Phonies Among Us

| November 25, 2020

Rumor has it that the Stolen Valor cases are stacking up.  We have received ONE recent FOIA request from NPRC that was submitted back in April 2020.  We are still waiting for other FOIA results before that case is complete but hopefully, it is a sign of things to come.  We didn’t know if the NPRC was going to go through backlogs or have everyone resubmit.  Hard to draw conclusions with one result, but it is a sign of hope.

So, we have a couple of cases that need written up and presented here.  One later today and perhaps one for Friday or Monday, so please check back.    The one we will present later this morning is interesting.

In the meantime, just to wet your whistle – The FairField Sun Times writes about a local veterans group that discovered one of their own was fibbing about a Purple Heart.  They gathered on the street as they contemplated what to do.  They were flabbergasted.

VETERANS POST: Purple Heart Phony


With snow expected that afternoon, I suspected the veteran crew might not have shown up outside the coffee shop, but there they were, socially distanced around the sidewalk. And they were in the middle of a hot conversation when I stepped up.

The topic was a guy who had potentially faked his military history and worse, had claimed he was a Purple Heart recipient, this time right here at home.

“He’s in our VFW. We took him in.”

“He needs to be brought down, if he’s a liar.”

“So, do I make the call? I’ll be calling in a favor if I do.”

The group took a vote, going around the circle. It was 100% to find out once and for all if their fellow veteran was indeed a liar and a thief.

The main guy slid a phone out of his pocket, stabbed in a number, said a few words, listened and then hung up.

I can’t repeat here his exact angry words, but the summary was: Their friend and fellow veteran had lied. He hadn’t served where he’d claimed he had, hadn’t had the MOS he’d claimed he had, and he certainly had not earned a Purple Heart.

MOS is a code that identifies the job someone has in the military. This particular veteran had worked in supply at a small CONUS base. Unless he’d gotten a paper cut while stocking shelves, he’d never been wounded. Somewhere there was a faked DD-214.

I tossed my coffee cup in the trash and walked away, leaving the group to their collective misery while they explored just how they’d been taken in. I’d heard the story too many times. Veterans and those who’d never served claiming benefits, medals and admiration they never earned, enjoying a higher-level Priority Group at a Department of Veterans Affairs medical center, telling tall tales.

Eventually they get caught, like this phony just did, by people who pay attention to their gut feelings. The Stolen Valor Act would take it from there.

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It is a disheartening feeling when one realizes they were lied to if indeed this was the case.

I hate to rain on the parade, but I don’t think “The Stolen Valor Act will take it from there.”  Someone has to report it and someone in law enforcement or the DA’s office would have to see merit in the case to pursue it.  Maybe joining the VFW could be interpreted as something of value gained – perhaps there were other gains not mentioned in the article.

If you get wind of a phony, please do not throw your coffee in the trash out of disgust.  The phony will never know you performed this act and it’s a waste of a perfectly good cup of coffee.

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  1. NHSparky says:

    Sadly, DA’s or US attorneys almost never prosecute SV cases, at any level. Just not “sexy” enough and doesn’t boost their numbers.

    For every one you hear about, there are literally dozens, or hundreds, who are ignored.

    The pages on this website alone are replete with examples of that. Even when combined with other/additional illegal activity, the VA, prosecutors, and the media are pretty much in DILLIGAF mode.

    And they wonder why we hold them in such low esteem.

    • Retired Grunt says:

      I hate to tell you, we, and our sacrifice are just not “sexy” enough and we are not a big enough voting block to really affect much on the national political stage. If we were politicians wouldn’t be tripping over themselves to give away for free to people who have no vested interest in our nation, the benefits we were promised and fought so hard to earn. Just my humble opinion. Opinions are like certain orifices, everyone has one except Kim Da Turd.

  2. Slow Joe says:

    I can’t understand why people lie like that.

    I understand the ones who do it for money, they want steal from innocent people, but it seems there is a large percentage of fakers and embellishers, perhaps even the majority, who lie about their service for no apparent reason.

    Are they trying to feel better about themselves? Are they trying to belong to something greater than themselves?

    That’s why I always say the stolen valor and the UFO phenomena have the same psychological underpinnings. People lie. All the fuckin time. Don’t believe nothing at face value.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      They do it, Joe, because they get their worthless egos fed, sometimes fed a LOT.

      • Claw says:

        “sometimes fed a LOT.” of chili? like the Brown Stain?

      • Slow Joe says:

        Yes, but that’s the question.
        How can it feed their ego when it is not real?

        People normally feed their egos with petty powers, like being a low-level manager, supervisor, or buying a more expensive car than the neighbor, or whoever they feel they are competing against.

        But stolen valor ain’t about reality.
        They know very well they are lying, faking, or embellishing.

        How can lies feed anyone’s ego when lies are not real?

        I don’t understand the psychological profile of those that steal valor for other than economic gain.

    • STGCS SW/AW Retired says:

      Have you been to the VA lately full of SEALS, Snipers, Force Recon, Rangers and all kinds of special people – It is amazing how no one cooks, drove a truck, worked in a engine room, welded up stuff or chased turds .. I try not to speak to anyone while there at all better off for my Blood Pressure.

      • MarineDad61 says:

        STGCS SW/AW,
        Is it a stretch to suggest that the VA (for decades)
        has had liberal civilians manning the desks and phones
        that verify VA eligibility?

        It’s as if the VA has long ago taken on the
        county welfare tack…
        Approve now, verify later (or not).

  3. 5th/77th FA says:

    Mah trigga fingarh shore be damn am be damn a’twitchin’ to unload a Time on Target Fire Mission of the Hemisphere of Insults on a deserving phony baloney POS dirtbag. We look forward to the multitudes of FOIAs being released so we can spread the word on these bastards.

    Chipster, dust off the HoI, the guns are laid, the lanyards are pulled tight.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      There’s no one to aim at, Big Guy. Save it for when the bastardi gets named.

    • ChipNASA says:

      Ahem, it’s the day after Thanksgiving and I’m a few days behind on reading and this may have already been posted so be patient this afternoon as I catch up.
      The HoI is ALWAY ready to be deployed.
      I’ll be on the firing line shortly, I’m still trying to pull my pants up from the shitter, get my weapon, grab my magazines, realize they’re not loaded, I have no clips or speed loaders and just a loose can of ammo so, DAMN IT TAH, I’m snapping them fucking rounds in the mag as quickly with one had as possible…

      Besides, you fat fucks are probably still lounging on the sofa deciding what leftovers you’re going to attack next…


      • 5th/77th FA says:

        yepper, just polished off another bowl of chicken n dressing topped by chicken n dumplin’s…and a deviled egg. This was after a brace of cat headed biskets stuffed with hbh from earlier. fapfapfapfapfapfap

  4. 3/10/MED/b says:

    Miss you guys (and you, EX-PH2). Gotta climb the stairs out and talk to other vets. AW1Ed to me to put down the shovel.

    3/10/MED/b out;

  5. MarineDad61 says:

    Looking forward to it (all), Steve.
    Although the verifications, exposures, and webpages have slowed down,
    the phonies have not.

  6. Just An Old Dog says:

    I will say it again. Veterans groups need to STOP taking people in based on stories/documents the applicant’s provide.
    Applicants need to submit for their records and have them mailed to the organization and they need to be opened up in from of the officers and a copy made.

    • rgr769 says:

      The one organization I belong to, refuses to admit anyone without proof of service in one of the qualifying units. They all should do that. But I suspect many VFW and AL posts don’t want to refuse membership to anyone willing to pay the dues and participate.