Russian identity thieves steal Medal of Honor recipients’ names to fleece AAFES

| March 3, 2021

This is an older case, but the information has just come to light. It seems that back in 2014 the US Secret Service got word that 22 Medal of Honor recipients’ identities were used to buy more than $50k worth of good. These goods were shipped to US addresses where unwitting participants (doing fairly common mail forwarding for international buyers) re-shipped them to Russia.

The Daily Beast reports; [Editors note: Ignore the article’s heading picture, which is of a Congressional Gold Medal (not the Medal of Honor)]

A Russian hacker stole the identities of 22 of 75 living U.S. Congressional Medal of Honor recipients, using their pilfered personal data to buy tens of thousands of dollars worth of Apple products and luxury watches from American military exchanges, according to a Secret Service search warrant application obtained by The Daily Beast.

The hot merchandise was then shipped to at least 20 different addresses in the United States, using unwitting dupes—hired through seemingly benign online ads—who then forwarded the packages to a Moscow suburb that is home to a training academy for a Russian spy agency. In all, the scammer netted nearly $55,000 in stolen goods, in roughly 50 separate transactions, said investigators. The individual honorees whose personal information was used are not named in the filing, which was unsealed in December 2020.

COLLUSION!!! We found some. I hope Bob Mueller hasn’t gotten too comfortable in retirement. We got more work for him.

Our sources for the article wish to remain anonymous. In accordance with modern journalistic practices, I’ll say “We received this article from someone familiar with the Daily Beast and reading the English language.”

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Veritas Omnia Vincit

These days remaining anonymous amongst the great masses of plain people seems an ideal outcome if I’m being honest.

Anyone thinking the Russkies or the Chinese are, or could be, our friends is sadly mistaken.

They are, and always have been, enemies to the United States and its people.


I think that’s the watch the Russians gave Hunter.


I heard that a stripper dropped into a split off the pole and Hunter’s watch fell out.


The watch, a glass trombone and a monkey nut. But they weren’t his, they were like, somebody else’s.


Happened in 2014? Hmmm? That would make it during the Oblome/Bidet Admin? Hmmm? Wonder why it took so long for this info to come out?

Where is James West and Artemus Gordon when we need them? Or that Alan Pinkerton fellow?


What Would Mack Bolan do?


Where is Remo Williams?