Battle at Arnhem – World War II

| October 7, 2020


This movie is “Theirs Was the Glory”, relating the WWII battle at Arnhem, with the British 1st Airborne Division.

It’s about an hour long, so grab a beverage and take a step back into those parts left out by Mr. Stern, my history teacher in high school.


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5th/77th FA

Tanks Ex…Got this one earmarked for this evening. I did a quick look see, was not aware this one was out there. I really need to get together with my Boy and figure out this whole, “watch on the big set what is on this little laptop thing.”


Makes A Bridge Too Far just a re-make with a bigger budget.


Early in the movie “A Bridge Too Far”, some British officers are standing in front of a wall map and one says something about “this airfield up here at Deelen could be a problem”. I got to spend a week at that airfield at Deelen (sp?)one time when our pilots were flying in a joint exercise with the Dutch air force.

5th/77th FA

Finally got thru it Mi’Lady, again Thanks for posting. It wasn’t slick and polished like a Hollyweird production and that made it so much better.