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| November 24, 2020

Smith & Wesson Model 10

One intruder killed, one wounded in shooting during home invasion on Eleanor Street

One suspect was fatally shot and another was wounded in a home invasion Friday night on Eleanor Street, Baton Rouge Police said.

First responders received a call that several people had entered a
home around 7 p.m. in the 3700 block of Eleanor Street armed with handguns, according to a news release. The homeowner fired at the invaders and struck two suspects.

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Not a miscount, Delta Whiskies and Whiskettes; read the entire article here: The Advocate

“The history of liberty is the history of the limitations placed on the government.” — WOODROW WILSON

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Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

Four DRTs? That ought to brighten up WW’s day.

Wilted Willy

AMEN Brother!!!
A FGS Fourfer to start a beautiful Tuesday!!!

5th/77th FA

A fo’ fo’ bofor! Quad .50s. WW grinnin’ at the winnin’. The Boy be passing out Blue Ribbons at the range…The ones bottled by Pabst.

Far as I’m concerned Naw’Orlins can continue to self destruct and ALL of the hood rats can kill one another off. They think those Statues were offensive, punks should of been around or read up on the reign of terror that “The Beast” Butler brought down on them. LSU would change their mascot if they knew where the Louisiana Tigers originally came about. See Linky below. Good Night Major Wheat…wherever you are. And another Salute to my friend Justin Wilson! RIP

“That’s a real nice Wheel Gunz you gots there Mister. Would you sell it?”


MI Ranger

Well, that will be just perfect. LSU has to change its mascot because they fought in the confederate Army, just like all those Universities with Native American mascots like Illinois, Utah, Florida State. Next will be the University of Texas because their Song was inspired by a line from a Confederacy General or sounds similar to “the eyes of the south are upon you”, and it may have been introduced at a racist time at a forum that had racist connotations. Just like the Star Spangled Banner was written by a “racist” who wanted all those “treasonist black slaves” to get what they deserved for fighting against their masters before he went back to enslaving all of them and ensuring the were sent back to their masters for a good wupin’.
Next will be Walt Disney, because of their movie “Song of the South”, and we all know the mouse is not really black, he is just wearing “black face”! Plus he consorts with white supremacist Donald Duck, and has slaves (Pluto), but consorts with ex slaves (Goofy)!

If you can’t tell I am being sarcastic! All of these are examples of “woke” people who read something on the internet that was completely wrong in its origin and took offense about it, so now they need to destroy it to appease their Socialist masters. Why they couldn’t all just move to Australia like they promised the first time.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Nice looking S&W Mod. 10 .38 Bull barrel. I used one from 1970-9/11 and were then issued S&W Mod 4046’s .40 Cal. Nice bluing jobs on the wheel gun but the bluing wore off depending on how many times the gun was in and out of the holster which was all say long going into and out of customer stops. We used to tap on bank windows with the barrel after closing times so the bluing came off faster on that one spot. Used the 4046 until I retired in 2007 and heard that the company was changing over to one of the S&W M&P’s sometime after I left. Forgot to mention that before the bull barrel, S&W used pencil barrels on the Mod. 10.


I’s gotta feelzgood for ya man!
To’day on this date this article was posted on TAH

Carry on


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