Paris Hilton’s PTSD

| April 18, 2021

In an article in the entertainment section of Fox News, Paris Hilton is talking about the trauma she endured after her infamous sex tape was released to the public.  She claims she has PTSD from the experience.

Actually, PTSD is not restricted to combat, but any traumatic experience.  Although mostly associated with veterans with combat experience – and for that matter without combat experience as we have learned.

Paris Hilton says the 2004 sex tape was a betrayal of her trust: ‘People were so mean’

Hilton heiress explains how the infamous tape impacted her mental health

by Courtney Moore

Paris Hilton is still hurt by the sex tape her ex-boyfriend released in 2004.

The 40-year-old heiress and media personality opened up about the effect that video had on her mental health during an appearance on Vanity Fair’s Cocktail Hour, Live!

“That will always be something that will hurt me for the rest of my life,” Hilton said during her panel on Thursday. “It’s always there in the back of my mind.”

Hilton’s ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon, 53, sold the tape to adult entertainment distributor Red Light District in 2004, which was titled “1 Night in Paris.”

The timing of the tape’s release coincided with the second season of Hilton’s reality TV show, “The Simple Life.”

“When it happened, people were so mean about it to me,” Hilton recalled for Vanity Fair. “The way that I was spoken about on nightly talk shows and the media, to see things with my family was just heartbreaking. I would be in tears every single day, I didn’t want to leave my house, I felt like my life was over.”


While fighting back tears, Hilton added that she battles “post-traumatic stress disorder” whenever she has to talk about it.

Certainly not the story we’re accustomed to.  “There I was, knee-deep in…”

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Uhhh, she’s 40, she cashed in for over 15 years, and time is running out on the buck lure.

BTW, was the then 23 year old looking into the 36 year old’s video camera?
You know, the “look at me” moment?
(Never saw it, never will.)


Seems more like attempted reputation repair,
before she loses this dope.
There’s a lot of that in Hollywood.
For about 100 years.


Oh please, she sold the rights to it.


“TINS…there I was, back deep in mattress, nothing between me and IDC SARC but the light of the camera. The knowledge that he would only hit it one time was more trauma than I could stand. I was ruined for any other man that would follow. And I know, because I have tried every one since.”

Skrunt! Get a real dog!

Green Thumb

“There I was, knee-deep in……Paris Hilton.

I could think of worse causes or triggers.


Not every bad memory is PTSD. Sometimes it’s a reminder that you’re a dumbass.

RGR 4-78

Well said.




There are very few of us, if any, who have never done some dumbass stunt that came back to bite us. But that being said, what woman thinks the tape will never see the light of day when a boyfriend wants to video you having sex. Especially one who is likely not to be your boyfriend in a year or less.

Any rich and famous female who does this is just asking to have her vajayjay on the innertubes, experiencing the horizontal mambo.


That’s called PTRC–Post Traumatic Reality Check.

Ol’ Poe knows ’cause he’s had his share…


I’ve exceeded my allotment on dumbassery. Got the scars and bad memories as proof. No PTS of the D though! Well… my ex has caused some nightmares…


Can I claim gettin’ PSTD for havin’ seen it?

Green Thumb

All-Points Logistics did a “SCFY” type ” ghost cover” starring the False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics).

And trust me, Phildo has seen it, dreamed it, invented it, and just let the ghost take him the ass willingly (on Fridays… twice on Friday the 13th).


Yeah, cuz that video was made back when she had the boobs and body of a pre-pubescent 12 year old.
Anyway, so I have been told.


She’s always been the poster child for world hunger…

The Other Whitey

Didn’t see it, didn’t want to. She is and always has been as fugly as she is retarded. All I know about about her little bang tape is what Denis Leary had to say about it: “She can’t act, she can’t model, and anybody who’s ever seen her sex tape knows she can’t fuck to save her life, so why the hell is she so fuckin’ famous, huh?”

Slow Joe

I got PTSD once from watching one of those Japanese anime called Hentai, in which an evil tentacled alien did unspeakable things to one of the Sailor Moon girls. Nightmarishly disturbing.


Binge watching those is where the commie cuttlefish got the idea for his Cunthulu handle to bypass the banhammer.

The Other Whitey

Japan: land of radiation, beautiful females, and the most godawful fucked-up cartoons in history.


Damn right on that one!


OMG, there I was gettin’ pronged…




ah yes, I remember the video, the DVD (remember those?) was passed around my platoon during my second tour in 2004-5 in complete violation of general order #1.


Andy 11M,
1987 Italy…
Americans were passing around the VHS tapes of Traci Lords.
Newly illegal contraband in the USA
(after Lords was caught getting
some type of license or document at age 18)
but perfectly legal (and popular) XXX in Europe.

Primary memory is that the dude sticks were all old,
fake college students, fake beach athletes,
and she barked like a dog while begging for more.

Smells like Teen Spirit.
Smells like Paris.
I’ll guess Paris smells worse.


I got PTSD in Iraq. Every shitter in Camp Fallujah had a life size (or much larger) depiction of every Marine’s penis (all 17000 of them) assigned to Camp Fallujah. I was so thankful when our team went down to live in the city with the devout populace who would never do such a thing.


1991 Saudi, that was the FEMALE shitters.
Drawings of large AND small, more small than large.
Worse than high schoolers.
Females (including 2LT) fought to have exclusive access to clean their own,
and lost.

Only Army Mom

Steve, you got the acronym wrong in this case.
It’s PDSD – post dramatic stress disorder.

I’m sick to death of people cheapening a serious issue.

How many here would love to have her “version” of PTSD, along with the money, fame and crocodile tears offered up by simpering sycophants?

Poor little rich girl. GMAFB. Yes, I added the ‘F’.


Only Army Mom,
Excellent analogy.
That should go “viral”….
instead of the fake drama turned into headlines
forced on the news cycles.


May I steal PDSD? Applies to so many folks I know.

Only Army Mom

Apply liberally as needed.


Thank you, Ma’am, and LIBERALly does seem to apply in so many cases. :^)


Hood Rat

That’s All


If she wants PTSD so badly she’s welcome to mine. Never asked for it, don’t want it, and it’s the one “gift” I can’t figure out where to return it. May as well regift it, and she seems to want it.


Attention ho’s gotta attention ho… and Paris is one of the original attention ho’s!




I remember Linda Lovelace appearing on the ‘Tonight’ show. Giggling, laughing, even offered to demo her ‘talent’ for Johnny. Notorious and loving it. Years later she claimed she was coerced into it, ashamed, and traumatized. Uh, yeah… when it made her notorious she loved it. When her star had dimmed she was coerced and ashamed. Right.

Ex Coelis

Appalling whore – still trying to convince the world she has any biological relevance…and while she may fucked on camera, thank Gawd she’s never had children!


Penis Taken So Deep….???


I don’t use this that often so, here ya go, you’ve earned it….

“OK, CUT!!! Folks, That’s a wrap.
Great job everyone. We’ve got it in the can. Everyone, if you want, grab something off the craft services table.
Hey Babe, you wanna hit The Chateau and grab a bite? OK great, let’s get outta here.
Hey, Yo Phil, make sure someone gets the lights on the way out.
CIAO!! “



“It’s always there in the back of my mind.”

No stupid, it was his dick in the back of your throat.