Starship Troopers off USMC Commandant’s reading list

| October 22, 2020

I stood by while General Berger cut USMC flying squadron’s plane strength. I stood by when he got rid of all the Corps’ armor and much of its artillery. I can remain silent no longer!

Task and Purpose reports the Commandant’s reading list is out. Off the list is the classic military science fiction work Starship Troopers by US Navy veteran Robert Heinlein. On the list are several post-9/11 themed books, namely one written by Maximilian Uriarte (AKA Terminal Lance).

And, since the Corps is apparently less concerned about rank now;

Additionally, the new list does away with recommendations based on rank and instead sorts the books into categories that range from the profession of arms to innovation, leadership, strategy, and the commandant’s choice — which in this case is The Kill Chain by C. Brose.


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Why not Generation Kill… you know how kids don’t like to read and are glued to Hulu today?


Animal Farm and 1984 should be required reading.


Might want to add Soylent Green and Fahrenheit 451 to that list 2banana. Might not be a bad idea to suggest some chapters from that 2 part History of the World Book. You know, the one that King James printed a version of. Had a section testifying to old history and another that was a testament to newer history.


No, because they would be recognized as the current Democratic operations manual and we can’t have that.


I have had to read both Fahrenheit 451 and Animal Farm in High School as assigned reading for English. Of course Stafford, Virginia has a halfway decent school system compared to others as Stafford is pretty much a red county. 1984 is on my reading list. Shakespeare’s Macbeth was the assigned reading for my senior year.


Wait a second, the Marine Corp has a reading list of books without pictures you color in? Who knew?

Green Thumb

I did not think many Marines could read.


We can, we just don’t want to.


The night dad went to jail.

Slow Joe

Starship Troopers is sexist. All starship crews are female.