Going Home

| May 25, 2021

Well, it’s over, and they’re done

And they’re leaving WDC.

Here come the teardrops.

Here comes the begging:

“Don’t leave us, please!!!” (Bitter They Are – Elvis)

Yes, the Guard is finally going home after a rather prolonged session of keeping watch over the welfare of the Most High, the Congress critters who thought it was okay for them to sleep on floors – that sort of thing.


From the article: 24 May 2021- The Associated Press | By Mary Clare Jalonick

WASHINGTON — Nearly five months after being deployed to the U.S. Capitol to help quell the Jan. 6 insurrection, National Guard troops were set to leave and turn over security of the area to Capitol Police.

Guard troops, their mission ending Sunday, were expected to be leaving on Monday, a person familiar with the plan told The Associated Press. The person was not authorized to discuss the plan by name and requested anonymity

The Pentagon announced earlier in the week that an extension of the Guard presence — 2,149 troops — had not been requested.

The planned departure came as Democrats and Republicans sparred over how to fund fortifications of the Capitol and whether to form an independent bipartisan commission to investigate the attack that sought to overturn former President Donald Trump’s loss to Democrat Joe Biden. – article.

Now, can we just get on with the real business at hand?

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Gulf War cassette tape, for the Walkman.
Fits for those stuck on this recent DC duty.

[Every morning when I wake up yawning
I’m still far away
Trucks still rolling through the early morning
To the place we play
Boy you’re home, you’re dreaming, don’t you know
That you’re still far away…]

AW1 Rod

“Jan. 6 insurrection” and “attack that sought to overturn former President Donald Trump’s loss to Democrat Joe Biden.”

Predictable AP bullshit.


AW1 Rod,
Not applicable to 100k in DC that day.
Sadly, spot on for about 900 knucklehead idiots
inside and immediately around the Capitol building.

Which now includes a PA State Senator.
Worse, a PA State Senator that now wants to become GOVERNOR.
Yes, he was just revealed on video walking through busted barricades,
and was eyewitness to barricade fighting.
And, he’s now verified as lying about his participation since January 7.
Note – A retired Army Colonel, who has turned full rightwingnut.


Note – I stand up for the 100k who went to DC
to see the White House, Trump, and behaved themselves.
But I am happy to see the Capitol 900 get their national shaming,
their day in court, and then their days in jail.


Agreed, and for better or worse, events are almost always named after the few instigators, vs. the many who did not participate. The LA race riots in ’92 had about 12K arrests… out of a population of ~9M, the vast majority of which were peaceful. It’s still called a riot, and still the LA race riots.

If, in an alternate history, Donald Trump had actually won re-election and 100K liberals went to DC to protest peacefully, but around 1K or so Antifa-types assaulted police, broke into the Capitol and caused a whole lot of mayhem, some trying to disrupt the certification of the election… my guess is plenty of conservatives would be quite happy to label it an insurrection. And, yes, plenty of liberals would try to distance themselves from that label.

But the terminology exists independent of one’s politics; insurrection was the goal of a few, a small few, but now it defines the whole event.


Agreed. Bingo.
There were “cheat” and “stole” claims
by Dems AND HILLARY, back in 2016/2017.
And, looking around all the interwebby and Book of Fake blog and comment places in 2021,
there are plenty of Republicans who want to see 900 get off,
and plenty of Democrats who want to see 100K in prison.
Ugh. And, double ugh.


Call me an optimist, but I see more and more people identifying as independents, because the parties amplify the loudest and often craziest voices. The more we get away from an ‘us’ vs ‘them’ mentality that the parties push, the better the country will be.

Whenever I see horrendously stupid shit on Facebook, I remind myself that it’s generally the hyper-partisan types are the ones to post crazy shit. Most normal, sane people, regardless of political affiliation, are going about their daily business, raising kids, working jobs, etc. They’re not wasting time on Facebook posting memes and screaming at strangers. That perspective helps me feel like the world isn’t as crazy as the fanatics would have us believe.

Here’s to a more reasonable future… hopefully before we tear ourselves apart.

A Terminal Lance Coolie

Hear, hear.

I’m noticing a trend towards independent too. Just wish that would reflect at the polls, and properly shake up the Dems and Repubs. Might remind ’em who they serve if America actually voted a Libertarian or Green into the Presidency.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66 A Gang Snipe

After the almost 5 months of protecting the Supreme Ruler at the DC Kremlin, The troops are leaving.

Hack Stone

Just wondering if any National Guard Troop will be bringing home an Inauguration Bride? The Family Services on Base will need to conduct orientation classes for the new dependents to adjust to living outside of the Beltway.


OK, the though of this is a LOT funnier than you and I give it credit for.

Bravo network already covered it in two episodes because no group of Beltway Bimbos (and I am going to make a stretch that some of the lionesses at TAH like EX-PH2 would not too much offense for their gender being referred to as such in this case)
The Real Housewives of D.C and the The Real Housewives of Potomac SO, not like any of them are going to hook up (unless it’s in a literal one night only!!) with a LOWLY military dude TDY here in the D of C.

Oh and I’m here but I’m about a week and a half behind on the threads and just read abotu Secret Squirrel and TAH funding so shortly will be on with that.
The Damn The Hemisphere of Insults®™ needs a place to rest it’s head!!!

I’ve been working at working, interview within the agency and such and trying to make myself a going concern and pest for future longer term employment on other tasks SO, that’s taken my attention of late. (Besides actual customer WORK)



Hack Stone,
More than likely,
some Guardsmen will be bringing home Inauguration VD (STD).
And, a few that got the DC he/she PI surprise, as DC is a hotbed of (historically known as tranny) transgender prostitution.


Ol’ Jubal Early’s Army of the Shenandoah has been laying in wait for this day to come. “We hit the Long Bridge at 0330 hrs Boys. Don’t stop advancing till you get to the Willard Hotel. That’s where Joe Hooker’s girls hang out. Watch out for that guy named Hunter.”

Welcome Home!


John Sullivan could not be reached for comment. Not because he’s in SHU like some of his fellow tour-gone-wrong participants, but because he’s free to roam the world, reoffending at will.

Two-tiered justice, ain’t…


President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

My question is…….
The troops are coming home. Good!
Are the fences coming down?
Will the gates be opened?


I just wonder what their campaign ribbon will look like. Orange or what???


Army of Occupation Medal w/US Capitol Clasp?

Sounds good to me./s

Hack Stone

The clasp will be a clenched back fist.


A Proud Infidel®™

Gee whiz, next we’ll see the wall get taken down and then Congresscritters will have to be in the same proximity as *GASP!*, taxpaying Peasants/Serfs that fund their gravy train lifestyle!


Will they be getting that spiffy new service ribbon that was proposed, or will they all receive the Medal of Honor like the 27th Maine Volunteer Infantry Regiment did for guarding DC back in 1863?