Navy Task Force: Change Ship Names that Honor Confederacy

| February 4, 2021

USS Chancellorsville (CG 62)

No surprises here, it was just a matter of time. I just glad the Navy has solved all it’s other issues and can devote time and tax dollars to this evoution.

AW1 Rod sends.

US Navy must rename warships that have ‘racist’ and Confederate names, policy task force says

The US Navy should rename warships and other assets that have racist connotations, as part of a modernization drive to promote diversity, the task force that shapes navy policy has recommended.
“Certain Navy ship names have been highlighted by Congress and in the media for connections to confederate or white supremacist ideologies,” Task Force One Navy said in its report, published on Wednesday.

The 141-page report called for a review to “identify assets honoring those associated with the Confederacy and identify assets named after racist, derogatory or culturally insensitive persons, events or language.”

The shake-up will likely affect the guided-missile cruiser Chancellorsville, which takes its name from the 1863 Civil War battle that was won by the Confederacy.

Also in line for a name change is the aircraft carrier John C. Stennis, called after the former senator who campaigned against racial equality.

It is possible re-commission a ship that has been de-commed, USS Missouri (BB-63) and others comes to mind. Those were not for name changes. Read the entire article here:

Thanks, AW1 Rod.

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Steve 1371

How the hell did we get to this point? I think I am living in the twilight zone.


You are…and the rent is going up…and it’s past due…and you can’t break your lease.

But not to worry you RAYYYCCIISS white boy, the cattle car train will be loading yo azz up soon. We know all about that trip you took down South last year.



Mass immigration.

Poohbah, Lord High Everything Else

USS Savo Island, CVE-78. Named to honor the casualties suffered in one of the worst defeats ever sustained by the US Navy.

We can say the same thing about Chancellorsville. Union forces fought hard. Lots of Americans died. But we won the damn war anyway. Because that’s what we do.


modern leftists are fine with naming ships after defeats to Japan, Germany, etc.

It’s only things associated with the Civil War and Revolution that have to be purged.


Given her history of being anti-Second Amendment, can we also get the USS Gabrielle Giffords re-named?


In accordance with her wishes, the ship should have all weaponry removed. It can be a “littoral peace ship.” The naval ensign will be replaced by a white flag.




Good thing nothing anywhere is named for Robert Byrd… I can only imagine the howl Democrats would have about that old KKK leader! Oh, wait…


We name our helicopters after tribes.

Do we yank those next?


Don’t give them anymore ideas.


We used to have a regulation that addressed that very subject – AR 70-28.


Remember this one? Pepperidge Farm remembers.


Yeah, some idjits have been bellyaching about it for years.


I’m not even sure you’re allowed to use the word “yank” in certain contexts.


As ” smart” as these idiots think they are, just tell them that the UH-60 is named after Chicago’s Hockey Team.


…Yeah, I wanna see who they come up with to replace John Stennis. Not, of course, that they’d be smart enough to pick a ‘traditional’ CV name.

Old Crow

Always bothered me that there wasn’t a carrier named “Midway” after CV-41 retired. Seems the Navy got into the habit naming carriers after recent Presidents. Reagan, Bush, Ford. Seemed to be a tip of the hat to a politician as opposed to an acknowledgement or honor to naval aviation and the USN as a whole.

Don’t get me wrong – Reagan was a GREAT President, GHB was a fine man, and Ford served honorably in an extremely difficult time, but their achievements as military officers are what I would call honorable – but adequate.

And just to stir up trouble I’d like to posit that if you’re going to name a carrier after a naval aviator, Ensign G. Bush is a couple hundred names down from one each Lt Commander Richard Best. There, I said it.

Anyway, not having a CVN named “Midway” is proof that we have lost sight of where we came from

Steve 1371

My brother served most all of his enlistment aboard the Midway. He was very proud of his ship. He went aboard just as she was being re- commissioned as a CVA.


I am all in favor of renaming the Stennis to Midway. Stennis was a much more unapologetic racist than Byrd. That leaves the Carl Vinson still in play.

Any nominations for the Carl Vinson?


….I’m going to suggest – for purely selfish reasons- RANGER.


While your suggestion seems a good one the Navy might not go for since John Paul Jones got there first.

Robert Rogers is out since he was a traitor. Thomas Knowlton seems inoffensive.


Y’all do realize why there is no Fort Rommel, Goering AFB, or USS Yamamoto, right?

Think about it.


I’d start with the fact they aren’t American.
As for Confederate namesakes, they are a part of American military history. It’s sort of a convoluted relationship, but they are in a odd place in American history as being enemies that were us. In military circles, their fighting ability is respected.
As for why all this stuff got named for CSA personalities, I guess you would have to take a trip back 100 years when Democrats were building monuments to other Democrats who tried to perpetuate slavery. (Don’t give me attitude, that’s just what happened.) At that time they were trying to rehabilitate those folks and stick it in the eye of the Northern folks. If you were 20 in 1865, you’d only be 75 in 1920 so there were plenty of actual participants around.
As for me, I am (or perhaps was) pretty much a fence sitter on the Confederate Statue issue. I had thought that I understood why people could take offense to them but also I’m no iconoclast. The statue could also remind us about what was going on in the early 1900s with that segment of society putting them up. I tend to now push back more fervently since it has become clear that THE PARTY has decided that everything should go down the memory hole. People with no historical context want to go through town after town tearing down everything that doesn’t conform to Current Truth™. To that I say, Fuck you guys.
Renaming Confederate ships and bases? Save the money and by some more weapons. USS Chancellorsville? Really? THAT has to be named? I bet there are a lot of people that don’t even know that was a battle.

Incidentally, here are my pictures from my staff ride through the Battle of Chancellorsville.


Exactly. The Confederate veneration is a product of the party of violence and racial policy.


You need to stop posting this stuff. The Progs will use it to prove you are a “white nationalist/supremacist” hater of the darker hued clans.

As for the ignorance of many people, mostly progs, many of them likely think that ship was named for the alleged KKK/Nazi “riot” in Chancellorsville, VA.


“As for the ignorance of many people, mostly progs, many of them likely think that ship was named for the alleged KKK/Nazi “riot” in Chancellorsville, VA.”

Good Lord, I hadn’t thought of that, but I bet you’re right – sadly.


Why waste your time? These idiots had no problem voting for a guy caught on camera saying the “N” word, said integration of schools would cause his kids to “go to school in a jungle”, and openly worked with segregationists.

But in their minds, if you think renaming an aircraft carrier that’s been around for 30+ years of service is stupid, then you’re the “White supremacist.”


Hey now, “Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.”


Some suggested replacement names:

USS Jane Fonda


USS Nancy Pelosi

USS Planned Parenthood

USS Che Guevara

USS Rachel Levine

USS Rachel Dolezal


USS Soy Boy

USS Creepy Joe

USS Hillary Clinton

USS Cameltoe / Heels Up Harris

USS Greta Thunberg


Add your own…


“USS Jane Fonda”

Unfortunately the Duffel Blog is now paywalled but one of the first articles I ever read was headlined “Vietnam Veterans outraged at christening of USS Jane Fonda.”

Jonn wrote about it back in 2012 on this very blog.


I was upset to hear they are renaming the USS Emmanuel Goldstein.


Yes, that moniker detracts from the power of the “five minutes of hate” when Goldstein’s picture appears on our TV screens. How about they rename it the USS Hunter Biden. It will be a terrific legacy to go with his upcoming book, him being a naval hero now. I wonder if he will have a chapter about his USN exploits.

Hack Stone

This will be the entire chapter covering his brief but stellar Naval Career.

“Checked in. Pissed Hot. Got thrown out on my ass. Blamed it on a cigarette someone gave me. Used my leadership skills developed in the Naval Reserve to land a position with a Ukrainian oil company. That is all.”

The most fucked up thing about his brief time in the Navy is that enlisted personnel had to salute him and call him sir.

The Stranger

They had to salute him and call him sir for ONE drill since he pissed hot on his very first drill.


So if the USS Rachel Dolezal is built, is it painted first white, then black? I’m just trying to be accurate.

Buckeye Jim

Hey, isn’t haze gray kind of half way between black and white? I am just so confused.


We could rename haze gray as half-Black, like 0bama and “Heels-up Harris.”


Black and white camo for duty in the Arctic.


Nah. They’re paint it ginger then just call it black.



Green Thumb



So a loyalty test for new recruits? None who voted for Trump? How about for secret service? most of them probably also voted for trump.

JarHead Pat

Fucking cunts


Apparently they forgot it’s bad luck to rename a ship.


Not only is it bad luck it’s just stupid to spend that kind of money. Everything from forms to UIC rockers will have to be changed.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66 A Gang Snipe

I wonder when they will change the name of the USS Okinawa LPH 3 since it was named after the battle of Okinawa where Japanese soldiers and civilians died and the most US ships and sailors died but they don’t give a flying fuck about the US loss of life. I got a lot of moola shmoola ($) tied up in tee shirts and hats plus the shoulder patch on my set of polyester duped whites. WTF.


Right up into the 2000’s my union had two cargo ships named after Confederate generals; the SS Stonewall Jackson and the SS Robert E. Lee… guess who complained?

No one. Ever.


The M-1 MBT is named after Stacey Abrams, so I imagine that one’s safe for now. 😄

Slow Joe

I loled.



Hack Stone

You can tell if a tank is named after Stacey Abrams if there are gaps between the treads. She should use some of that money that George Soros sends her way to fix her damn teeth. And maybe get some liposuction.


That would be quite a suction job. The surgeons would need a three inch hose and a couple of 55 gallon drums.


Only a couple? That job looks to be at least 5 barrels.


The Merrimac was raised and renamed the Virginia by the
confederates. Doesn’t that taint the name Virginia forever?
Can’t name anything or anybody Virginia ever again.


And the “rectifying” of history continues.

Forest Bondurant

Using this sort of logic, the USS Iwo Jima (LHD-7) needs to be renamed since that island was given back to the Japanese in 1968.

On another front, consideration to rename certain institutions of higher learning need to be renamed as well:

Brown University was named after Nicholas Brown, Sr., who traded slaves, therefore the university needs to be renamed.

Slaves built Harvard University and served the schools leaders in the early years. John Harvard, who the school was named after, owned slaves, therefore the university needs to be renamed.

The founder of Johns Hopkins University, Johns Hopkins, claimed 4 men as property in the 1850 census. He also used slaves as collateral for debts in his business dealings. Given those facts, the university needs to be renamed.

Yale University is named after slave trader and merchant Elihu Yale, therefore, the university needs to be renamed.

Consideration to rename the following universities should be considered for the following:

Dartmouth University president Nathan Lord defended slavery up to the American Civil War, which led to his resignation.

In 1838, Georgetown University was struggling until its president, Thomas F. Mulledy, sold 272 enslaved people owned by the Jesuits of Maryland to slave traders in Louisiana in June of that year and another 68 in November.

The first nine presidents of Princeton University owned slaves. Upon the death of its fifth president, Samuel Finley, his slaves were auctioned and sold on campus in 1766.

Half of the men who served as President of Columbia University were slave owners.

If they go after former U.S. Presidents who had tied to slaves or racism, they certainly need to consider Woodrow Wilson in that list.


We have a Vice President whose family were slave owners. Can she be removed?

Forest Bondurant

Using their logic – yes, absolutely – but not before she pays her share of reparations.