The Continuing Story of What’s On In Russia

| February 1, 2021

Pro-Navalny protests are underway in Russia in many places. The Russians want Navalny out of jail, and are protesting the Putin regime’s response to their entreaties.

This article from January 23 tells us that more than 3,000 people were arrested during a demonstration in support of Navalny.

Navalny’s wife has publicly called on Russians to support Navalny in protest.

From the article:  Among those detained was Navalny’s wife, Yulia Navalnaya, who shared a photo of herself from inside what she said was a paddy wagon. She was later released.

“They can’t put everybody in jail. There are many people and I don’t think that we have enough jails to put everyone in there,” said Maria Nechayeva, 27, an attorney at an information technology company who was attending the protest in Moscow. – article

Meantime, the protests continue unabated and by January month end, had grown substantially.

There are clashes with police, but most of these seem to be relatively peaceful events.

From the article:  In anticipation of Sunday’s protests, Russian authorities moved this past week to clamp down on leading opposition figures and several key aides to Navalny. Authorities arrested Navalny’s brother Oleg, as well as Lyubov Sobol, an attorney for Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation, Maria Alyokhina from the Pussy Riot punk group and Anastasia Vasilyeva, head of the Alliance of Doctors, who was filmed stoically reciting Beethoven as police searched her Moscow flat. Authorities said they were arrested on suspicion of violating coronavirus restrictions. – article

There are two Twitter posts embedded in that article, worth a look. Navalny has a lot of support, and Vlad’s attempt to poison him is a weak sister cheap shot.

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  1. Atlanticcoast63 says:

    “They can’t put everybody in jail. There are many people and I don’t think that we have enough jails to put everyone in there,”


  2. KoB says:

    Welp, I wouldn’t mind being lock up with Yulia, or being her prisoner. I wonder if she cooks?

    Those people that seem to be pushing us more toward a Socialist type grubermint need to be paying attention. Yes, they do have enough jail space. In Russia, they were called Gulags. Wonder what term our new political masters will want to use? Remember, if you’ve studied US History…We, too, have had political prisoners in the past. It can and will happen again. Or they can use some of the millions of rounds they have stockpiled for Social Security and other grubermint branches.

    Be Aware…Be very Aware.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      The current assumption that we will just knuckle under is falsely held by the Left. They are very arrogant, especially right now, and that is their biggest mistake. The other is pissing off the people who voted for them, which is what they are doing now. Remember the pipeline guys from yesterday…..

      • Slow Joe says:

        Wait. The dudes that worked at that pipeline and lost their jobs voted Democrat?

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        I don’t know how they voted, but they’re all angry about Biden’s EO shutting it down, and likewise, the Ute and other tribes that put $765 million into their investment in it are NOT happy.

        There will be more to come on this. Stay tuned.

  3. The Other Whitey says:

    “Authorities said they were arrested on suspicion of violating coronavirus restrictions.”

    How long before the same fascist shit becomes commonplace here? The worst evils of which man is capable have always been perpetrated in the name of “The Greater Good.”

  4. Berliner says:

    Time Magazine has an article “The Inside Story of How Navalny Uncovered Putin’s Palace”. I guess a lot of people are against it’s $850 dollar toilet brushes.