Atlanta city council members seek to fund proposal for private police force

| December 30, 2020

What do you do when you vilify and defund your police and crime inevitably goes up? Well, if you’re in the “affluent”, you get to use taxpayer dollars to contract with private security to ensure your safety. The Hill reports;

The shooting death of a 7-year-old Atlanta girl has emboldened a group of community leaders to call for a private security force to supplement the Atlanta Police Department.

NBC News reports that 7-year-old Kennedy Maxie was shot in the back of the head by a stray bullet just days before Christmas. She remained in critical condition before dying of her injuries on Saturday.

NBC notes that Kennedy’s death was one of a record amount of homicides the Atlanta Police Department has investigated this year. A suspect has not yet been identified.

Atlanta Police Officer Steve Avery said in a statement, “As of the end of the week 52 reporting period we are at 154 homicides compared with 99 for the same period of 2019 … That is an increase of 61%.”

Kennedy’s shooting on Dec. 21 has galvanized a group of Atlanta city council members to announce on Monday they were allocating $125,000 to fund the Buckhead Security Plan, NBC reports. The proposed plan would fund a private police force in Atlanta’s affluent Buckhead residential area. [Emphasis added]

City council members J.P. Matzigkeit, Howard Shook and Matt Westmoreland backed the plan along with support from the Atlanta Police Department, members of the Fulton County Commission and a member of Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms’s administration.

Along with added security patrols, the plan also calls for additional security cameras and license plate readers, NBC reports. The plan will cost $1.6 million with private police officers already scheduled to begin patrolling the area in January, according to a report from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

There you go. The spikes in violent crime have finally started to hit those with money. Naturally when your wealthy start to be affected by your poor policy decisions you must protect them. I’m sure the poor people in the projects are comforted knowing that the affluent are safe as their neighborhoods descend into violent anarchy.


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It seems like an oxymoron but “private police” are actually a thing in some states. When I lived in NC after leaving active duty I worked for a security company that also had a “company police” division. These were BLET (Basic Law Enforcement Training) state-certified and “sworn” police who worked for the company and had full powers of arrest, but only while they were on contracted property (typically strip malls or affluent housing developments.)

I think the company I worked for (called Hoosier) is long gone but unless NC has changed the laws, “company police” are still allowed to operate there.


IIRC, Texas has a same type of law for venues open to the public. Security is bonded, insured, trained and hired for local arrest powers. ‘Paul Blart’ “parking lot cop”, but I think the power stops at the curb unless specific criteria are met, i.e. felony.
Any SME’s on the topic?

Still, this here is public space, dangerous precedent.

Just Lurkin

When I was a CO at a NC prison one of the other guys I worked with was a BLET grad who did private police work on his day off. Mostly his job was parking control on one street in Charlotte, but he had arrest authority for any offenses on that one street.


They do. The Biltmore Estate near me has it’s own police force – the Biltmore Company Police. No security guards – actual sworn officers.


Aqua Harbor (gated community in Stafford), Railroad companies, the amusement park Kings Dominion, and the industrial manufacturer Babcock & Wilcox all have their own private police forces in Virginia.

SFC (R) Blizz

The railroad I work for has a private police force that has power inside our yards and facilities and 50yards both sides of every track our company owns.

-side note, there is not public track. I always figured it worked like a highway but all railroad trackage is privately owned by the company that moves freight across it.


Two-tiered justice ain’t…
And you don’t build an [army] unless you intend to use it, and last I checked the unwashed masses out number the cloistered pearl-clutching Stankheadians. I’m sure there’s a difference in ROE between these two groups. Plan accordingly.
Kennedy Maxie was killed by an errant shot and her killer should meet the same fate.
God Rest Her Soul.

Hack Stone

Isn’t this the premise of Robocop? Next thing you know, Middle Eastern terrorists will kidnap the President’s daughter while she is shopping on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.



Private cops? What after that, death squads to hand out “justice”?

Veritas Omnia Vincit

This is my thought as well, there’s no way the law of unintended consequences brings this to a comfortable close…there will be something ugly and that will spark litigation and everyone who paid into this private security fund will be sued.

At that moment they’ll all wish they were smart enough to buy litigation insurance, because those who didn’t will be risking their personal assets.

This thing can go all manner of sideways.


So they will safer in their neighborhoods. What happens when it’s time to go shopping, do you send the maid or do you hire bodyguards.

If these clowns think they will be safe forever in their gated enclaves they’re wrong. Eventually the crime will reach them and the “Purge” will seem like child’s play.


Hmmm… so if a 9mm bullet fired at a 45 degree angle can travel 2,400 yards, won’t these Buckhead private cops need to patrol an extra mile and half (est.) beyond the affluent neighborhoods in order to protect the richies from the violence of stray bullets; such as what happened to that innocent 7-year-old?


Where is ‘Cump Sherman now that Atlanta needs him? Or a low level air strike?

A cesspool run by swamp rats that can do nothing but blame “whitey” for all of their self imposed problems. Sadly every metro area in the state has the same problems. And, sadly too, this is not the only innocent (black) child that has gotten caught in the crossfire of more (black on black) crime. And that is a fact of life in these areas, not a racist comment. Where the phuque are the Al Sharptons, Jessie Jacksons, Burn Loot Murder, and other race baiters, and why aren’t they doing anything about controlling their own people? I guess Al is too busy earning the required funds to pay his back taxes to pay attention to this Black Life that doesn’t matter.

Slow Joe

Ah, the political elite.

They promise a utopian world for the masses, but only the elite gets to live in it.

Soon the political commissars in the media will start to repeat the old propaganda line from the Bolshevik revolution: “Comrade X deserves to live in the big house because of the sacrifices he/she has done for the rest of us”.

Every revolution at its core is the same. Every time.

It is a redistribution of power, from the people to the political elite. Or if you are more cynical, from the economic elite to the political elite.

It is funny how the tech barons support the far left. Do they really think they can survive the Jacobin Reign of Terror?

E4 Mafia '83-'87

Eventually, Robespierre was felled by the guillotine.

USMC Steve

If the rich pricks want special protection, they are free to hire their own, on their own dime. Otherwise, they don’t need it.


This plan coming from the same group of people who are opposed to privatized prisons and public employee police.

I seriously wonder how their heads don’t explode like the guy in Chappelle show skit with Clayton Bigsby.

Mike Gunns

As I recall, George Zimmerman was a “private cop.”




You recall incorrectly. Later he became a security guard but this was after his idiocy as a self appointed community watch.

Zimmerman was actually anti-police and made up lies about racist acts he claimed he witnessed during ride alongs that he never actually went on. All before the shooting.

This is why it is hilariously ironic that BLM uses him as a poster child for racist policing.


Private police forces are a very old concept. Currently there are more private security police and guards employed in the US than all law enforcement combined.

Formerly the DOD was the largest employer until after the death camp incident at Ft. Hood where politically active retirees were herded in to death camps under the false premises of free dental, vision and boiled cabbage back in ’07 by the private contractor mercenary army security force. Not long after that the NDAA made the ID checkers Federal Employees and it was all legal.

Crime tends to occur infrequently in rich neighborhoods so the point of this is pretty much a hand holding measure for their wealthy backers.

I do wonder who they are going to hire for 125k? That is one guy, minimum wage 24/7 365. I hear George Zimmerman is available. Omar Mateen OTOH is not.

Hack Stone

Whenever Hack Stone needs private security, there is no one that can beat Jared Stern of Prudential Associates in Rockville MD and of course, Thomas “Turd” Bolling of Ambassador Worldwide Protection Agency of Cordova TN. Those two have been working to find Elaine Ricci for the last six years, and by God, by the end of 2021, she will be in the embracing arms of her loved one again.


Hack you bring up a good point. Has anyone ever looked for Elaine Ricci’s loved ones? That might actually be where she is, home with them.


5JC, it may be the crux of the problem is no one loved Elaine Ricci but Elaine Ricci?


San Francisco has had this for years with their Patrol Special Police. Basically private cops with full police powers that are paid to patrol specific areas and paid by businesses and residents within that area. Territories can be passed on and inherited.

There was a Christian Slater movie about Patrol Specials called “Kuffs”.


It’s the Chief’s car!




College/High School Police…???


Where’s the short dicked seagull to weigh in with his whole year of law enforcement experience and his whole undergrad degree?

You disappointment me you intellectual midget.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Are you asking him to come over and whip his Empirical Evidence once again? 🤣🤣


(Queue up Devo “whip it” )


Again Mason does not let facts get in the way of his propaganda.

First, Atlanta did not defund the police…

It is a phrase, not a policy.

It is about reducing the role of the police by using other professionals to handle mental health, homelessness, some domestic issues, and drug addiction,

And Atlanta voted the proposal down.

So they didn’t even do that. There were no police layoffs, no pay cuts, and no diversion of funds to other programs. All this despite a budget shortfall due to reduced revenue from a Covid.

Crime rose nationwide, on average, due to increased unemployment, and fewer economic opportunity.

It also rose in towns and cities with no defund movements whatsoever.

And cities that did not pass any defund budget measures. Like Atlanta.


I give not a single fuck about “on average “. I care about here, my area, my hometown. You and your comrades who choose to live in liberal shitholes need to clean up YOUR crime rate. It’s just like that liberal progressive bumper sticker says. “Think Globally. Act Locally”.


Taking money away from police, who demonstrably do reduce crime, and wasting it elsewhere on things that demonstrably do not reduce crime, like “social workers”, is “defunding the police” . The Marxists who say “defund the police” want zero police. The Marxists who say “we don’t defund the police we move money elsewhere” want fewer police. Fewer police is a path to zero police. All part of making a place ungovernable so as to produce Marxist Revolution.

It’s like there are books one can read to understand Marxism, and escaped victims of Marxism that wrote books about it. There are even Marxists who write how-to manuals for Revolution.

Gee, whiz. Don’t need college to know useful stuff.

No city that defunded police reduced crime, other than perhaps in some numbers by allowing rioters to walk free instead of jailing them.

Those places are rapidly becoming wastelands. The productive flee. Do let us know if one works. I am not expecting anything from you except cooked books and blather.

Because your crap doesn’t work. Not that you will ever specify your specific crap.

Your problem, here, is that folks here are widely read, and widely experienced with the devastation of Marxism and it’s bastard retarded stepchildren. You can’t refute facts, your bullshit reeks, and you are about the third worst advocate for your concealed beliefs I have ever met.

You get owned by simple effort. Your rage-slapping of a recent TAH-Baby post just one example. You are lousy at being lousy, because rage.

You are not even good OPFOR, unable to coherently role-play, thus failing to provide any objectively useful lesson.

Your situation is self-inflicted. No one did it to you. Nothing was rigged against you. No one held you back. You did it to yourself, all of it, and your rage just recycles the process.

Grow up. seek help.


“If you like your [law enforcement] you get to keep you [law enforcement]“ — Komrade ‘Jerimiah Wright is a man of God’ Obummer. (Allegedly)

just lurkin

Lars seems to think everyone else here is as stupid and gullible as he is, it’s pathetic really.


The mayor secretly told me that she has been defunding the police for years. She said she took the money out of the corrections budget and spent it on social programs.

No, I lied. It wasn’t a secret.

She said exactly that in a press conference. You should show us numbers on what happened to tbe crime rate the last few years.