Stolen Valor – Department of Offense

| February 22, 2021

Thought you may get a kick out of this…

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Donny O’Malley is….different. Pretty funny stuff but not for the easily offended.

Their series about Corpsman is as accurate as any documentary I’ve ever seen.


I have a subscription to Vet TV. While “grunt-centric”, it still appeals to my sick and warped sense of humor.


You’re not the only one with a subscription.


About that “Navy Salute” Balm…


Just going out on a limb here and making a SWAG in re of the “Navy Salute”. Since those fellows were actually training for “Man Love Thursday” that “Navy Salute” is so they can recognize their own kind when they “are under way”, or “not at the pier”. 😛


Somewhere a perfectly good hole in the ground is going undug, yet here you are wasting time.

An Old Arty Sgt

Here’s an oldie but a goodie. Hope you enjoy it.

An Old Arty Sgt
Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

At first I thought that it was legit


38 years later —
The #1 boner band of the 80s.
Give the GoGos credit,
the 1st all female band to play all their own instruments
and write all their own songs.
Hot back then, too.


Saw them when Irvine Meadows was still open.

Had a huge crush on Jane Wieldin back when MTV first started out as well. Her in the fountain certainly helped that along:


I thought the GoGos hit a great stride on the 3rd album (and tour).
And then they went and broke up.
Mostly due to drugs.
Had it all.
Then they didn’t.

MI Ranger

I thought they broke up because Jane got tired of carrying all the water for the band (wrote most of the music), could actually play the guitar and drugged out Belinda was getting all the press? Unfortunately she learned that like Roy Orbison, you still need some good looking front folks to attract the teeny boppers…unlike Milli Vanilli who went the other way and hired the front guys and then everyone though they were the band!


MI Ranger,
That’s about right.
Belinda was full of drugs, and full of herself.
Charlotte Caffey was the major songwriter
(and skilled musician),
and they brought her on board for the expertise,
since the other 4 were untalented punksters,
only 2 years before the 1st album.

Ironically, after the split (3 on drugs by then),
Charlotte stuck with Belinda,
and helped write and arrange some of her solo stuff.

Except for Charlotte, major Belinda jealousy
by the 3 others at the end.
And then Belinda actually sold some records, too.
And married wealth.
And moved to France.
Currently living in Thailand.

AW1 Rod

Actually, I believe the Runaways were the first.


AW1 Rod,
Yes, you’re correct.
The words I left out were
1st with a #1 album
1st with a Top 10 single (We Got The Beat – #2)
Meaning, the 1st with real fame and success.


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Firesign Theater
Eat or Be Eaten
Track 08: Welcome to Barberia

Fade out dialogue at end =
Ambassador: My good man all we need is a cab to take us to the American Embassy.
Barberian Customs Official: No pressure! It’s right over here near the men’s room!”
Ambassador: “But I heard that the American Embassy is at the outskirts of town…”
Barberian Customs Official: “Outskirts of town? That’s easy! Just take bus service! The stop is over there near the insurance machines! Oh, but now I am remembering that the whole country is shut down for the duration of our annual religious holiday.”
Ambassador: “Annual religious holiday?> How long does it last?”
Barberian Customs Official: “ALL YEAR! Welcome to Barberia!”