We’re pulling out of Somalia

| December 5, 2020


Both Jeff LPH 3 and the KoB have sent in this one, so I figured I better get at it. We’re finally leaving another place where we’ve been trying to force people to civilize.

Pentagon says ‘majority’ of US troops leaving Somalia

Pentagon officials announced Friday that the “majority” of U.S. troops stationed in Somalia will be removed from the Horn of Africa early next year.

The nearly 700 U.S. soldiers stationed in the East African country, will not necessarily be coming home, but rather posted in neighboring countries or other regions.

“The U.S. is not withdrawing or disengaging from Africa,” Pentagon officials said in a statement Friday afternoon.

“While a change in force posture, this action is not a change in U.S. policy,” the statement continued. “We will continue to degrade violent extremist organizations that could threaten our homeland while ensuring we maintain our strategic advantage in great power competition.”

More at the source; Fox News & Military Times

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Hack Stone

Anyone bringing back a Somalian War Bride? The commissary will have to start carrying goat.


They already do, the dependaspos (import model) protested the commissary and demanded a much lager halal section that was stocked and maintained by only Muslims.

Hack Stone

The commissaries seem to accommodate the needs of spouses from certain cultures, but how come Hack’s lovely bride Rosetta can’t get balut at the Andrews Commissary?


Bet she could get a genital mutilation kit there tho. I think they keep them right next to the pink Pampers Pull Ups. You can’t wait too long making sure that little girls are properly prepared for their proper place in Society. /s/

Just as in the rest of the Middle East, those tribes have been killing one another since Cain pick up that rock. Soon as we are far enough away, the Chinese Communists will move in. Everyone knows were are only there to continue the Slave Trade against the peace loving peoples of Somalia. Maybe we should send in an elected official from this country back to her home and she can build for them the utopia she has in mind for the people in her congressional district. You know, before some people, do something.

The largest continent on this globe with massive amounts of resources, and it is still, for the most part, in the stone age. Dem white debils and dey white privilege done kept us down. Dey de reason we starving…still!


Question in my mind is what are our allies doing with their troops?

Airborne Son may or may not have been in that Shiite-hole with some allied troops who may or may not have had some specialized training. Don’t want to leave friends holding the bag if we are not on the ground.

IMHO, all of the allied forces should pull out and let them just kill each other off, only pop them if they get outside their own playground (including the water). YMMV

Only Army Mom

It’s too much to hope that pulling ours out of there but keeping them in neighboring areas to contain their shenanigans to their playground is the point.

Without someone at the helm who will act decisively with lethal force, I fear we will be dumping metric tons of cash in all these places to buy their empty promises of good behavior. Then we’ll be dumping more metric tons of cash into the refugee camps filled with those fleeing the natural consequences of their societal mores, in effect enlarging the playground.

I do believe the Chinese will swoop into every void we leave. Part of me says, “let them”. The white devils will be looked back upon fondly compared to what the yellow scourge will do. Leopold II will be remembered benevolently in comparison.

Slow Joe

But, Leopold II never knew what was going on in the Congo Free State. It was his underlings who got out of hand, and feet. Leopoldine was a good chap, in his own mind.

Let’s just say that the current Belgian royal family are soooooo glad they are not direct descendants of Leopold, instead coming from his little brother, who had nothing to do with Congo.


Did someone say Congo?


Hack Stone

Hack was expecting/hoping it was this video.


The sure takes us back.


Timactual is grateful he was otherwise occupied that year and missed that show.

USMC Steve

You didn’t miss anything. I was there for three months and I really didn’t see much to salvage. Or worth salvaging. A photo of Somaliland is next to the definition of “failed state” in the dictionary.


“violent extremist organizations that could threaten our homeland”

Toyota makes a seagoing pickup truck now? Or is the fuel tank of the boat in that picture bigger than it looks?


Ah, Somalia… when you look up “Sh*thole” in the dictionary there’s a map of it.


Thank God for all the good that Trump has done for our troops. Leaving that shithole is something that should have been done years ago. All the other CINC’s have continued to let our troops languish in all sorts of places we do not belong.
Trump is bringing them home.
Myself, my DAV daughter and God knows how many others have been helped by by President Trump.
Six weeks after my pleading letter to him, my daughter was approved for 100% because of her CRPS, as a direct result of a serious training accident.
She so deserves it guys and gals. She’s my baby and to see her suffer with that for years now has really taken a serious toll on my emotions.
Six weeks, almost to the day…..
I don’t talk about it, because of the sensitive nature of VA claims, but I have to get this out as we deal with the after effects of this election…..