And We Think Our Election Was Wierd?

| December 5, 2020

This is from the end of November, regarding the Venezuelan election and some strange thing that happened.

Thousands of voting machines were burned in Venezuela. The info is sketchy:

There is more at this BBC article link:

Apparently, it was a warehouse accident.

From the article:  The electoral council in Venezuela says a fire in its main warehouse near the capital, Caracas, has destroyed most of the voting machines held there.

Almost 50,000 voting machines and 582 computers used in the country’s elections went up in flames, electoral council chief Tibisay Lucena said.

She did not say if parliamentary elections due later this year could be affected by the loss of the machines. She also asked prosecutors to investigate the cause of the fire. – article

There is more at the link. It is odd, and almost seems deliberate: why now, when the date for the next election has not yet been set. Is this supposed to make the opposition leader Guaido look bad? Or is it meant to scare people away from voting?

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Fire, bleach bit, or hammer…Whatever it takes to get rid of any evidence. Or, keep telling the same lie over and over again until it is accepted for the truth. Or, the old tried and true, nothing to see here Citizen, move along.

You know, ol’ Bobby Lee made the comment in a letter to a friend about 1868/69, that if he’d of known that he would be living under the heel of such a despotic government, he’d rather have died with his sword in his hand. Wonder how many in Venezuela feel the same? More to the point, I wonder how many will be thinking that of the US in a few years.

For myself, I look forward to having a celebratory drink of mead from a cup made of the skulls of mine enemies. Failing that I will headbutt the hangman.


And the DNC is taking notes on “How To”

The Dead Man

Take it you didn’t see in Georgia where they got ballots tossed in a shredder, then tried to get a hardware shredder set up too then.

If the rumors about Dominion are even remotely true, they already took the notes to be fair.

Slow Joe

They are burning the evidence of how the Dems stole our Presidential election.


The only thing weird about our election was he way the MAGA base has gone off the deep end with baseless delusional nonsense and is turning on anyone that does not entertain their delusion..including Fox News, Tucker Carlson, fellow republicans and, even pro-Trump allies.

I knew Trump’s base had ,ore than its fair share of entitled whiners, but holy crap I have never seen a batting market where you can bet on an outcome after it happens being entirely propped up by a delusional cult.

And all this to satiate Trump’s wounded narcissism. Meanwhile he is taking tens of millions of dollars from the fight the steal funds for himself and his family. Grifting to the very end,

At my last count Trump’s lawyers have lost 35 of 36 cases. And the one they “won” is going nowhere because it has no hope of changing the results.

None of his lawyers are willing to claim in court that there was any systemic fraud. They are however willing to grift publicly for donations to pay themselves for “fighting he steal”.

The Dead Man

Literally spewing raw propaganda. Your court case count is off by the way.

Unironically you’re either a liar, or a paid liar at this point and I think your ban should be re-applied. You’re clearly not an honest actor.


“We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” – Joe Biden

“Don’t worry about the election, Trump’s not gonna win. I made fooking sure of that!”  – Dr. Eric Coomer VP of US Engineering for US Dominion Voting

“I don’t need you to get me elected; I need you once I’m elected.” – Joe Biden


“Systemic Fraud”. That should be your new TAH name.

It sings!

A Proud Infidel®™

Damn, you ARE one brainwashed lemming!


More Tales from the Hood… coming at ya direct from the UCB educated flunky himself.

A Proud Infidel®™

“Almost 50,000 voting machines and 582 computers used in the country’s elections went up in flames, electoral council chief Tibisay Lucena said.”

Much like how that busted pipe “magically” happened in one jurisdiction.