Air Force Concerned Atoll May Sink

| February 11, 2021

Wake Island

Congressman Hank Johnson (D- Ga) unavailable for comment.

Air Force wants to know if key Pacific airfield could disappear under rising sea


The Air Force is spending $1.75 million to gauge the effects of future sea-level rise at Wake Island Airfield, located on a remote Pacific atoll that is a key asset in America’s missile defense system.

The “inundation study” was contracted out by the Pacific Air Forces Regional Support Center in September and is slated for completion in March 2022, Pacific Air Forces said in a statement provided Wednesday to Stars and Stripes.

“The purpose of contracting this study is to gather data and better prepare for future military construction projects,” the statement said.

Jupiter, a climate analytics firm based in San Mateo, Calif., has been subcontracted to conduct the comprehensive study that will “anticipate future sea-level rise and flooding” on the airfield in Micronesia, the company said in an announcement last week.

Caveat Emptor, Zoomies. Read the entire article here: Stars and Stripes

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I’ll take “Waste of Taxpayers Money” for $1,000, Alex.


^THIS^ Yep, let’s spend 87 million fixin’ everything that we have ignored for years. Now we gonna spend another coupla mil just to figure out if it’s going to flood. You know that the study will show that there “could be” a possibility that in certain conditions of Algorebull warming, it will be underwater. The recommendation will be to spend 6.9 billion more and put the airfield on stilts.

Pure and utter BS. I can conduct a study on any subject you want me to and give you the results you want to hear. Lies, damn lies, and statistics.


When I was a programmer for a state entity, when the legislators would ask for a study, and the report did not show what they wanted to see, we had to ask “What do you want to see?”, then tweak the code to make it say what they wanted it do say.

For some reason I’m a tad cynical about government reports.

RGR 4-78

So, you are says it all depends on which AlGorerhythm that you use?

AW1 Rod

Damn! Beat me to it!

RGR 4-78

The AlGoreRhythms.
They cover classic rock songs for elevator music?

AW1 Rod

Actually, that would by the AlGoreRhymics.


Refueled there on the way back from Viet of the Nam.
It was dark, but level and dry.

Mild Bill

Refueled there on the way over to VN on a 707, it looked mighty small for that big of a plane. Day light, still remains of landing crafts and tanks in the surf rusting away.


Good movie.
Not a happy ending.


Better trailer.


Ask obama if his newly purchased $16 million beach vacation home will be underwater…

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist

On second thought, DON’T ask him, and just sit back and watch it flood and sink. Ahhhhhhh……..


Just another gubmint boondoggle to funnel tax money to the Silicon Valley ‘puter rats so the billionaires for Globull Warming can make more $$$$$$$.

Hack Stone

The same thing happened to seven castaways on an uncharted island back in 1965. It turned out that the 1st Mate was using the Professor’s gauge to tie his lobster traps to.


We could barge compressed waste, sink it and build on it. Cover it with sand and soil, put in a putting green and call it good.


Pay me $1.75 million, I’ll tell you how to determine if it will sink. Just tune your satellite feed for your TV to the Weather Channel, Air Force, if it shows the water rising around the island, it’s not sinking, but the water is rising. Pay me!


Crap! We need to get our governments greatest Island survivability mind to work on this ASAP!!!

Virtual Insanity

This is fraud, waste, and abuse. We already have software that will answer their question in color-coded mappage…software even I could use.


With the exception of the volcanicly active “big island”, all the islands of that chain are all slowly sinking, due to natural geological action. (Also eroding by wave action.) Seafloor itself sinks slowly over time as it moves towards the subduction zone at the “down” edge of the tectonic plate.


Landed on Wake 3 times. Saw the stone. Collected fishing net glass balls from the beach. Surreal


Color me cynical, but who/why was the contract awarded to. Was it a competitive award under full & Open or was it sole sourced to someone who then subcontracted it to this Jupiter Company.

What is the nature of the contract? Is it a cost reimburseable contract such as Time $ Materiel or Cost plus fixed fee, or is it a fixed price contract of some sort?


$1.75M to study something that could be accomplished with a measuring stick stuck in the beach.


A subsidence study could be easily accomplished by constructing a GPS continuously operating reference station (CORS) with the data sent back to the states by satellite. The change in elevation could be monitored in real time with minimal effort over the long term.

Much of Micronesia is subsiding and the problem is most likely geological, and is not climate related.


See, there’s your problem QM, you’re using facts and logic.. biden and company can’t make any cash grifting off such things..


True dat!


We determined that twice a day the sea level was rising. As the contract proposal asked for rising sea levels we ignored the two times a day that the sea level dropped. Using our proprietary Algorerythm that is propitiate to our in-power benefactors we determined sea level rise is likely to occur and needs to be corrected. It was considered appropriate to consult Obama on how to stop the rising seas – adding another two million to the contract. Further study is needed and can be done at the minimum of the relative small sum of 2 billion


Glad to see you are still doing the serious science behind this Glowbull Warming that dooms us all to die in about 8 years. Keep doing that sciencey stuff up in the great Pacific NW; you might save the whole human race.