Boomer’s Sunday

| July 5, 2020

It’s time once again, Delta Whiskies and Whiskettes, for Boomer’s Sunday, where I cull through his weekly offering of ‘toons, and pick the best. Honorable Mention goes to my pals Gerhart, Woke Infidel, AW1 Scott, AW1 Rod, and our own Cameron, Skippy, HMCS(FMF) ret, Poetrooper, Mason, Jeff LPH 3 63-66, thebesig, Keepin’ It Real, and Ex, who also have provided some entertainment. These are mostly from the right, with humor scattered around. I am more than willing to post up differing points of view if they don’t annoy me. Now what could be fairer than that? So here we are, with the ‘toons that may amuse, make you think, or just piss you off.

Category: Guest Link, Humor, Satire

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  1. 5th/77th FA says:

    I am the 3rd Monkey and no, I don’t want an umbrella, but you can handle some reloading for me. Oh, and hand me that hatchet, this looks like a good spot for a porthole!

    Tanks Mateys, another good mix for the morning!

    • David says:

      If you reload and are not already actively turning components into ammo, you’re like the folks who say “if it gets bad I’ll buy a gun then.”

  2. Retired Grunt says:

    Where did that Antifa quote come from?

  3. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    And in other news, it’s been announced that tranny fluid will now be known as “Gender Neutral Shift Fluid”.

  4. USAFRetired says:

    Col Cooper looks a lot younger in that photo then when I met him in 1992.

  5. Skippy says:

    Sunday is s here thank god

  6. gitarcarver says:

    Also, for the record, the meme about the two Baltimore Corrections Officers that were caught looting in the city happened five years ago.

    It is not current.

    That doesn’t make what they did right, but it is slightly out of context for the events of this year.

    That was during the Freddie Gray riots and both “people” were dismissed from the force as they should have been.

  7. Hack Stone says:

    That’s not Ben Franklin on top of Philadelphia City Hall, it is William Penn.

  8. MI Ranger says:

    Man that kid in the “liberal Teacher” photo looks familiar…oh wait except for the shirt (mine was blue) it would be my first grade picture!!!