Jeremy Dewitte, Fake Cop / Real Sex Offender Is Back

| February 15, 2021

Trick or Treat

Jeremy Dewittte, who has previously graced our blog here: Valor Guardians Link, has decided to take his case to the Silver Screen. His venue of choice? Dr. Phil, of course. I’ve never personally watched the good Doctor’s show to date, but may make an exception here.

penguinman000 sends.

Playing Cop … Or Just Doing His Job?

Jeremy owns his own funeral escort company but says he’s being falsely accused of impersonating a police officer, and if convicted, could face up to 85 years in prison. Jeremy says videos from his funeral processions have been leaked online, received millions of views, and as a result, he is being victimized in his community and misrepresented in the media – and now, he and his attorney want to set the record straight. Dr. Phil meets Jeremy and takes a closer look into components of his business, including his motorcycle, uniform and badge. Is Jeremy “playing cop” or just doing his job? And, what’s on Jeremy’s duty belt? You won’t want to miss part one of this two-part show.

If any care to watch: Dr. Phil Link
Thanks, pen.

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Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

I see what looks like a palm tree in the background and am wondering if he is from Florida. I always thought that the PD provided Funeral escorts and then found out that they were a private company that did this type of service.


Of course he’s from Florida, Jeff. 🙂

Green Thumb

And probably an employee of All-Points Logistics.

He seems to have that “Phildoesque” quality about him.


gitarcarver said ” Dewitte “worked” in Orange, Seminole, Lake, Volusia, and Osceola counties, all of which are central and east central Florida.”

Well I don’t know about all that. It’s probably true, BUT, you know what I do know is an absolute fact (allegedly) GT?
Not only as a person, and a convict, Jeremy Dewitte has and probably does and continues to…work Balls.

And I don’t mean he’s changed his business strategy from Funerals to a formal social gathering for dancing.



Dewitte “worked” in Orange, Seminole, Lake, Volusia, and Osceola counties, all of which are central and east central Florida.

I am unaware of any of his work in Brevard County, (one county over from Orange, and one county south of Volusia) which is where All Points Logistics is, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

But yes, sadly, this stain on the face of humanity is from Florida.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

I’m in Palm Beach Cty so it isn’t his company.

Not A Stolen Valor Veteran like Diwitte

By a recent court decision he is only allowed to work in Orange and Osceola Countied


I’ve set my DVR to record. I can’t wait. It’s a two-parter! So you know it’s going to be juicy. He’s a personal favorite unrepentant poser.

Rumor is that the State of Florida has given him a 5 year prison sentence plea on his last round of charges with the stipulation that he has to disband his Metro State poser patrol. If the rumor is true, the judge in the case thinks that too lenient and wants him to take 10 years.



Impersonating a police officer (multiple counts), lying to the police (in two Florida Counties and in Chicago,) multiple counts of illegal recording, Stolen Valor (there is a video of him making a claim of his service and having that person pay for drinks because of the claim)……

Yeah, I’d say that merits more than 5 years – if nothing else for the number of instances where he broke the law.


Maybe 5 years per count. Yeah, that sounds about right.

Whatever he ends up getting, wonder how long until he starts pretending to be a prison guard? While incarcerated. He does seem to be that dumb.


Our friends at Guardians of the Green Beret did a piece on his Army claims. Not sure if we or Military Phonies have explored it.


Tried to watch that video, could only stand 45 seconds. Of course I have seen a few videos of him on Youtube. The guy commutes here from another planet and brings his own reality with him.


If you are thinking about impersonating a police officer- Don’t Dewitte

Name edited to protect PII.

A Proud Infidel®™

THAT shit-for-brained cockwad has a fair share of videos of him and his duckfuckery, I hope they throw the book at him in court and Bubba, Thor and Company have fun with his ass before sharing him with the rest of the cell block!


WTF is wrong with this guy?

Hack Stone

How much time do you have? Look at the video links that Hack posted at the bottom. This guy is Heavy Chevy Times 100.

Green Thumb

His training at All-Points Logistics.


Oh I can’t wait to hear the lies he has up his sleeve…. I KNOW HOW MUCH OF A LIAR HE IS… IM THE “15YEAR OLD” HE VIOLATED AND TOOK ADVANTAGE FOR A LONG TIME. I AM NOW 31YEARS OLD.


Glad to see you here to respond however, that being said, I am truly sorry if (not questioning you, just commenting) you were a victim of his in the past and I certainly hope, you have had the opportunity to seek counsel and professional assistance addressing this trauma.
I’ve been through it, but different trauma.
My heart feels for you.
Keep coming back.


So, this demented midget is back on our radar. It looks like Dr. Phil is broadening his scope to include nutcase POSers.

Hack Stone

Did he provide an escort for the funeral of Honorary Chief Petty Officer Daniel Bernath?


I was going to ask if Heavy Chevy is on the payroll? He had a fake cop car.

Hack Stone

For some reason, that photo above looks familiar.


I was going to make a T2 reference, but you went for the reference in a reference – well done!

RGR 4-78



Based on the photo above I was going to ask if he was still looking for Sarah Conner but you beat me to it, you magnificent bastard!

Hack Stone

Okay, to save you all the trouble of clogging your DVR, the first part is scheduled to be aired on Friday February 2021. Any chance that the episode will spawn another Facebook meme craze, all “Cash me outside”?


I’m going to take a day of PTO and day drink with my popcorn. This guy is the gift that keeps on giving.

Every time he says he didn’t do something that was caught on his own body cam I’ll take a drink. I expect to be housed 10 minutes into his interview.


So, comes ye here again the Dimwitted Jeremy DeWitte, FAKE Cop, but REAL Sex Predator POS? Musta not got enough attention when he brought his, Jeremy DeWitte, lying, fake, child molesting ass onto Dave’s Radar Screen last year. Everybody wants to be a Cop till it comes time to do REAL Cop stuff. PHUQUE HEEM!!!!

I don’t usually watch Dr Silly Philly, personally think he’s a two faced POS himself. Besides, in my AO, IIRC, he comes on opposite High Chaparral and/or Matlock. Cowboys or Brynn Thayer/Nancy Stafford/Julie Sommars beats crossdressers, cheats, and perverts anyday. I may catch this, just for gits and shiggles.

Maybe the lying, fake, sex pervert Jeremy DeWitte would like the attention of a deployment of the Hemisphere/World/Planet of Insults issued in his name? Maybe the pervert fake cop Jeremy Dewitte feels slighted or lacking in attention since he missed having said deployment last year?

I make the MOTION for said Deployment. Do we have a SECOND and an AYE?



A Terminal Lance Coolie





Dang it, I *JUST* read this and I have to do an edit that’s worthy of Jeremy, BECAUSE, I want to go back and see if Jeremy is a two time HoI WINNAR!!! (yes sp)
I’ll catch you tomorrow with a fresh HoI because it’s 11:30 so, HOLD THE LINE.

The Stranger

Segundo y Sí!
Con una chingada, SI!


OK Folks, I believe I have reviewed this and everything is in order. We’ve met the requirements for the TAH Roberts Rules and we’ve also had the appropriate votes so, without further ado, I give you… HEY JEREMY, I SUGGEST YOU BRACE FOR IMPACT, you anal ease shitbird!!! ENJOY YOUR GOOGLE FAME you NARCESSISTIC, JAIHOUSE FUCK BOI!!! The Hemisphere of Insults®™ (aka, “This Ain’t Hell” Thesaurus) FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!! TACTICAL NUCLEAR ROUND OUT!!!! THREE PASS AIRCRAFT BOMB RUN!!!!! DANGER CLOSE!!!! MOPP LEVEL 4!!! TAKE COVER!!!!! … Jeremy Dewittte.…HEY DICKLESS WONDER, We all hope you read this and come back here and try to defend your actions, but, you won’t because, YOU’RE A STRAIGHT UP COWARD, , NOT a Police Officer, NOT Security, vile, flaming piece of skunk shit, ALLEGEDLY, but not confirmed or proven, but in some people’s opinion, works balls, tickles taint and tongue punches hobo’s crusty fart boxes all, I Guess, while being a syphilitic, turd-sucking feces factory, HOLY Baby Ape Shit Breath, Bitch-ass Fuckstick guzzler, pile infested, onion-eyed flapmouthed butt-bailiff, “Fowl” mouthed Chicken Fucking Chickenfucker, You flaccid piece of tofu, Simply a fart in life waiting to be fabreezed away, moral equivalent of pond scum, THIS MOTHERFUCKER IS A WALKING TURD, inflamed, “Towel boy” in a gay bath house, DILLY DILLY!!, Ambulatory verbal dissembling anus, Fucking one cell spermatozoon with a tiny flagella, gaping giant ass walking fungus shit nugget, Bag of seasoned dog shit, Cambodian cunt sauce, he deserves to have his private parts gnawed by angry badgers, Anyone who ever loved you was wrong, bucket of ass chum, Poopy Headed ball working asshole, JERK OFF !!, Soup Sandwich, if you Mom would have known you were going to turn out like this, she’d have prayed for a miscarriage, Diaper-Sniper, you’re such a pussy, when you get a haircut they charge you for a bikini wax, suck a big diseased gorilla dick and open those ass cheeks for the bull elephant that has been eyeing your lying ass, Poster-child for post birth abortion, Testicle face, This twat waffle is dumber than a bucket of goat… Read more »


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KoB wept.


Patton Quote added to the end …

On George S. Patton: (Multiple sources but… )

“He could, when necessary, open up with both barrels and let forth such blue-flamed phrases that they seemed almost eloquent in their delivery. When asked by his nephew about his profanity, Patton remarked, “When I want my men to remember something important, to really make it stick, I give it to them double dirty. It may not sound nice to some bunch of little old ladies at an afternoon tea party, but it helps my soldiers to remember. You can’t run an army without profanity; and it has to be eloquent profanity. An Army without profanity couldn’t fight its way out of a piss-soaked paper bag.”



NOW, with all that being said, it is my understanding that in reference to Dave’s past comments about deploying the HoI and with local/regional/national exposure as in the past Foley and Jowers cases being posted about their failed political campaigns, Mr “I can’t get enough of myself”, Dewitte-less, is about to make an appearance on the (at least) Nationally and maybe even Internationally, broadcast, Dr Phil show.
SO, if need be ADMIN DUDES, if folks find their way to TAH/VG via Dr Phil and understandably are clutching pearls because of the HoI and you see fit to sanitize it for the good of Mr Butt Pirate Dewittte’s increased investigation and exposure, then in advance, I understand and so be it.
Cheers and I await the denouement.
Gentlemen…(and Ladies of course..)
😀 😀 😀


Well, since we got Elvis in this now…

Here’s Johnny Devlin,
the “Elvis of New Zealand”, who got the opening act gig for the Beatles during their tour of Australia.

Wearing fake black leather,
Johnny Devlin sings Elvis songs,
and does the hippy hippy shake,
while singing lyrics fit for a charity organization band of Stolen Valor phonies sporting black leather vests and
chanting “C’mon Everybody.”

Hack Stone

Hack sees that his insult about Phil Monkress (If you were an MRE, you would be Spaghetti & Dick) made the cut.

May Hack make a few more contributions?

When he wants to put on some mood music, he has Alexa play Dueling Banjos.

The only thing that he is good for is pulling targets on the Hand Grenade Range.

If he was on Prison Bachelor, he would offer his cellmate his brown rose.

He never joined Columbia Record Club because he could not afford a penny.

He is so stupid, he buys matinee tickets at a drive in theater.

His mother made it be known that he had a Do Not Resuscitate declaration when she would take him for a haircut.

He is so stupid, he overdosed on placebos.

Green Thumb

This clown dresses up like the False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) for Easter.

Enough said.


Absolutely and also adding something about dropping colored egg out of his ass.
How about….

“This clown dresses up like the False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) for Easter… (my addition) “and likes to squat and drop colored Easter eggs out of his asshole, for the assorted homeless that gather for such festivities, next to the dumpster and used grease and cooking oil disposal bin, behind the
Pilot Flying J truck stop, until either the consumables are depleted or the mob disperses. Bonus points if an accidental, bleeding, rectal prolapse and depressed crying occurs for the gathered audience. And the crowd goes wild!!”
Too Much? Nah, done
😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


Yes, absofluckingloutly


The Dr. Phil link is a tease ad, dated in the future,
Friday, February 19.

It’s a funny minute.
The phony motorcycles are so reminiscent of what we’ve seen here,
from Elko and elsewhere.


Dr. Phil could get a whole new schtick, “analyzing” (or whatever it is he does) posers. That would keep their schedule full for at least a couple of seasons.

Imagine if it were a double header of Dewitte and select members of the DRC? That would be entertaining to the extreme.


Dr. Phil is still alive? Wow.


And a real doctor ,,just like Biden’s wife (controller).


He’s more of a doctor than her. While not a medical doctor, he has a doctorate in clinical psychology and practiced. I think his title of “Doctor” is appropriate.


Yes, Dr. Phil actually has a license to treat patients. Gropey Joe’s wife doesn’t have a license to provide therapy to anyone, unless we are talking about giving a warm puppy and play-doh to some triggered college student in a safe space, and we want to call that “therapy.”


Joe said the only reason she got that useless sheepskin (bought, not earned judging by her thesis) was because she wanted a title like her senator husband. Shallow and vain much, Doctor Biden?


I am thinking I should demand everyone call me “Doctor rgr769,” since I have a Juris Doctor degree. I have also treated some people–to a bad day at the courthouse when they were in the witness box.


Okie dokie, DOCTOR rgr769, esq. Or is that redundant?

“Paging Dr rgr769. Paging Dr rgr769. Your 2 o’clock deposition is waiting for you in conference room 3.”



I did the combat jump with him into Ramadi, and verify he 110% real deal.


Oh, yeah. This fool is impossible to forget. He is very special, just not the kind he would have you believe.

Been in a whole bunch of funeral processions over the years. Not one involved sirens, air horns, or foul language at warp volume.

Crazy, man. Maybe Dr. Phil will fix what ails him.


I had women on her phone try get behind the hearse while I was riding beside her passenger door on the interstate. She could not hear my words or see a shiny red Ducati.

charles w

Somebody should have slapped his mamma.


Jeremy doesn’t need an intervention from Dr. Phil… that won’t help him one bit (except stroke his frail ego). He needs that 85 year stretch in a poundhimintheass prison for his shitbaggedry…


I arrested a security guard for evading arrest in a motor vehicle. He ran from me when I turned around on him for speeding. He gassed it when he saw me turn around and was soon out of sight. I turned on the first road that turned right after I lost sight of him. I used that trick several times during pursuits and had good results from it. Half a mile later there he was sitting on the shoulder of the road, stopped by a train. While I handcuffing him he asked for a professional courtesy and not take him to jail. Security companies are eat up with guys like this.

Hack Stone

He must have used the memo that law enforcement professional courtesy does not extend to a guy making $12 an hour standing by the exit at Try N Save.

Speaking of which, here is the caliber, pardon the pun, of who gets hired as a Private Security Guard.—%20Baltimore%20Police%20say%20an%20armed,police%20Saturday%20afternoon%2C%20leading%20to%20an%20officer-involved%20shooting.



There are, of course, exceptions. I had to be licensed by the state, so you know I was okay.

Then again, the clowns I worked with were also licensed, including the guy who liked to wave his loaded gun around with his finger on the trigger, and the kid with a trunk full of police gear and a weapon or two. And our lieutenant, a former police officer who liked to advise us to “blow away” anyone we saw trespassing on our areas of responsibility.
Interestingly (to me, anyway) they gave us six rounds for our issued revolvers, which was three more than the Army issued me when I stood guard. And the Army told me to shoot three rounds in the air if I was in trouble and needed help. I guess I shouldn’t complain, that’s still two more than Barney Fife got, and we got to actually put the rounds in the gun.


That video’s hard to watch. Everyone sounds like Charlie Brown’s teacher wearing those damn masks.


“Security companies are eat up with guys like this.”

Only worked a few months as a security guard, but I agree. Police wannabees, police usedtabees, and just plain nut cases. With guns. I still enjoyed the job, but the pay was crap. Managed to learn a few things, in spite of the company.

Carlton G Long

He didn’t try to hand you 15 cents?

A former neighbor of mine (whose license was perpetually suspended) once swore to several of us that handing a police officer 15 cents was guaranteed to get a person out of a ticket.

I asked him why, with this knowledge at his disposal, his MVR was such a hot mess. He just mumbled “reverse discrimination” and something about having seduced numerous cops’ wives.

Now I’m wondering if he was lying about having been a Marine Corps general at age 26 before quitting over the 2000 Presidential Election.

Hack Stone

If his Private Security gig dries up in Florida, he can head up to Tennessee and hitch his wagon to Ambassador Worldwide Protection Agency and Thomas “Turd” Bolling.


I watched some of the videos and I am trying to figure out how he is still alive with all of his limbs attached. Based on the behavior he exhibits it seems very likely he is mentally ill and a danger to himself and others.


Fake CIA?
Fake Kyle?
Shipley just nailed a guy, really bad,
bad enough to deserve his own VA/TAH article.
The photoshop Smith is the kicker.


Now I remember why dopey DeWitte reminded me of Dinky.
This is why.
RIP Dinky.

Hack Stone

This guy captures Jeremy DeWitte’s career pretty well. Jeremy really should reach out to Ambassador Worldwide Protection Agency. He definitely is AWPA material.

Hack Stone

In this video, he goes into Jeremy DeWitte’s journey into the medical transport business. The narrator’s comments are killer material.


This guy is a Clown… No matter what he is told he just doesnt understand……

Ex Coelis

DeWitte should forget the rope and do everyone the favor of applying both hands to his neck and just choke himself to death. Can’t imagine being trapped in such a vile skin.


Jeremy was on Dr. Phil yesterday. Dr. Phil had had lie detector expert on his show with this douche canoe. The lie box man said a -5 rating shows deception. Jeremy had a -36 score on the questions he was asked about impersonating a police officer, which he continues to deny.


[…] police poser Jeremy Dewitte’s (who we last touched base with last week) appearance on Dr Phil is now ready to be streamed, in small chunks. ChipNASA sends in the links. […]


My little contribution LOL