Armed Forces Day

| May 15, 2021

Today is Armed Forces Day. To help commemorate the event, ninja sent in this little test of your US military knowledge. Enjoy. Quiz courtesy of The McDowell News.

I’ll go first and admit I got two wrong.

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Thank You for posting this, Mason. Thought the quiz would be more interesting versus the White House Puppet’s Proclamation Memorandum of Armed Forces Day.

BTW, You beat us on the quiz. The ninja family chose 3 incorrect answers…

The good thing is we learned 3 new facts about our Military.

Wonder how our other fellow Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard TAHers did on this quiz?

No cheating from other TAHers!


Pam 645X0

Embarrassed to say I was 5 and 5.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

I looked at a couple of questions then came back to this post so I wouldn’t look like a flunkey trying to answer the questions.


I truly cannot believe the most important day in military history went by and TAH failed to post it. It’s a sad, sad day that the Senior Service is snubbed so badly!



????? 🤔

The US Army’s Birthday is next month, i.e. 14 June 2021..same day as Flag Day.



Ok, either old age or an over abundance of alcohol, obviously retirement has caused me to lose track of time, date, year, and everything else.

I will now assume the front leaning rest position and start counting out!


ALL of the above Top and…reasons! BTW, keep counting…and pushing!

Aced it! But then again, I didn’t expect any different. I will admit that 1 of them was a S.W.A.G (Scientific Wild Ass Guess).

A Salute to all of the miscreanted d’weeded deplorables and the Adorable Deplorables who Swore that Oath to defend the Constitution of these United States or sent their loved ones off into Harm’s Way! A Round for the entire lot, on my tab.


3 wrong. And thank you, KoB, for the salute. And the round. Back at you and to everyone else who served.

Mike B USAF Retired

I got 8 out 10, and guessed on 2 (Which I got 1 right and 1 wrong on the guesses).

No too shabby, for an Air Force brat and Air Force Retiree.

A hearty thank you to all my fellow Veterans out there.