“Former Navy SEAL” and “Head of SWAT Team” Brandishes a Gun – Now Faces Charges

| July 5, 2020

Several news outlets – including The Sun (UK) and the New York Post (US) – report that a man brandished a firearm in a dispute.

‘Ex-Navy SEAL’ brandishes gun at Black homeowner and calls him ‘n-word’ after accusing him of stealing his own mail

A WHITE realtor has been charged after he went on a racist rant and pulled a gun on a Black man in front of his home, accusing him of stealing a flyer from his own mailbox.

The realtor, 58-year-old Joseph Max Fucheck, who identified himself as a former Navy SEAL in recorded footage of the altercation, had reportedly been leaving flyers for his business in mailboxes in the Miami neighborhood on June 14.

After the victim, Dwayne Wynn, went to his mailbox to grab the flyer, Fucheck reportedly drove his car back to where Wynn was standing with a neighbor and demanded the advertisement back, accusing Wynn of stealing it from someone else’s mailbox.

When Wynn tried to tell the man that it was his mailbox, Fucheck reportedly pulled a gun and began yelling racist remarks at Wynn.

The victim started recording the incident after that. Fucheck can be heard saying: “That’s not your property, motherf***er!”

He also shouted:”This is why you people get shot.”


White Florida man accused of pulling gun on black homeowner, using racial slurs

A white Florida man is facing felony hate crime charges after allegedly pulling a gun on a black homeowner during a slur-filled rant, according to a report.

Homeowner Dwayne Wynn was speaking with a neighbor on June 14 when Joseph Max Fucheck pulled up in a red Jeep Cherokee and put a real estate flyer in Wynn’s mailbox, in Miami’s Little River neighborhood, the Miami Herald reported.

Wynn walked over and removed the flyer, at which point Fucheck returned, the Herald said, got out of the Jeep — and accused Wynn of stealing the flyer from someone else’s mailbox.

“You’re a motherf—ing nosy neighbor,” Fucheck allegedly yelled. “No wonder why you have people like you getting shot because you act stupid.”

“Damn right I carry a motherf—ing gun,” he added. “I’m a 35-year-old Navy SEAL, head of the SWAT team in Hillsborough County.”

Fucheck then sped off, allegedly using the N-word before leaving.

Military Phony checked the BUD/S-SEAL database and Fucheck is not listed as having been to BUD/S or having served as a Navy SEAL.  Fuckeck’s military records have been requested – if they exist – since there was no service listed in the DoD Manpower Data Center / SCRA.  It does not mean he didn’t serve, just that he is not listed.  Official military records or a statement from the appropriate curator of Fucheck’s records will offer better confirmation.

We will post the findings when they are available.

For now, he is facing charges and one would think it is easy enough to check his claim of heading up the SWAT team for Hillsborough.

Apparently, he also claims to have a Purple Heart and it seems like he is offering proof of that on his license tags.  Listen to the 50 second mark of this video.

And here is the latest photo of Fucheck before the judge.

At least he is practicing proper COVID-19 procedures by wearing a face mask.

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John Seabee

Scum sucking, bottom feeding bastard is more like his true calling… JMO.

Slow Joe

OMG, I am so uneducated…

Doing research for a paper due next week, I just found out the FBI’s John Edgar Hoover and President Herbert Hoover were not related.

I mean, come on. They have the same last name!


But Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his wife Eleanor Roosevelt (nee Roosevelt) WERE related.

Comm Center Rat

No wonder Eleanor was a lesbian.


With a mug like that it is no wonder she had some lesbianese propensities.

5th/77th FA

And neither one of them invented the Hoover Vacuum Cleaner either. Or formed the Hoover Company.

But on the other hand this guy Joseph Max Fucheck does suck, so there is that.


Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

I’m glad I scrolled down and caught your comment because right after I read Slow Joe’s comment I was going to do the vacuum cleaner line. Got on the PC too late so I’ll just sweep down and read all of the comments.


Isn’t the face mask supposed to cover the nose, too? That would certainly reduce the distasteful appearance of the fellow in the orange shirt.

John Seabee

He likely needs to have the mask there so he can pick the Fumunda better. JMO.

A Proud Infidel®™

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes, now the dumbass Rambo-wannabe fuckstick made himself a poster boy for BLM propaganda!


No doubt. A whole new level of stupid. And if his expensive-ass attorney doesn’t get that “F Level” charge downgraded, his days of slappin’ leather are over. Just like that, game over.


From what’s posted below, he already appears to have a felony conviction. So getting this one plea-bargained down might not get him out of hot water re: Federal and/or state felon in possession charges.


Florida man strikes again… gotta be something in the soil/water/air in that neck of the woods.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66 A Gang Snipe

HMCS ret

That’s why I have a water purifier under my sink down here in Palm Beach County. to bad it isn’t Monday where we could have a phony Seal.


I wonder if he’s bragging back on the cell block that he’s the “SWAT commander”? Bubba, Tyron and Julio would like to “entertain” him, I’m sure.


Gonna go ahead and completely doubt all of his claims. Never served and was never a cop.


“I’m a 35-year-old Navy SEAL, head of the SWAT team in Hillsborough County.”

What he actually said:

“I’m a 35-year-old who worked at Old Navy and once sold Sealy mattresses and head of the SWATch team at Hillsborough County Interior Design store.” /s

Most 35 year old guys (especially if they were a former Navy SEAL) are more in shape than Max “I done Fu’ed up-Check it out”. It appears he swallowed a baby seal…..whole.

comment image


Note in the close-up of the hand with the gun, he is holding it updier upside down. Must be the Florida version of the thug sideways hold.




That’s the “pasty white old school gangsta” grip he’s using…

MI Ranger

That particular shot (photo) is from behind (note the lack of buttons or seem on the shirt).
Is it just me or does the magazine well appear to be well defined (aka empty) in that photo?


Cann’t tell on the phone. I eas going off what appeared to be his thumb on the body side of the gun, the creases on the shorts which appear to be front-side sitting creases, and the visible watch band. In the booking photo I seen no bracelet tan line on his right wrist but I do on his left. Hard to tell on a small screen.

Hack Stone

Is he facing additional federal charges for misuse of a mailbox?



You would think a realtor would know sticking flyers in a mailbox is a big no-no.


And really, why would he give two shits if someone took the flyer from another mailbox. At least then SOMEONE is reading it!


Additional federal charges could be brought up (if needed). According to Retired USPS Postmaster Mrs. Claw, only a USPS Mail Letter Carrier is allowed to place items in a mailbox.

Real Estate Property Flyers are a NO-GO at this station./s

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

The way he was holding the gun upside down was that he may have had the gun in the car and just reached in to grab it. was he a prior felon like the news said???


Looks like he got probation:

Fucheck - Felony


Pretty sure that, barring a later pardon or some form of record expungement, the conviction noted above make him a felon under Federal law. See


The actual sentence received doesn’t appear to matter; the maximum potential sentence for the crime for which the individual was convicted is what defines a felony under Federal law. And in Florida, 3rd degree grand theft appears to have a maximum sentence of up to 5 years.



He really should change his name to FUCKEDUP.


Whiz Wheel®™ (FRPR) score of 408 for this so-called “35-Year SEAL”.


Wow took you guys a good 5 days to post this. Guess few you running this site thought it was better to show black folks beating on white folks.


Hack Stone

Not only that, but they failed to post a thread on the assault against Althea Bernstein last week in Madison Wisconsin, because nobody has ever staged a fake racial attack.



If you’re dissatisfied with the service you receive here, you are free to take your business somewhere more suitable to your needs.

Thank you for your support.

Hack Stone

He (she?) can always start his (her?) own blog posting videos of what people randomly assaulting minorities. Should be able to find two, maybe three stories a month.

Slow Joe

With 2.5 of the stories being fake.


“C2Show – that is an incorrect assumption.”

C2Show’s just following the Lar’s path to Internet fame. If you take away all the incorrect assumptions, there won’t be any left…


He claims a Purple Heart, too..
and has the license plate (which is his proof ?!?!?).
Phony Purple Heart ramps this up to official Stolen Valor territory.

Can’t wait for the page… 🙂


Florida requires proof from the Federal Government that the person received a Purple Heart before getting a license plate with the Purple Heart on it.

See: https://www.flhsmv.gov/pdf/forms/83034.pdf

If he faked that documentation, there doesn’t seem to be a penalty for it. Florida’s Stolen Valor law doesn’t appear to cover this as it requires the wearing of the uniform or medal – not just saying you were awarded it. (Federal law covers faking federal documents, as I remember.)

Still, no matter what, the guy is a scumbag.

There is another matter which is not being commented upon as well:

18 U.S. Code § 1725. Postage unpaid on deposited mail matter

Whoever knowingly and willfully deposits any mailable matter such as statements of accounts, circulars, sale bills, or other like matter, on which no postage has been paid, in any letter box established, approved, or accepted by the Postal Service for the receipt or delivery of mail matter on any mail route with intent to avoid payment of lawful postage thereon, shall for each such offense be fined under this title.



Comm Center Rat

Fucheck is FUBAR!



Ex Coelis

Don Shipley material(in this guy’s case, when Don is REALLY bored)…


That would make for a really good live video phone call
right about now.
Get the guy while he’s pissed off….
just after making claims.


Ex Coelis….
I checked Don’s site…
He had Fucheck pegged a few years ago.
When he went to Florida to meet Dan Bernath,
he was set to nail Fucheck on the SAME TRIP…
but Fucheck apparently eluded him.

Now racism. And a gun. By a convicted FELON.
Who thinks Stolen Valor is harmless fun now???

A Proud Infidel®™

Once again it appears to be the rancid cherry atop a chickenshit Sundae, I wonder what other issues he has?


Fucheck is Bernath,
but without the flying and legal skills.
Therefore, unlike Bernath,
he’s alive, and in jail.
Both fit the phrase…..
Idiot Savant, without the savant.


What “legal skills” would those be? Cuz after my multiple reviews of the Lawn Dart’s legal work, I haven’t seen anything I would call skillful. Also, if success (winning) in litigation counts, Danny Boy was a total failure.


Check yer sarcasm detector, rgr769. I think the indicator may be stuck on “0”. (smile)

Hack Stone

You can bundle your Sarcasm Recognition Software with the Y3K and save 13% by using the promo code “Spandex” when you visit the website for the proud but humble woman owned business formerly located in Bethesda Maryland.


I can’t control my laughter when reading ANYTHING to do with Bernasty..
Failure at everything in life…

Inbred Redneck

What a winner. Had a nurse tell me that where she works, the sayin’ is that wearin’ a mask without it coverin’ your nose is like havin’ your penis hangin’ out of your skivvies.
Then again, she’s from San Franfreako, so those of all sexes are probably lookin’ for that kind of stuff.


In San Fransicko, there are gay men walking around naked several times ever year. If you want to see how perverted people are in that city, google “zombietime” and peruse his photos of the Folsom Street Fair held every year.


No matter what other credentials he has, he is most certainy at least a Level 5 Fucktard, and needs to be incarcerated for a while.

USMCMSgt (Ret)

Joseph Max “Fuckcheck” Fucheck.

He should be Google-famous by now.


[…] we posted in regard to Joseph Maximilan Fucheck of North Miami Beach Florida who went on a rant captured on […]

Green Thumb

If Phildo had a brother…