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| July 12, 2020


Due to unforeseen circumstances, today’s FGS has been delayed.

Questions remain after grand jury fails to return an indictment in high-profile killing on Vinalhaven
Bangor Daily News

Three armed men attempt home invasion on a gun collector, but the homeowner is ready
The Blaze

“Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the act of depriving a whole nation of arms, as the blackest.”— Mahatma Gandhi

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Everybody needs an AR whatever.
Bought an Armalite M-15A2 Carbine ten years ago.
Rear stock as above with bayonet lug.
It was the old carry handle type that forced me
to buy it for “Vietnam Times” sake.
NIB, unfired, it was tragically lost while Mackrel fishing.

5th/77th FA

Should never use the chainsaw attachment to cut the ice hole for fishing while it’s still attached to the bayonet lug, ‘beans.

Did anyone ever “carry” their M16 by that “carry handle”? I musta missed that block of instruction.


“Did anyone ever “carry” their M16 by that “carry handle”?”

Hell yeah. That picadilly rail system though left
it way behind. I might have seen an accessory handle
that attatched to the modern rail system but maybe I
was just dreaming that.


No dream, had to ditch mine to put an EOTech on it. Things aren’t cheap either because they incorporate the A2 rear sight on them.

MI Ranger

Did you mean: the rifle NIB was tragically lost, while you were off ice fishing. Or that you tragically lost it while ice fishing…which than it would no longer be New In the Box still?
Just trying to be sure I know where to look!


I picked it up at the UPS store in Bangor on my way to Hampden Marina
where a friend and I motored down the Penobscot in his Boston Whaler.
Tide was coming in so we throttled out to just east of Ilseboro were
the Mackrel run. Did not want to leave the weapon in the truck so I
took it with me.

The wind took us toward Lincolnville beach as we were not paying
attention and we fouled some Lobster traps. While trying to untangle
the mess we spotted some boats from the shore heading towards us at
a very high rate of speed. My friend yelled “hang on” as he cut the
lines and went full throttle. The unopened, unfired, NIB AR went
flying past me and into the water. It was unfortunate but our escape
from the angry Lobsermen was worth more than becoming chum on the water.

The trip back up the Penobscot was a horror show as well because the tide
was going out and all kinds of debris like whole trees were coming at us.
I saw submerged logs passing under the hull. One tree caught my friend by his
right leg and I grabbed him as it tried to pull him overboard.
It just kept pulling on his leg just like I’m pulling yours now.

Thanks for asking though.

5th/77th FA

There are some legs up yonder I wouldn’t mind pulling. If gunz had floatation devices like those Ms Thangs have, they could stand a better chance of surviving fishing trips…across lake flooded quicksand bogs…in leaky boats…during a hurrinado/tornacane.

Here’s a working linky to the Bangor Story. ‘Pears to be a “they said, he can’t say, he’s dead Jim case”?


Even the grand jury won’t mess with
“Island Law”


An needs to be in plural form.


That looks a lot like my Sig M400. Sweet rifle.


Bought a (singular) M400 at Walmart before they caved.
It is indeed a sweet rifle with a faster twist
than the Armalite lost at sea.


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Same basic rifle as the originals of 1960. Minor cosmetic changes and slight function adjustments. Ammo slightly altered.

Sixty years ago. Same rifle.

Assuming the eventual refit to 6.8mm, these rifles may be in service over a century.


The first AR I ever owned was an early 80s Bushmaster XM-15 made at the old Windham factory. I only bought one factory rifle after it. The rest I put together myself…before that unfortunate earthquake that swallowed my gun room.