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| May 11, 2021

M3 sub machine gun

Juliana Mazza was reporting on the story of a stolen dog when she spotted the pup and the suspected thief. The pooch and his owner’s emotional reunion was captured on video. The alleged thief was charged with larceny and breaking into a motor vehicle.

The Massachusetts news reporter is being praised for nabbing a suspected dog thief as the cameras were rolling. Juliana Mazza of WHDH-TV was reporting the story of a stolen 13-month-old pointer named Titus — a crime caught on surveillance camera in a Cambridge parking lot.

Suddenly, Mazza saw Titus and motioned to her cameraman to start recording.

“The first thing I did was I asked if I could pet the dog, because I wanted to get down to the nametag to be able to confirm that the name matched the name of the missing dog,” Massa said.

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Hat tip to our Gun Bunny for the link.

“Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech.”
– Benjamin Franklin, Silence Dogood / The Busy-Body / Early Writings

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  1. Old tanker says:

    First. Great job, a reporter that did more than just tell a story.

  2. Tallywhagger says:

    Looks like a caulk gun with a handle. Could be handy in Portland for street criminal management. Well, a flamethrower would probably work and you wouldn’t have to worry about violating pesky laws about discharging firearms in certain areas.

    Burn baby burn.

    • Sapper3307 says:

      • OlafTheTanker says:

        As late as ’86 we were still qualifying with this weapon as 19-E/Armor Crewmen in Ft. Knox Armor School as it was still part of the load plan for M-60 tanks.
        My Reserve unit still had them right up until we transitioned to M-1’s in 92/93

        Part of the action plans for firing this absolute joy of weapon to fire was knowing how to deal with a runaway, as it was an open bolt design, they had a habit of not engaging the sear again after releasing the trigger. (hint, the answer was press the mag release to drop the mag)

        On range qualifying day I saw this happen at least 6 times, my own attempt on the firing line included.

        And of course Jerry’s right, no charging handles to be found on the later models, and of course he never is one to let up on the gas to even give it a chance or running away 😛

        The urban legend was they were manufactured in the Campbell’s Soup Can factory during WW2

        • Eric (the OC tanker) says:

          The weapon with out a charging assy would be the M3A1. There is a finger hole milled into the bolt to charge the weapon. Just sayin’.

          For the record, I have never had a run away on a M3/A1 (11E, 19F, 19E and 19K)

    • David says:

      Reliable, controllable, cheap, reliable, good caliber, accurate, reliable… the way weapons systems OUGHT to be designed. Compare and contrast with the F35 program.

      http://www.mayofamily.com/RLM/txt_Clarke_Superiority.html should be required reading.

      • sgtcpt says:

        Thank you good sir for that link. Read that story in high school in the mid 70’s. It stuck with me. It should be mandatory reading for anyone designing, ordering, or paying for things with our tax dollars.

  3. The Marine BLT we had aboard also had Recon Marines who had those M3 sub guns which were parkerized in green. They had a small steam jenny they used to clean the guns with in the hanger bay.

  4. Claw says:

    If interested, the TM Number (includes repair parts) and FSN/NSN’s for the M3/M3A1 are available upon request.

    Just hit me up and I’ll include the stock number for a 50 pound bale of cleaning rags as a bonus./s

  5. KoB says:

    You could really grease some bad guys with that “Grease Gunz”…but…(you knew they’d be a but), there’s no chainsaw bayonet attachment?

    Lubs me a Good Doggie Story. Lubs me a little cutie pie Ms Thang TV Reporter too!

  6. 26Limabeans says:

    Everytime I go over my Dozer with a grease gun
    I get all Walter Mitty and kill a few Nazis.

  7. MI Ranger says:

    I wish my grease gun looked like that! It doesn’t have a good handle to hold on to it in the back and the trigger is this long flat thing that goes all the way down the main tube. Plus the barrel is all flexible and droopy. It leaks when not in use, so I have to keep it in a bag to contain all the drippy grease. Would be a lot easier to load if it just used those little 0.45 cartridges instead of the big bulky 9.2x2x2 ones mine uses.