Biden Signs Executive Order extending President Trumps Delaying VA Debt Collections 

| January 26, 2021

President Joe Biden announced Friday that he was asking the Department of Veterans Affairs once again to delay collecting debts from veterans.

According to the White House, an economic relief executive order signed Friday “will help approximately 2 million veterans maintain their financial footing by asking the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to consider pausing federal collections on overpayments and debts.”

The issue of VA Debit is one that needs more light cast upon it.   Sadly,  there are a large number of people that have a VA debt because they were being overpaid benefits they did not qualify for.  All too often those individuals should have been arrested, but instead, they just get a debt levied against them.   There are some veterans that “through no fault of their own” were paid benefits and then have to pay for them for later.  It is rare.

Even after we expose some of these frauds,  the VA refuses to stop sending them money and extending benefits to them.

I have lost count of how many “Homeless Veteran”  cardboard signs I have taken from frauds over the years.   Maybe I should suspend my efforts to recycle cardboard from fakes who push the “Veterans are Victims” nonsense during this “Crisis”.

I already have one sign this year.




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  1. Hondo says:

    And the FSA cheered.

    Then they asked, “When’s the next freebie?”

  2. ChipNASA says:

    Annnnnnnnnddd please to be excusing me W.W. but I’m thinking of you and hope this finds you well and that you post shortly…

    Wilted Willy says:

    “How about my asshat brother…” (who shall remain, as always, AN ASSHAT, until he’s either incarcerated (in which he will remain an asshat, or until he makes complete restitution, in which he will again, remain an asshat, but an asshat no longer in debt…)

    • KoB says:

      Chippy wid ya there. FIRST (ht 2 Sarge) thing that went thru my pea pickin’ brain too. Hope WW is doing OK and working on getting his comms back up, been a little concerned about the boy my own self. Have been scratchin’ my watch and windin’ my azz as to why WW’s oxygen and Valor/Money stealin’ POS sibling has been allowed to skate all of this time.

      While in the little Big Town on yesterday past, we pulled up to the gas pumps to top off the tank of The Ark. A POC in a fairly late model Chevy PU pulled into the pump space behind me. Fella came up, “Excuse me, my name is Mike and I’m a disabled Vet can you help me out?” He had motor skilz and all of his extremities still attached, but had the smell of a phony all around. My reply was, “Sorry Man, I’m a Vet myself and have some medical issues, can’t help you, don’t carry any cash.” He was still making the rounds of the other vehicles at the pumps when I finished the fill up. As I pulled out, he had moved to the front of the store hitting up everybody that was going in. His truck was still taking up space at the pump.

      • AW1Ed says:

        Last IP that hit me up got, “Sorry. All my funds are tied up in cash.” He nodded his head in commiseration and moved on to the next victim.

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        Sorry, fella, but I’m a vet, and I’m on fixed income, tight budget, and I have extra mouths (cat, birds) to feed at home. Maybe you could help ME out?

  3. USMC Steve says:

    I still have a hard time, with my knowledge of and experiences with the VA, wrapping my head around them giving out ANY benefits to anyone, unless someone was holding a gun to their heads, let alone handing out too much stuff to anyone.

    That is the only outfit that exists that makes congress look more efficient by comparison.

  4. rgr769 says:

    In case any of you missed it, when JoeMentia signed some EO’s this morning, he tried for about 20 seconds to put his pen into the inside pocket of his jacket. He finally gave up and put the pen in his pants pocket. The video is up at Gateway Pundit. I doubt the MSM will allow that kerfuffle to be seen.