stepped on his crank and got reduced from E-6 to E-5 (there were a LOT of drugs going around in Germany at that time and that would have been before the Army started random drug testing.)

It could also simply be a duty position switch, like he went from being the NCOIC of the Illesheim law center to being a more junior SP/5 clerk in the Ansbach law center at Hindenburg.

As I’m sure you know, Duty MOS (DMOS) and rank don’t necessarily have to match. An E-5 can work in an E-6 or even an E-7 slot, and I’ve seen it go the other way too where an E-6 is working in an E-5 slot.

Usually when that happens it’s because the the E-6 is a shitbag but not always.


MI Ranger:

Thank You for the feedback.

Guess I am very leery on Mikey working in the Embassy considering he lied about being a POW as well as embelling his Purple Heart.



I thought the same thing reference Mikey going from a 71D30 slot to a 71D20 slot….that he might have stepped on his Wee-Wee and got demoted.

He DID change his MOS when he DEROS…was at Fort Leonardwood for a short time and then went to AIT at Huacha.

Something just does not ring right about all of this.

Daisy Cutter

H E L P ! T h e w a l l s a r e c l o s i n g i n o n me.


Daisy Cutter:


Daisy Cutter

And we’ve reached the point of NO REPLY. It saved us from ourselves.


Daisy Cutter: Am trying to finish bulding the Wall that President Trump started.

Daisy Cutter

It’s like that movie Inception, where the walls are closing in on themselves.


Daisy Cutter: You crack me up!!! Inception…GOOD ONE!!!👏👏👏👏😉😎


There is an amazing National Veterans Shrine and replica Vietnam Veterans wall 6 miles from his home. 8 from mine.
I feel he is being protected by a few Veteran’s organizations leadership in the area.
See you at the Shrine, Ricky Ticky.
F this guy – F him hard.


In the article and on the video, Mikey stated:

“I was taken POW and I escaped. And I spent 22 days wandering through Cambodia to make it back to the Vietnam side. And I was picked up by the 25th Infantry Division people, so I am forever in their debt,” he said.”

So…a Soldier identifies other Soldiers as “People”?


What is alsointeresting is that he did not elaborate when and where he was captured, but he sure got the 22 days of roaming Cambodia down pat.

Maybe he went on Leave/R&R and went somewhere where he was not supposed to go?

Or got locked up in a Brig for 22 days?

Or possibly “changed” his DD214..after all, he was a Clerk Typist…

It seems those who try the Vietnam POW story are always hiding something about their service.

And of course, the new media/reporters never fact check their story…


“spent 22 days wandering through Cambodia to make it back to the Vietnam side. And I was picked up by the 25th Infantry Division”

A few weeks ago we had a guy that “wandered” thru Cambodia until
picked up by another unit. Can’t find the article.
Is the record of “wandering” 22 days or did the other guy win?

RGR 4-78

“Or possibly “changed” his DD214..after all, he was a Clerk Typist…”

He was supposed to be Infantry in SEA, I hope his story does not turn out that he was a Clerk/Typist in SEA with daily access to his own records?


RGR – that is exactly what I thought when I first read this story. He made it all up and changed his records to support his fiction which keeps evolving but he can no longer change his records to keep up with the BS


Wow! Blaine Campbell and Mike Rick must be brothers – the family resemblance to flaming sack of shit is positively….eye-watering.

Daisy Cutter

I wonder if the Cambodia excursion was like the Afghan walkabout by Bowe Bergdahl?


Good one 😎👍


Ugh. The POW stuff just mystifies me.

Maybe it’s all the Rambo movies that make it look like it was common for GIs to just wander around aimlessly in the Vietnamese countryside for weeks at a time – as if their height, white skin and round eyes wouldn’t immediately make them stand out like a sore thumb.

And again, we have a guy who’s CV is something anybody should be proud of – CIB, valor awards, made it to the senior NCO ranks – and he has to crap all over it with a silly story about being a POW.

Thing is, if this guy just told the absolute truth about his career, he’d get just as much respect and honor.

I seriously do not get the POW fetish. Any psychology types here? Where does that come from? I can only think it must be the desire to be the “victim/hero” or to be an object of pity or something.


Hey, he’s just gotta escape from the same POW camp Rambo did in ’71, you know…

Daisy Cutter

Maybe he watched Rambo, then went to bed and things got mixed up in his head and all squashed together. Or something.

The Stranger

Why does no one ever mention “Missing in Action 2: The Beginning” when talking about POW claims? Chuck Norris now has the “SADZ!”🤣


The Stranger,
Not only phony idiots that fake escaped,
but phony idiots that fake rescued others.
Here is Col. Braddock vs. the rat.


Did he leave AD in 1987 and go into the reserves?

At 18 years AFS?

There HAS to be a story there.


It looks like he either had a Title 11 assignment or switched to AGR…

Weird either way because big Army did not really start sending RA troops to RC units until after DS/DS…


Maybe he was a Fat Boy Program Candidate?


The worst part of this entire shit sandwich is that goofy ass bdu vest looking thing. It looks like a camo turtle shell. Good grief.


He kinda looks like Ned Beatty in that photo.
Unfortunately Ned passed away recently.


Apologies to Ned, but dipstick here deserves mention of a certain scene…


Ned Beatty had a long career in Hollywood playing a wide variety of roles, but he’ll always be remembered for getting butt-raped by hillbillies.

Daisy Cutter

Sounds like a line that was read at his funeral. 😉


OldManchu wrote:

“The worst part of this entire shit sandwich is that goofy ass bdu vest looking thing.”

He’s wearing the BDU Vest because the ELKO POW*MIA Awareness Association wouldn’t give him one of their Vests…and they should have, because after all, Ole Mikey claimed he was captured…BUT…Managed to escape!

As shared, usually when one hears these bogus BS stories, one knows those liars are covering up something from their past.


I can’t think of a better instance for the Elko POW*MIA Awareness Association to come forward and defend Mike Rick’s honor.

Otherwise, the Annual Chili Feed means nothing.


Did you know,
that old lady national head of the POW*MIA
went to Elko to participate in the June 12
phony MSGT Les Brown sendoff?

Photos. Evidence. Video. Evidence.
We’ll see, how much chili they sell in 2022,
and how much of the “proceeds” make their way back to D.C.


Check out the picture of the “old lady” wearing a vest at Ole Les’s funeral:


“This weekend was another remarkable opportunity for our Association’s members to spend time with some very special people. It was an honor to participate in Ret. Master Sgt. Les Brown’s memorial services along with our sister Associations from the Boise Valley, Magic Valley, and Elko. Meeting Ann Mills-Griffiths for the first time and delivering our annual donation from the 2020 Rally to the National League of POW/MIA Families was quite an amazing experience.”



Check out the picture of the “old lady” wearing a vest at Ole Les’s funeral:


“This weekend was another remarkable opportunity for our Association’s members to spend time with some very special people. It was an honor to participate in Ret. Master Sgt. Les Brown’s memorial services along with our sister Associations from the Boise Valley, Magic Valley, and Elko. Meeting Ann Mills-Griffiths for the first time and delivering our annual donation from the 2020 Rally to the National League of POW/MIA Families was quite an amazing experience.”


Welp, looks like that Brownstain has been smeared all the way up to the National Level.

How much evidence do these people need to admit that their “hero” is an embellishing phony? Once again, what should be an Honorable Organization is all about the $.


And the Harley motorcycles.
And the vests.
And the pins and patches.
Did I miss anything?


Pocatello, Idaho pushes Ret. Master Sgt?
Gives new meaning to the state mock phrase “I Da Ho”.

Pocatello POW*MIA should be ashamed of themselves.
Apparently, they are not.

So, for internet posterior (posterity),
here is the Poca folks’ website contact page,
with names, vested photos, and email.


Pocatello, Idaho. AKA “Poke a dildo”. AKA “Poke a fella”.


I think these phonies should have a special Chili Feed for ol’ Mikey Rick, phony POW. Nothing says POW awareness like someone pretending to be one. Maybe they could combine it with a Les Brown Commemorative Chili Feed for Fakers.


“…..I spent 22 days wandering through Cambodia to make it back to the Vietnam side.”

Those Cambodia/Vietnam compass courses were a real mothaa what with side stepping around punji pits, bang bang girls and lambrettas. It attests to his character that he didn’t Chieu Hoi at some point. /sarc


How come nobody missed him?


Yep, it was his statement about how he spent 22 days in Cambodia that put him over the top to get a tick mark in the Army column of the FY21 Valor Vultures Tote Board./s


Nothing seems to drive the comment count like phony Viet of the Nam POW POSers.

Daisy Cutter

Yep, it’s the old trick of floating a leaf on the surface of the water until it points North. None of this sissy GPS crap.


A POW, escaped, wandered through Cambodia for 22 days.

I remember this story from “60 Minutes.”

Uh, well… maybe not. Forget it.


Mikey is not the first Senior NCO to claim Vietnam POW status.

Anyone remember CSM Rick Cayton?

rgr769 remembers.

BTM, Cayton’s Daddy, CSM Vernon Cayton, claimed he was a Korean War POW…which he wasn’t.

The Apple Does Not Fall Far From The Tree.

“Hunt Is On For Phony POWs”


“The story that Richard Barr Cayton has told of his Vietnam War service features a torturous march through the jungle in January 1971, his arms tied to a branch across the back of his neck and shoulders. He was a prisoner of war, he said, until a bombing distracted his captors, and he and a fellow soldier escaped.”

“Cayton recounted the episode for a Texas newspaper in 2002, saying that he and the other Army Ranger, David Meyer, traveled by night and hid during the day until they were found.”

“For all its drama, Cayton’s story of captivity and a flight to freedom is not supported by military records or interviews with his fellow soldiers. Records show that Cayton was a soldier but never a prisoner of war, and he admitted that in an interview with the Tribune.”

“I made a mistake,” Cayton said. “I did something wrong and apologized for it.”


Wow. Like, wow.
Amazingly, his Book of the Fake (link in article),
after 4+ years of dormancy, looks amazingly civilian.

Command Sgt Maj Rick CAYTON (Ret)
aka Richard B. Cayton
aka Richard Barr Cayton
aka Rick Cayton




CSM Rick Cayton. Think Audie Murphy Club.

There is even some question about his Silver Star as well as the scars on his face. Also his PH.

Our very own rgr769 knows the story about Cayton very well.

Disgusting, isn’t it?

The Army CID at Hood had to get involve.

That man had Daddy issues. Then again, his Daddy, CSM Vernon Cayton, had issues as well. Vernon told friends and family that he was a Korean War POW..and he wasn’t.


It must be due to BI (Before Internet),
but the Fu of Google comes up short on Daddy Vern.
Rare name, yet nada.
Not even a Find a Grave.



Here you go.

Vernon Cayton passed away in 1989 and is buried in Augusta, GA:



Also, please go to this site:


Scroll to “Circular 611-31, 8 January 1968.

Vernon Cayton was chosen in 1967 with other Senior NCOs to first holding the Rank and Title of

Hope this helps.


Hmmm, interesting. I see that Basil Plumley had to wait until the third list was published before switching from SGM to CSM.



Cayton was on a three to five day LRRP patrol in Vietnam in January, 1971. He faked an enemy attack on their night defensive perimeter. He called for a night extraction. Since they were in triple canopy jungle, the Huey dropped Maguire rig ropes through the jungle canopy. Team members Berg and Meyer were “on the strings” when they were drug by the helo through the tree canopy. Both were killed by blunt force trauma.
G Company’s CO organized a night rescue reinforcement and men rappelled from Hueys into the team’s location. They spent the night with the remainder of Cayton’s LRRP team and were extracted the next morning, along with the body of one of the men after it was located. (One body was still on the string (rope) when the extraction helo landed that night.)

A few days later, Cayton attended the company’s memorial ceremony for his two team members, Berg and Meyer. I have a copy of the memorial sign in sheet with Cayton’s signature, on a date when he was supposedly a POW. No member of G/75th was ever a POW, period.

I heard about the details from a couple of Cayton’s team members who survived this fiasco. Cayton left the company in l January, 1971 because some of the company’s LRRP team members supposedly wanted to “terminate him with extreme prejudice.”


Delete they typo “I” before “January, 1971″…. I should add Cayton was gone and reportedly a door gunner with a Huey unit when I joined G Company in late February, 1971.


I have copies of multiple docs I received from the Schantags that prove the extent of his fakery. He caused his DA Form 20 to reflect he was a POW, even though there is no POW medal in his awards and decorations record.


Ole Ricky Boy has been lying for YEARS about his POW status and the scars on his face. Check out the 1983 Washington Post article at the link below. He also lied when he said he wasn’t invited to a Family Reunion after he returned from Vietnam. That man was always invited. He just never showed up. He even gave the reporter the wrong city in North Carolina. That is NOT where his family is from. The story he told about his time while stationed in Fairbanks, Alaska? That was a lie as well. He didn’t rearrange a bartenders face. He rearranged his OWN face, i.e. cut himself on his face..and then tried to say a group of Black Soldiers jumped him while in Garrison and cut his face. That man was always trying to get the attention and approval of his Daddy. So sad. “The Wild Bunch, Heroes Once More” https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/lifestyle/1983/11/04/the-wild-bunch-heroes-once-more/58da00e6-dacb-4737-a46b-7514c101b5d6/ “He was used to such odds. He wears four Purple Hearts, two Silver Stars and slash marks on his face from Vietnam. He got one Silver Star for throwing back a live enemy grenade that would have killed his men. His scars come from a Viet Cong interrogator’s knife; he was captured following a vicious fire fight that killed four of his six-man patrol. He spent 30 days as a POW.” “But Cayton escaped and last week he dared the odds again in Grenada. Now he’s up for another Silver Star for capturing 150 Cubans and rescuing two… Read more »


Mike Rick falsely blamed blacks?
If that’s in print,
get that to the town press corps.
That will light up Fort Wayne, Indiana bigger and faster
than the TV coverage of the Memorial Day parade.


(correction) Sorry, Rick Cayton.
Got it.


According to a source who spoke to the then Post Chaplain in Alaska, the scars on Cayton were self-inflicted in Alaska when he had some drunken mental breakdown.


“being a POW in Vietnam, escaping and wandering around in Cambodia for 22 days”

Bobby Garwood says “hold my nuoc mam”

Green Thumb

I wonder what he was looking for?


Well, CSM Rick Cayton and Ole Mikey Boy were not the FIRST! troops to escape after being captured by the Viet Cong.

Who could ever forget “Baby Killer” Mike Killam?

The one the FIRST! SEAC endorsed?

Our very own Claw remembers…😎😉

(Over 600 comments!)



Ole Mikey Boy must have read this self-published book from another PHONY Vietnam POW, Jonathan Christopherson, from Arkansas (Dude unexpectly passed away last year after he got word the State of Arkansas was looking into his claims. Military records show he spent some time in a Brig in Vietnam and was a problem Soldier):

“New Autobiography Narrates One Man’s Experiences As A Soldier And A Prisoner Of War”


“Written by a prisoner of war who went through nightmares and flash backs, “Escape from Hell” tells of the bravery of an 18-year-old man who withstood the torment of POW camp, escaped, survived the jungle and came home. The author hopes that with his story, readers get to understand the reality of a war.”

MI Ranger

Well he was a prisoner, during war…just not imprisoned by the enemy.
He was in a Hell Hole…of his own making
I don’t think we call a stockade a POW camp!
Did he escape or was he finally released?

Hopefully his book had some good lessons like joke about why the Army Vet would never let his wife get on top:
The punch line is something about “Don’t Fuck Up”!

Green Thumb

Its better than “My Weekend with Rick”.

And don’t forget the Iceman.


Wait a minute. “Captured by the VC, Tortured and then escaped his captors and returned to friendly lines…”

Isn’t that LITERALLY the plot of The Deer Hunter?


Need a tiger cage and a buddy dying in your arms to fit the bill…


Don’t forget the Russian Roulette stuff.


Reference made it to It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia…


Everyone wants to be Nick Rowe until it’s time to do Nick Rowe shit.



That SS citation……

I’m handing in my man card.


His first action after rescue was to request permission to re-enter the area with combat troops and to continue the fight based upon his intimate knowledge of the area.

After five years in captivity he outwits his captors, overpowers one, escapes, and his first thought is to keep fighting the commie bastards. God Damn.

I feel like that should have been a DSC and not a SS.


One can see Nick Rowe’s diary at this site:


Mason, perhaps down the road you can do Valor stories of those Brave Men who escaped from their captors? Covering all Conflicts?

Those phonies who tell those stories should be ashamed of themselves.

But they won’t be ashamed.

Throughout the years, TAH has posted numerous stories of phony Vietnam claims…and some of them had Enablers or family members who backed them up.

Sadly, there are STILL those who refuse to believe a family member or friend lied to them…even AFTER the death of the phony (Think Les Brown)

Thank Goodness our very own Wilted Willie is not one of them.

Gary Wayne Gilbert of Dothan,Alabama was another phony Vietnam POW that Jonn ucovered on TAH. For years,Gibert told the Fort Rucker community that he was a Vietnam POW.

He was buried at Arlington with “POW” enscribed on his headstone.

It took a REAL Vietnam POW to coordinate with Arlington to succesfully take “POW” OFF Gilbert’s Headstone.

No telling if he collected VA Disability under false pretense…and if he did, the questions comes up if his widow Rhonda reimbursed the Government financially for those false claims.


Definitely on the radar. We’ve covered some from the WWII time frame. The list of successful escapes is fairly small.


Thank You, Mason.

Hope to read those Stories of Valor soon.


The list of successful escapes is fairly small.

Especially so for SEA. That particular list contains exactly 37 names – and five of them are civilians, not members of the military.


It really takes a special kind of stupid to claim membership in a “club” numbering 37 members when the membership list has been an Internet-accessible matter of public record for at least a decade.


My dad told the story of one of his B-17 buddies that got shot down
and evaded capture by pushing a wheel barrow across France.
Nobody bothered him.
A tall tale for sure? As a kid I believed it. Still do.


Plausible (and clever). Made like he was busy doing stuff– getting out of detail works universally, it seems.


Welp, he should get in touch with Richard Cayton; then they could be fake Viet of the Nam POW butt-buddies. Doesn’t look like this fake POW shit will ever end. I would like to know if he has convinced the VA he was a POW, like Cayton did. I bet the VA is now up to over 15,000 vets claiming to have been POW’s in SE Asia during the war. It was over 13K about seven years ago.


Hey, MIKE RICK! You’re famous now, and not for the reasons you think, COCKSUCKER!


WPTA21 has a FACEBOOK account.

When one conducts a search on Facebook for “WPTA21 Memorial Day”, one will find the news article sited in this post.

It will be under “Corrine Rose News”.

Corrine Rose is the Reporter for the story. It is obvious she did not Fact-Check Ole Mikey’s claim of being a Vietnam POW.

In fact, WPTA21, an ABC Network affiliate, failed to Fact Check as well.

Wonder how many other Fort Wayne folks saw the story and fell for it.

Were Mikey’s wife, son and brothers told the same story? Both of his Brothers also served with the US Army. One was a Commissioned Officer, OCS Grad, who became an Engineer Corps Officer in 1977..he came into the Army in 1968.

Still suspicious about some of his awards. He was a 71L while stationed at Fort Campbell…who knows, he may have self-awarded the ARCOM w/V, the BSM, the PH…

If he lied about being a POW and embellished his PH, who is to say he has not lied about other aspects of his military career?


All FakeBook links provided above,
under the very 1st comment,
the KoB / thebesig / ninja thread.

Corinne Rose.
Michael Rick.

Today (I’m typing this at 3:40am) will be “velly intelesting.”


As discussed above, Phony Vietnam POW Gary Wayne Gilbert’s Headstone at Arlington..Before and After:


The original story:


The followup to the original story:



His family should have been billed for the cost of 1 of the stones.
Either the phony stone, or the replacement stone, whichever cost more.


Earlier in this post came a discussion about the Bronze Star Medal and one of our commenters said that both the meritorious and valor versions of the BSM was covered under the Stolen Valor Act.

I have looked and looked (for quite a while now) at all the official statutes of both the 2005 and the amended in 2013 Stolen Valor Act and cannot find any reference to the BSM being one of the awards/decorations listed.

The only reference I have found is that the Wikipedia entry on the Stolen Valor Act lists the BSM, and an article posted on Military.com but I don’t put any faith into what Wikipedia or a rag like Military.com says about anything related to the military, so my request is this:

Can someone out there point me to a definitive source document (published by the US Government) that lists the Bronze Star Medal as being a award/decoration that meets the criteria of being a possible Stolen Valor violation.

Your help is appreciated and Thank You in advance.


OIG – Office of the Inspector General.
Bronze Star specifically stated here.

Reporting Stolen Valor
Stolen Valor Fact Sheet


However, the referenced Congressional Bill
does NOT list the Bronze Star.
Silver Star on up.


That’s what I’m talking about. I have read and re-read the official publications of both bills and nowhere does either say anything about the BSM.

Somewhere, somebody, added the BSM into the mix and folks are taking it for gospel that the BSM is part of the Stolen Valor Act.

Thanks for your help.


Claw is correct. While the BSM (and all other military decorations, tabs, and badges) are in theory covered by the general provisions of 18 USC 704(a), only a handful of decorations (e.g., MoH, service crosses, and SS) and Combat Badges (defined as the CIB/CMB/CAB/CAR/CAM) are specifically called out in later paragraphs of 18 USC 704 of the US Code. The law’s specific provisions can be viewed at



If I had my way the M65 Field Jacket would be included..


Naw, not the M65. Give me the M-1951 Field Jacket any day, what with it’s razor sharp collars and looking twice as good when all starched up./s


Hondo, don’t you imagine that the bronze star was not included due to it’s ambiguity, being both a valor and non-valor award, while Silver Star and up are purely valor awards.

Since one can sport a Bronze Star without actually stealing valor, I’d bet the authors of the legislation wanted to avoid that potential confusion.


Don’t think that rationale works too well, PT. The Soldiers/Airmans/Navy and Marine Corps Medal are also valor-only decorations, and they’re not included by name in the USC either as subjecting the offender to additional penalties. Plus, other combat badges/ribbons/medals that require performance of duty under fire (but not necessarily exceptional heroism meriting a valor award) ARE called out (CIB/CMB/CAB/CAR/CAM).

Why? Dunno. Congress passed the law, and I frankly doubt anyone in Congress had a good rational regarding the why for those three other than “we should do something extra for the top military valor awards”.


[…] This Ain’t Hell: https://valorguardians.com/blog/?p=114585 […]


Facebook is wide open


Especially this one:


Open (public) only to see (and save),
but strangers can not leave clicks nor comments.

Daisy Cutter

Some threads are open to comments, not all though. You have to scroll.


Sarge & Daisy Cutter,
I stand corrected.
I scrolled too little before commenting above.
Thank you.

WIDE OPEN, everyone.
There are already both MP AND VG link comments
on several of Micheal Rick’s posts.


Hmmm, kinda hinky that when he was asked directly what the clusters stood for, he never answered, but his wife did.

Embellisher’s guilt? Or not wanting to incriminate himself by openly lying about the PH w/OLC’s actually belonging to him?


Claw & Sarge,
Phony POW Mike Rick isn’t the 1st shitbird
to let the wife, or the girlfriend, or the mistress,
do the Stolen Valor phony jabbering.

Worse, as we’ve seen, some of these women (including dependas)
were totally fooled,
and some of them were complicit,
in on it all along, they knew.

Worser (not a word, I know, but a great segue),
some of these women, now knowing the truth,
still stick around, instead of dumping their phony mates’ asses.


And that post has also been deleted from his Book of the Face.

As before, wonder why?/s


Question For All:

On the video that Dave provided in the article, when one starts at the 1:35 mark, does it look as if he is wearing the 9th Infantry Division on the left side of the screen (would be right side of his BDU vest).

Could that be the unit he was with in Vietnam?

On the right side of the screen, around the 1:49, one can make out another patch which looks as if it is the 1st Armored Division Patch?

Additionally, it looks as if he is wearing the Screaming Eagle patch?


Answer to all four questions is Yes.

9th ID = Forrest Gump’s outfit.
1st Armored = For the tour in Germany.
101st Airborne = For his outfit when he came back to active duty after the break in service where he somehow managed to parley his secondary MOS of 71 series Clerk-Typist into a job at the Division flagpole instead of being sent down as an 11B to the 501st, 50Deuce, 327th, etc.

Also betting that somewhere on the turtle-shell BDU vest is a 2ID patch for the tour to Korea.


And what, for Pete’s Sake, is that God-awful candy apple red ball on the front of his jacket?

Is that the interview mic?


Not an interview mic. That’s a VFW “Buddy Poppy”.


Performed a little more research into the unit’s that Mike “Little Dick” Rick could have been with in Viet of the Nam and discovered the following:

Possible units: HHC, 3rd Brigade, 9th ID, 6/31 INF, 2/47 INF (Forrest Gump’s outfit), both 2/60 and 5/60 (Mech) INF.

However, by the time he first came into the Army (Aug 69), all of the 9th ID (except for the 3rd Brigade which stayed behind as a separate unit under the control of the 25th ID) had already withdrawn. So as far as him wandering around in Cambodia for 22 days sometime in 1970 and then being “picked up by the 25th ID people”, Hell, he was already under them as a higher headquarters.

Am now going to set about looking at the units’ histories and former member forums to see if anybody remembers anything about about someone who was absent from their company for three weeks and then just out of the blue, suddenly reappeared./s

Wish me luck, I’ll update with any news that comes up on the Bull Shit Detector Radar.


Claw Daddy, I’m sure your research is going to prove all of Mikey’s claims are true. If you study the picture of our “war hero” and his battle buddies when he was “in the sh*t” real close you’ll notice that picture is of him, Bubba, Forrest, and Lt. Dan. Forrest missed Mikey when Forrest was carrying Bubba back, causing Mikey to miss the Dust Off Bird. THAT is what caused him to have to roam thru the jungle for 22 days. Thus causing him to miss having ice cream with Forrest, creating a chain reaction in the timeline, missing hookers in Naw Orlins, a chance to pick up a shrimp boat real cheap, a major storm in the gulf, shrimps on the Bar Bee, AND a chance to buy in on a fruit company. The trauma for what shoulda, coulda, woulda, had oughta been his life of leisure, running Rick’s Rocking Shrimp Company, caused him psycho problems, leading to a war within his legendary mind. It also lead to him coming back on active duty as a legal clerk (a seekrit squirrel position created under orders of LBJ himself, confirmed by an 18 minute taped Direction of the President order issued by Dick Nixon).

Mikey had all of this information but his magnetic personality inadvertently erased the taped information, leading to Nixon’s impeachment. You can verify all of this by calling 1-800-846-7448 (TINS), ext OHE812.

Glad I could help.


Fun Fact: Creedence Clearwater Revival’s hit song “Run through the Jungle” was about Mike Rick’s 22 days of being an MIA.





CCR: One of BEST Bands ever!!!


To KoB:






Not to quibble with the vaunted King of Battle, but having once lived there briefly and conducting business there for decades, I can tell you unequivocally, it’s pronounced:



Soree Ol’ Poe, Eye knotz spelz 2 gud. I gotz hooked on cold beers sted uf fonics. Eye noed dar wuz an O in dar summ’ers. Knot shore whar is ‘poosed 2 went. Mae bee ‘Lady ExPH2 kneadz 2 skoolz me moor?


Thank You so much, Claw, for doing this!

In scanning “Little Dick’s Fakebook, once again I notice an individual who quotes Bibical scriptures, but has no qualms about telling a LIE as well as embellishing his Military Service…

Just Another “LOOK AT ME!!!” individual who seeks and craves attention.

Daisy Cutter

Did you see his meme posted about “at least I’m not a fake” — irony is subtle on that one.


Daisy Cutter:


Thought the SAME thing: Irony.

Since his Fake Book is still open (Kudos to those who left comments on his Fake Book as well as MarineDad61’s comment on Corrine Rose’s Fake Book on the Memorial Day story), am surprise that there as not been any feedback or pushback from Ole Mikey Boy, his family as well as WPTA.

The WPTA story is still up and running without any retraction or correction.

And there are those who say there is no such thing as “Fake News”.

And Ken Adam now being designated as Head Honcho of the Elko POW*MIA Awareness? Gee, what does THAT tell you? So interesting that Tom Wulf did not take over.

Heck, that organization has yet to update their Website!


It tells me….
that the Elko Daily Free Press is guilty
of substandard and unprofessional journalism,
then, now, and into the future, since…
Ken and Laura Adams have a family member
on the Elko Daily Free Press.

This whole Les Brown affair
really should be in the news cycle for Carson City, Reno,
or Salt Lake City, Utah. Also, POCATELLO, Idaho.

Daisy Cutter

Posted on Rick’s Facebook page, not in response to his outing. Can’t make this stuff up.

Rick - Fake


And that post has been deleted from his Book of the Face.

Wonder Why?/s


Well, here’s the pisser. He has a son who is an active duty Marine Gunnery Sergeant.

Father/Son rivalry sneaking into the “LOOK AT ME” situation?



Saw the EXACT same thing.

Little Dick’s two Brothers served in the US Army as well.

The Brother that is now in Rehab joined the Army in 1968, got his Commission via OCS in 1977 and became an Engineer Corps Officer.

Little Dick grew up around the St Louis area and graduated from High School there in 1969.

Wonder if he ever went to any of his High School Reunions and told others he was captured by the Viet Cong?

Come to think about it, now wondering if he told that story to family and friends as well as his Church? Or even to others he served with?

Still think he might have spent some time in a Brig or went on R&R for 22-30 days while still in Theater in an area he was not supposed to visit (possible Vietnese girlfriend)


In your search, you should look to see if any 9th ID units participated in the Cambodian Invasion in 1970. Because that is the only way he could have been across the border into Cambodia. I know the 25th ID had units that participated along with the 1st Cav Division.


As a reminder to Mike “Little Dick” Rick (Hat Tip to Claw), Corrine Rose of WPTA21 (Reporter who covered the Bogus Vietnam POW story of “Little Dick”) and ABC Affliate News Station WPTA, Fort Wayne, Indiana:

LT Dieter Dengler, Navy Cross Recipient.


“Held as a prisoner until his escape on June 29, 1966, he spent TWENTY-THREE (23) DAYS ON THE RUN until he was rescued.”




Salute To A REAL Hero. Rest In Peace, Sir.


For those of you who partake in the Book of Fake…
Look at those new comments NOW.
Someone out there really got him good.


Drama ahead.
Sister in law is involved,
and she just tagged Michael Rick.


Hmmm, the plot thickens. The story is now up to wound(s)/torture he went through/broken bones/ and wait for it: Left on the side of the road to die.

But he doesn’t talk about it./s


But if “He was left on the side of the (road) to die”, maybe that’ll help narrow his unit down, as both 2/47 and 5/60 were Mechanized Infantry w/M113’s.


Yes, my experience is Mech Infantrymen are loath to leave their tracks. It is highly unlikely he was left by his 113 on the side of the road.


The plot thickened TODAY.
It appears that Mike Rick has been telling friends
that he was doing COVERT OPS.

And now, the friend defends him with this,
on the Book of Fake.

Ok, everyone.
COVERT OPS, or NO covert ops?
That is the question.

It’s all here….


What a terrific cover story for covert ops, he was a lowly personnel and legal clerk. Sounds like being a Navy SEAL but under cover as a ship’s cook.


I’d love to talk to anybody about this. He is my father’s sister’s husband. He’s a piece of shit. He lives about a quarter of a mile from my parents house. I would never call him an uncle or his wife and aunt they are both a bit off the rocker. He has openly said in family gatherings in the past but he only has one Purple Heart. This dude is one of the softest fuckers I’ve ever met in my life.
I was an SFC and this guy would rarely talk about the Army around me. I’ve called him out on a couple occasions and family gatherings. He even says that he was stationed in Spain. I don’t see that on his 2-1 anywhere.


” This dude is one of the softest fuckers I’ve ever met in my life.”

Kinda sums it all right there, Kudos to you for giving us an on the spot assessment. Thank You.

Please keep us informed on any changes that happen before this posting goes into a “No More Commenting Allowed” status in about three weeks from now.

Green Thumb

Come on man. I mean, who hasn’t been left on the side of the road to die?

But then again, maybe that is what the platoon thought of him? Actions of others speak a thousand words to your character.

Leroy Jones

32 years, infantry, intel, psyops, CIB, purple heart, joint awards, valor awards, air medals?!?!?

Fucking hell.


“32 years” – Ummm, No, actually he only spent EXACTLY 20 YEARS AND ONE DAY on active duty before retiring. See the DOD Manpower Report above.

After the Army adjusted his BASD (Basic Active Service Date) to account for the non active duty time after he ETS’d in 1972 and took a break in service and then returned to active duty in 1974, his time spent in was from 29 Aug 71 to 01 Sep 91.

There may be a story behind that as well, just by looking at his current body type now, 30 years after retirement./smile


Oops, my bad. That should read “from 29 Sep 71 to 01 Oct 91”.

Mea Culpa


“And I spent 22 days wandering through Cambodia to make it back to the Vietnam side.”

If Ole Mikey Boy had “broken bones”, how was he able to wander through Cambodia for 22 days?


He lashed bamboo poles together with jungle vines to make a splint. He cut everything with his bare teeth. He put maggots on open flesh wounds so they would eat away the dead tissue.

It was fairly dramatic, as you can imagine.

Green Thumb

The Montagnards were hiding him.


Found him. A picture of him is posted in the 1969-1970 Vietnam Yearbook for 6/31 Inf.

His unit was 3rd Platoon, D Co 6/31.

Disclaimer: Although the name that is printed under the picture is SP4 Yick (typo?), so not exactly 100% positive of the identification, but based on the facial features of the picture of him and his buddies posted on his Book of the Face and the picture in the yearbook, to my eyes, it’s him.


Added: Some of his Platoon Buddies from his Book of the Face picture and the Yearbook pictures that match up are:

SGT Tatum, SP4 Rideout and SP4 Sanchez. Additionally, his Platoon Leader was LT Smith and Platoon Sergeant was SSG Janoska.

So, if by some strange chance, if any of those people may be your next door neighbor, just ask them sometime if they remember leaving Yick/Rick by the side of the road to die in Cambodia./smile


According to the website 6thofthe31st.com’s “timeline,” D Co 6/31 spent five days in Cambodia in early May, 1970. That timeline notes that the 3rd Brigade of the 9th ID experienced 17 KIA and a larger number of WIA from its Cambodian operations, but there is no reference to any POW’s or unit members captured by the enemy. Of course, Mikey Rick’s records already show he was never a POW, period.


Was he the only survivor out of his entire unit? Did he watch his buddy’s life seep out of his body as he cradled his head? Did he punch out his CO because he was ordered to shoot women and children?

There are so many storylines that need to be confirmed.


It’s pretty clear that for 1 week he was likely Purple Heart Rambo.
But that’s not 4 Purple Hearts Quadruple Rambo.
And that’s not Col. Braddock POW Chuck Norris, either.
And (new wild card out today), that’s not COVERT OPS.

Green Thumb

I wonder if he ran into COL Trautman along the way….

Was he wandering around as well?

It was probably CPT Trautman at the time and more than likely he was in command of those “25th people”.


Green Thumb,
That’s classified.
That’s why there is no paperwork nor records.
Those are all classified, too.

Looking forward to the COVERT OPS explanation
from Rick, Rick, Rick, or Ashby.


MD61, any way y’all can screen shoot and save to post here? Those of us that don’t have the Book of Fake are missing all the good parts. Halp us Halp us!



Yes, and No.

Yes, I have often saved screenshots,
and emailed them to the website admins.
This Mike Rick story included.

No, I do not know how to upload photo JPG files here.

If the crap and excuses
keep showing up with the Rick circle,
Mike Rick may end up getting
Rick Rolled with a Page 2.


What I could do,
is copy and paste the juicy(est) comments on the Book of the Fake,
leaving out the names, to protect the innocent, even if the innocent appear to be phony deniers and phony defenders.

Example, from a friend of Mike Rick
on the Book of the Face.
[…. Mike’s military time included some covert ops. I’ll attest to his honesty and integrity about those years. We disagree on some political issues, and he can spin a yarn with the best of my family, but I don’t believe he is a liar.]


“. . . . he can spin a yarn with the best of my family, but I don’t believe he is a liar.” (emphasis added)

Last time I checked, “spinning a yarn” in this context means stretching the truth or MSU (making “stuff” up). But to that commenter, apparently that’s OK because he’s a friend.

Denial: it’s not just a river in Africa.


Hell, I do a similar covert op every day.
Don’t brag about it though.


Tanks ‘Dad, we’ll take what we can get, and again, the fine your you do in helping us persecute (sic) these lying, embellishing, POS Phonies is muchly appreciated. We don’t see too many sock puppets show up here anymore, so hearing about them enabling the dirtbags on the Book of Fake is a “Paul Harvey” moment.

I don’t have a “Social Media” foot print at all. Had considered it a goodly while back and Baby Girl said “Daddy, as paranoid as you are about “Big Brother” watching, you don’t want to do that. Besides, the BS drama out there is not good for your blood pressure.” She was right. If you were to Google Foo my name, very little info pops up. That was one reason why I changed the screen name here, the previous one left a trail that gave some PII on me.

Keep up the good work!

Hack Stone

It’s a good thing that anyone accessing his Facebook page has to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement. Can you imagine the kind of security incident that could transpire if any of those covert ops were discussed outside of his secure Facebook page?


Yep, it sure is. He’s on his Book of the Face right now purging it of all references. He just locked out his “Friends” section and is working on other sections to lessen the impact of being exposed.

Wonder Why?/s

Keepin' It Real

Rick-Covert Ops


UPDATE – NEW post by Michael Rick, 3 hours ago.

[My two favorite bumper stickers of all times:
God, Guns, and Guts Made America Free
At any Price Keep all Three
If you complain about farmers
Remember, don’t talk with your mouth full.]

WIDE OPEN for clicks and comments.
Have fun.. and hopefully get to the TRUTH.


Note to everyone –
Claw is correct above.
Mike Rick has deleted 1 of the posts that drew new unwanted attention,
and he has HIDDEN his Friends’ List.

As any lie detector results would return,
Deception Intended.

Otherwise, he’s not very FakeBook savvy.
His new post above is wide open.


A fan of this website has now taken this to the local veterans community of Fort Wayne, Indiana, on the Book of the Fake.

[Sadly, a Fort Wayne Vietnam Veteran went on WTPA TV 21 for the Memorial Day weekend, and instead of discussing our lost veterans,
he discussed himself, by inventing a PHONY POW story.
Reality – 1 Purple Heart, never a POW. (link to TAH)]
Fort Wayne area Veterans Advocacy Group
Community Organization


I’ve found 3 Fort Wayne area veterans and veteran support pages
(on the Book of the Fake)
with new comments and VG links about this Phony POW Mike Rick story.
There may be more. Likely is.
I only put a few minutes into the search.

IMHO, good choice for a choice comment on this particular page.

Freedom Riders, who devote their Memorial Day holiday weekend
to flag planting and participation in ceremonies,
won’t take kindly to the Memorial Day actions and words of Mike Rick.

Keep up the great work, guys and gals.
IF the Rick family won’t admit the problem and deal with it,
the local community of Fort Wayne, Indiana certainly will.

[The Freedom Riders of Indiana Chapter 1
@TFRCH1FW · Nonprofit Organization]


12 days after this article came out,
and now 4 weeks after Memorial Day weekend,
WPTA 21 still has Phony POW Mike Rick on their website AND FakeBook post,
as if it’s true, or from the gospel.

WPTA, come out with the truth,
provide a news update correction to this story,
or a new story about Stolen Valor.
Or, at least, take this crap down!!!