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Surveillance video captures Fort Lauderdale homeowner open fire on burglars

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – A Broward County homeowner turned the tables on a would-be robber and the confrontation was caught on camera.

The suspect who was shot has been arrested, and the homeowner who shot him wants other would-be bad guys to take note.

The homeowner, who did not want to reveal his identity, told Local 10 News he was alone and spotted the two men outside his home.

They split up, and one of them walks straight into the home’s carport, grabbing items that don’t belong to him, wheeling out a pricey pressure washer.

In the surveillance footage, the property owner is seen confronting the intruder and pointing a gun.

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Read the entire article here: Local 10

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  1. KoB says:

    Looks like the young entrepreneur, Withmark Polycarpe’s, planned career in a pressure washing business has been put on hold. He was only going to borry it to wash the Church Bus. Claw, you’re up.

    All God’s Chill’ren needs them some AR 15. Remember, girls and boys, tho they are made of plastic, just like that abomination that DOES NOT make them, they will not float.

  2. ChipNASA says:

    Because of all the laws in the PRoMD, I’m not going to shoot at someone unless I really feel threatened because the guy teaching my HQL class said, “If you shoot someone, you’re going to jail until they short things out and your gun is going away as evidence and you’ll likely not see if again.
    My 9mm PCC is now my favorite.
    I’m not going to hear “Owwwww, I got a Boo Boo from someone if I point it at someone and then have to pull the trigger AND I’m very much probably NEVER going to do it outside, because laws and shit.
    Fucking Liberals.
    I can probably only do it and not go to jail for life as a homeowner if I have: 1. Yelled Stop, Quit it, NOOOOO. 2. retreated to the furthest room in my home, which is probably the bathroom, and 3. have turned on the shower, donned a full set of flippers, facemask and snorkel and clown wig, and must me crouched down in the tub in a defensive position and then MAYBE, it will still have to go to court, all the while, I’m still held in custody and then *maybe* a jury will acquit me of First degree murder and on down the line of charges. But If I did shoot and kill someone, I’m still probably get charged with some environmental regulation infraction.

    • David says:

      You may beat the rap but you’ll never beat the ride. Yer comment explains why Duty to Retreat is such a stupid idea.

      • ChipNASA says:

        Yeah, I went back and it says in reference to Maryland, (from one of the local news stations covering the issue…) “The castle doctrine in Maryland states that when a person is inside their home, they do not have to retreat. A homeowner is allowed to stand their ground and attempt to defend themselves against an intruder, as long as the use of force is reasonable.

        Maryland also has a duty to retreat law that states if a person is defending themselves outside of their home, they have a duty to retreat.”

        So yeah, I understand the outside thing, you can’t blaze away at someone stealing your car but if someone is busting down your front door…..
        I’m waiting for my biometric/pin/key backup safe to be delivered in a couple of weeks.
        Everyone said to buy double the number of guns you own because they show a safe/cabinet with straight long guns stacked nicely in the photos but they don’t include optics/scopes and such and those take up room and stackage.

        • David says:

          Good rule of thumb on safes is to assume in the real world that they comfortably hold maybe half of what they claim. Scopes, bolts, gun rugs, all take room away.

          • ChipNASA says:

            Exactly, AND once you get your half the number of guns in there, Guess WHAT????!?!???!!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

            (shhhhhh, you should have more room for more GUNZZZZ!!!!)

            ALso, *IF* I had space problems, I’d get some of those Velcro Hook and Loop Cable Straps with Buckles, like 12″x1″ to supplement the storage cases you’d need for guns. They never have enough inside straps, so, what you could DO is use them to HANG some guns from the pistol attachments or other not exactly ergonomic slots in the safe to conserve room for more guns. See!?
            TAH DAH!!

  3. Claw says:

    The Whiz Wheel®™ spins up a WRT score of 76 for Skidmark, 0ops, meant to say Withmark (NMN) Polycarpe.

  4. Claw says:

    Sorta interesting (at least to me/smile) that the original design drawing of the AR-15 shows the lower end of the sling being attached to the grip handle instead of the stock.

    Wonder how long it took to figure out that this configuration was a No-Go?

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