New York Speaks Out

| September 21, 2020

For less than 24 hours, an all-caps, block-length message painted in yellow contained the rage of New York City

Massive ‘F–k Cuomo and de Blasio’ mural painted on Brooklyn street

By Frank Miles

For nearly 24 hours this weekend, an all-caps, block-long message painted in yellow on a Brooklyn street contained the rage of New York City: “F–k Cuomo and de Blasio.”

The New York Post reported the shout-out to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio was created around 1 a.m. Saturday during an annual block party that also served as a “small business owner protest.”

“A few partygoers got the idea to paint in huge [letters, using] yellow paint with rollers on North 15th, ‘F–k Cuomo and de Blasio,’” an unidentified attendee said Sunday. “The party continued. Everyone took photos. It was a big hit. The crowds cheered, even the cops chuckled.”

The Department of Transportation covered the street art in black around 10 p.m. Saturday.

What, no sense of humor? Or just arrogant and thin skinned, decisions decisions…
Read the entire article here: Fox News

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  1. OldManchu says:


  2. Skippy says:

    My cousin lives in Long Island
    He works for a brokerage firm in the city
    He and his wife are finished with the circus
    That NYC and the state has become
    Sad to see a great place go to hell so quickly
    He’s says everyone is sick of it
    We’ll see in November what happens

    • USMC Steve says:

      I can tell you precisely what will happen. The socialist democrat sheeple of NY will vote for the exact same thing they have now. And then keep wondering why they are getting fucked at the cyclic rate. Because they are STUPID.

      AOC winning her primary is perfect proof of that. No interest, nor any sympathy for their difficulties, as they are massively self inflicted.

      • NHSparky says:

        Or worse, they’ll destroy everything in the places where they move to “escape” what they themselves created.

        Don’t believe me? Look at how the political landscape has changed in VT, NH, and ME over the last half-century. Ditto the CA transplants who have moved to AZ, OR, NM, UT, CO, and TX.

    • Sapper3307 says:

      They are buying houses in Vermont like hot cakes right now. Sight unseen and cash.

      • Roh-Dog says:

        And here in midlands of Connecticrap.
        It’s such a joy having the out-of-towners here… /huuge s

        No active plans to post checkpoints at this time, but rolling TCPs has been considered. (That’s a joke alphabet bois, no need to take it out on my dags)

        • USMC Steve says:

          Now, why would they bail out of NY just to go to another place pretty much identical?

          Just goes one more step further to prove they are stupid.

      • NHSparky says:

        On the bright side, it’s a seller’s market in NH as well. If I were to put my place on the market, I could probably get 10 percent over asking price by the time all is said and done.

  3. Sapper3307 says:

    Next time put small BLM logo’s on the larger letters and see if it gets covered up.

  4. Hack Stone says:


  5. Roh-Dog says:

    You ‘Yorkers know you can throw off the yoke, right?
    “Consent of the governed” and all that.
    Remember the IRA got armed and held the Kingdom at bey for decades.
    A Concerned Neighbor

  6. Ex-Ph2 says:

    Anyone who votes for a career politician needs to be smacked upside the head till his/her/its brains stop rattling.

    • Roh-Dog says:

      Or royalty like his high-anus King Cuomo.
      The most final straw was the Tappan Zee Bridge renaming FBFS.
      (FBFS is BS with two Infantry commas inserted)

  7. Deckie says:

    I see so many plates from NY here in Southwest CT it is amazing. Houses sell in days with people paying full asking price, no questions asked.

    Folks are fed up in NY and it’s showing. The left’s aim is to make all of America that way, and they’ll act amazed when the angry population strikes back at them. DiBlasio just a week or two back pretended to be surprised by the exodus and openly called for higher taxes to redistribute wealth… and idiots will still vote for him again. It never fails….

    • Dustoff says:

      So many NY plates? You should see NC. We are now an unofficial refugee camp for displaced Yankees. Of course they’ll bring their dumbass voting habits with them.” Yo, we’s buyin a house ova heya”

      • Deckie says:

        My town in CT has been solid red with Trump signs everywhere and a Republican mayor since 1994… low taxes and businesses flocking here, he’ll even the Housatonic River is loaded with boats flying TRUMP flags. Everyone is so optimistic!

        The New Yorkers better not friggin ruin it…

  8. E4 Mafia '83-'87 says:

    I lived in NJ and worked in NYC for 7 years (1989-1996) when I was single. I have many great memories, but me & my future wife moved to Florida. We have never looked back.
    Just for shits & giggles, I went on U-Haul’s site to see how much a 20′ truck going one-way from Tampa to Sayreville was then vice versa. $714 to NJ and $2,467 to FL. It shows the demand it get the hell outta there!!!

  9. gitarcarver says:

    I would think this would be a problem for the City.

    In that they allowed the huge letters of BLM on a street, but covered this one up, this would seem to be a First Amendment violation based on the content of the message.

    The government has no right approving one message and censoring another because they agree or disagree with the what is being said.

  10. The Other Whitey says:

    Now THAT is street art!

  11. I moved from NYS (Nasasu County) down to Florida back in 2007 and a few years ago due to the bad winters up north a lot of people who come here in the winter and then go back up north for the summer decided to sell their homes up north and stay all year round down here in Palm Beach County and most are real liberal democrats, and now due to what’s going on up there, these same peeps who want to get away from the high taxes and BS will move down here and vote the same democrat A-Holes that they fled from and changing the demographics into a liberal state.

  12. 5th/77th FA says:

    Wonder if them Injuns that sold that real estate for beads and such want to buy the place back now?

    Maybe USMC Steve will be proven wrong. The folks moving out are the ones that are tired of the crap and WILL NOT vote into office in their new homes the same type of career politicians. Somehow, I think the USMC Steve is correct and it will be just a rinse and repeat.

    FOB Elizabeth got listed with a Mz Thang Sales Agent today. I told her to forget advertising locally and run ads in Noo Yawk. Maybe I can get a bidding war going.

  13. John C. says:

    White flight is real. Us darkies cant leave, and dont really want to. We were tired of yall white asses anyway. Funnily enough that gentrified neighborhood is the one putting up fuck cuomo murals when They probably didnt even vote in the last decade.
    Tired of outsiders saying how nyc is, and lazy journalists like this one trying to rile people up. Take care of your own, we’ll take care of ours. Noone in NYC cares how live outside of it, why you gotta bother us?

    Name edited to protect PII.

    • Deckie says:

      NYC is a dump. Period.

      I’m guessing you voted for that and are happy living with less than you deserve.

    • Roh-Dog says:

      Can I still go into The City or is my NYC pass revoked because of my white skin?
      3 weeks ago I spent the day on 183rd and Grand with the family of a fallen friend of mine to dedicate the intersection in honor of SSG Santiago Frias. The patriarch was so red, white and blue-blooded American it wasn’t funny, he left the DR to the greatest country in the world to raise an amazing family.
      We spent the afternoon talking about his son and the state of this country.
      Needless to say, it was an emotional day.
      Now, back to you, you attention whore.
      I hate your hate. It’s abhorrent. It’s ugly. It’s beneath the status of being American, let alone human.
      Yet, I can’t blame you for airing out for all of these good people to see. We are a relatively tolerant bunch of a’many stripe and shape.

      But I will personally not take your bullshit.

      Welcome to TAH.

      • Deckie says:

        Doubt he’ll be back…. I think he forgot the keystrokes necessary to get back to this site since that rant…

  14. HtC says:

    I live in NY state. Used to live in the city. Feelings are mixed on Cuomo, but everyone I know, Democrat, Republican, and even far-lefty types, would agree with this mural’s take on de Blasio. Some with even more colorful language.