Army’s making some changes to the grooming standard

| December 30, 2020

From Task & Purpose via;

Senior Army leaders are discussing making long-awaited changes to hair and grooming regulations and they plan to announce the finalized changes in January 2021, Task & Purpose has learned.

The changes being discussed among Army leadership include allowing some women to wear ponytails in uniform and removing wording from the existing regulations found to be offensive or racist in an effort to “reflect the Army values and the Army’s commitment to diversity and inclusion,” according to slides obtained by Task & Purpose.

A series of recommendations were first presented earlier this month to a “review panel” made up of representatives from around the Army, including from Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), Army Forces Command (FORSCOM), Army Special Operations Command (USASOC), and the Army National Guard.

An Army official familiar with the panel said the majority of representatives were women.

The panel voted on the recommendations outlined in the slides; those recommendations have since been passed to Sgt. Maj. of the Army Michael Grinston who is expected to sign off on them, and then deliver them to Secretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy and Chief of Staff Gen. James McConville, for final approval. It’s unclear which of the changes will be finalized and implemented in the new year.

Grinston teased that changes were coming on Twitter last week, saying hair is “absolutely” something the team leading the Army’s Project Inclusion initiative were working on.

The recommendations were identified after a July directive from then-Secretary of Defense Mark Esper which ordered a review of hairstyle and grooming policies for racial bias.

Hair regulations are meant to reinforce uniformity in the military, but many women — specifically Black women — have said that the stringent regulations don’t take into account different textures and lengths of hair.

Raciss hair regulations.

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e9 Carrot Top: Front and Center, POST!!!

Your Power Point Briefing begins in 3,2,1.

Just remember the three B’s/s

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Are the Army three B’s the same as the NYPD three B’s meaning broads, booze and betting which were the downfall of many NYPD Officers as told to me by a former NYPD Officer who retired as soon as the infamous Knapp Commission started its investigations and he came to work for us until he hit 65.
Well hair today gone tomoro


My deputy chief back when I started at the PD gave his welcoming remarks the first week of recruit school. His message was, “the two things that have wrecked most police careers are Punch and Judy”.
Rest in Peace John.


The three army B’s that lead to the downfall of a career Booze, Buffets and Bimbos.


“Hair regulations are meant to reinforce uniformity in the military, but many women — specifically Black women — have said that the stringent regulations don’t take into account different textures and lengths of hair.”
Fine. Every one eats gruel (ie one standard to rule them all)
It’s f**king horsesh*t that chick warriors, especially this failed experiment making them Infantry, get to walk around with a ‘grapple handle’ on their heads already at an equipment deficiency. (Come at me, bro)
Don’t like a tapered hair cut, off the ears?
Don’t join the Army.
Don’t like doing pull ups and weighted ball throws?
Don’t join the Army.
Don’t like being treated equally (real equality, not the feelings-based equality)?
Just so we’re clear, my contention is we are being subverted and controlled by retarded commies that can only build their empire of sh*t on the ashes of this once great nation.


High-n-tight for all kinda solves the problem.


Will pre-op trannies get to wear ponytails? Asking for a non-binary, two-spirit, friend’s son who is considering enlisting.


Only if the don’t have a penis (yet). Otherwise they have to go with a man bun.


Oh, his plan is to eventually not have a penis, but only at taxpayer expense.

MI Ranger

So when does the true equality begin, instead of the capitulation? When do men start being aloud to keep their pony tails (aka grapple handles)?

When are people going to read all the regulations, and understand the reason for short hair? Don’t give your opponent any extra things to control you! No beard to grab, no hair to get a hold of! Only thing they can do with your head is avoid it when you headbutt them!


No “traveling companions” , either.

Sgt K

I think the beard thing has more to do with a pro-mask sealing on your face than having something to grab. I could be wrong.


I saw this coming right after the Army started allowing ponytails in PT uniform. First time I saw that, my NCO brain engaged into knife-hand-wielding WTF is this shit mode. Next up… female Soldiers allowed to wear earrings in uniform. And males raising hell because they can’t.


What’s the deal with the wear of boots? I see folks traveling through airports, shopping, etc, and no two have the same footwear, and all of it is scuffed and bashed. Not just junior EMs but senior NCOs.

No one cares? Or “care of footwear” not seen as important anymore?


Ummm, I was in during black shoe times, but aren’t the brown shoes non-polish?


(also Black boot era)

You can brush/clean/fix suede with a special wire brush.

You can wear the still- nice boots in garrison/travel. I had 2 pairs for field and 2 for garrison, because then I had two beaters for training, and two better ones for when balloon went up.


Yeah, new retro brown shoes are chlorfam plastic from the get-go… sorta icky looking.


Hmmph! “PT uniform”, eh? Wouldn’t want that Army “Combat” Uniform to get all sweaty, or those “combat” boots scuffed.

Whatever happened to “train like you fight”?


That only applies during battalion training briefings. Actually doing it would require exemptions from staff duty, post cleanup, gate guard, KP, EO and SHARP training, MEDPROS certs… ad nauseum


” staff duty, post cleanup, gate guard, KP, EO and SHARP training, MEDPROS certs… ad nauseum”

The true function of the Infantry.


Isn’t ‘Infantry’ Latin for ‘area beautification’?


FFS! Welp, won’t get the wasted time it took to read that entire article back. And, in the grand scheme of things, I don’t have that much time left.

Imma wid Roh-Dog in that I remember the good old days when YOU conformed to the Army (Military) not that the Army (Military) conformed to you. But, once again, we are being dictated to by a small % of the population. The purpose of the Military is to defend the Country, not to promote a social agenda, or pay for your education, or your lopoffmydicktomecty or an addadicktome.

When in the ever loving phuque are people gonna get off of this RAAAAYYYCCIIIS label for EVERYTHING? Especially in the Military? No one is forced to join the Military…And by Gawd they knew the job was dangerous when they took it, the pilgrims.


Add to it, the Army Regulation 670-1 is, has, and will forever be, open source information so anyone joining has not-a-damn excuse to not have: read the oath of enlistment, the contract, and associated ARs. If they took the ASVAB and scored more than a fraction, they has(sic) reading comprehension of at least a 6th grade level, ‘gain NO EXCUSE!


Slow Joe

At this pace, we will not have an Army by 2040, just a peace corp with stinking hippies.

If you can’t keep up with grooming standards, don’t join the Army. Why is this so hard to comprehend?


Equality???sounds to me like special treatment not equal treatment


Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner. Nailed it,

Prior Service

I’ve been wearing a high and tight, usually with flattop, since 1986–it is now the only thing I know how to cut. This is coming way too late for me.


It’s not mentioned but I think there’s a large “beard lobby” that is supporting changes to AR-670-1 as well.

The old rationale of “you can’t have a beard because your pro mask won’t seal” is a tough argument to make when it has literally been over 100 years since the US fought an enemy who used chemical weapons against us.

And now that bearded SEAL and SF “Oper8Rs” are the heroes of pop culture, it’s tougher to say “wearing a beard makes you a filthy undisciplined hippie, listening to Mick Jagger records and badmouthing your country.”

As a retiree (who was always pretty “baby faced” and could never successfully grow facial hair) I’m agnostic on beards myself. I don’t necessarily like the “bearded warrior” look but you only have to go back to the Indian Wars to see that there’s nothing ahistorical about soldiers with beards. And the Navy authorized beards as recently as the 1980’s for some crew members IIRC.


That isn’t true about chemical weapons. Terrorists weaponized chlorine tankers in Iraq. They just weren’t very effective.

ISIS also launched chemical weapon mortar attacks against US troops as well, they just sucked at it too.


I’ve deployed for the DOD (last in 17/18) – have to shave all facial hair to “get fitted with chem mask” . 90% of the folks – me included – grow beards when in AFGH..


The only guys downrange that I ever saw without facial hair were the ones who COULDN’T grow it.

Everyone else inthe battalion quit shaving as soon as they left Bagram. As I was stationed at the flagpole (the CJSOTF-A) I didn’t get such privileges but I can’t grow a credible beard anyway, so no harm no foul. 😀


Moustaches were the thing in my day. Beards just were not de rigour for manly men back then. You could have a moustache only if it was on your ID card, but of course you had to grow it first to get it on your ID card; Catch 22.

Hair is also unsanitary. Critters, boils, etc. love hair, facial or otherwise. Hair also complicates wound treatment. That is why when time is available you get shaved before surgery. The modern world has grown a bit complacent about sanitation with the advent of antibiotics and such.



Let men grow real mustaches, instead of those weak things which linger above their lips.

Think Civil War.


MG John Stevenson? That guy could have been a warrant officer.


I remember the progression… a mustache couldn’t go below the lower lip. Then below the corner of the mouth… then past a vertical from the corner of the mouth. Made smaller mouthed guys look like Hitler.


I met Robin Olds when I was like 5, it was like being in the presence of a deity.


Having the choice of only the Adolf or the mollestache is dispiriting.


I want to rock facial hair in the style of Charles De Rudio. (Google him)

Slow Joe

I would seriously consider full laser facial hair removal, but the technology is not there yet and hair removed with laser tends to regrow over time.


Why a Man Bun Makes You Better Than Everyone Else


War story alert. NWTC Alaska 1983 , had a trooper from the 82nd from Bragg in my squad. The conversation turned to personal appearance, i.e. haircuts , uniforms. The troop related a story of waiting for the post bus near Womack Army Hospital, and up walks a female soldier about 8 months pregnant, wearing a maternity uniform , with a cigarette’ hanging out of her mouth, all topped off by a Green Beret (obviously a support MOS in an SF Bn)…. True or not, certainly plausible. Be All You Can Be.


See, this is why I’m glad Soldiers don’t have fire missions/air support cued up whilst walking ‘round in the world like a vid’jah game.
The desire to call ‘Broken Arrow, expend all remaining rounds on my POS’ or some such woulda left me with a permanent facial tick.

That poor bastard…


But, you see, today she can be an 18-series MOS… progressives call that an achievement.

Green Thumb

Why do we even have a SGM of the Army anymore.

Those guys have been whiffing simple pitches for a while.

Dailey became a lackey and this clown is a turd.


Germans did it first and we’re having an attack of Euro-envy again…