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| August 28, 2020

6-8 foot mako shark nearing swim call

This should be the new recruiting motto for the US Coast Guard. The crew of USCGC Kimball were taking a well earned break. The skipper had rewarded them with a swim call, where everyone jumps into the ocean and it’s party time. I understand for those nautically inclined service members this is a big deal. Us Zoomies just went to the pool every day if we wanted, but we had to leave our air conditioned offices 😉

Maritime Law Enforcement Specialist First Class Cintron was on overwatch, on the lookout for sharks. He spotted the 6-8 foot mako shark headed toward the frolicking Coasties. The way the Facebook post from the ship tells it, even their animal-loving chief yelled “Shoot it!”

Cintron opened fire, turning the shark away. It came back around, so he kept shooting at it in short bursts. His accurate fire, important as he was shooting danger close to his shipmates, kept the shark distracted long enough for them to get the men and women out of the water.

Only one person was injured in the day’s excitement. The injury was a scrape to the middle of a knee as they scrambled aboard the cutter. The cut is in middle of a tattoo. That tattoo is a set of open shark teeth.

The crew of the cutter do not believe the shark was injured. Here’s video of the encounter.

Source; USCGC Kimball Facebook and Task & Purpose

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  1. Ex-PH2 says:

    Hay, that mako just wanted to party, too! It’s lonely out there in the Big Ocean!

  2. 5th/77th FA says:

    Thank God the Unicorn was safe. Isn’t the Unicorn also used as a cotton candy machine?

    Cool video!

  3. When we had swim call in the Carib, one of the motor whaleboats would be standing by with one of the BM’s had his knife tied around a “bow” hook on shark/barracuda watch.

  4. George V says:

    My 3rd class NROTC summer training in 1970 was on the USS Joseph P. Kennedy (DD-850). When we got into the Med swim call was announced one day. Shark watch was posted and up on the signal bridge an M-1 was handed to the Commodore of the destroyer group for which the Kennedy was flagship. A large tin can was tossed into the water for the Commodore’s pleasure and he quickly ripped off a couple of clips. Looked like every round hit – the man had skills.

    So, into the water went all of us not on duty. I got about 50 yards from the ship when a fin broke the water about 20 feet away. Not thinking that it was shaped more like a porpoise fin, I think I covered that 50 yards back to the ship with only my hands and toes touching the water.

    Good times….

  5. Hack Stone says:

    Once again, another example of Great White Privilege. Waiting on the mainstream media to label him a Great White Supremacist.

  6. Ex-PH2 says:


  7. Hack Stone says:

    If they called in air support from an aircraft carrier, would it be The Sharks verses The Jets?