Foreign Interference? No, really?

| June 26, 2020

Map of Pag-asa Island – China claims it as property

Another article has shown up re: organized interference, possibly by China, to spur on the violent protests earlier this month and in May, and the demands to take down statues of former presidents.

From the article:  The FBI is “looking carefully” at the possibility that foreign actors are influencing the sometimes-violent nationwide protests in the wake of George Floyd’s in-custody death, FBI Director Christopher Wray exclusively told Fox News’ Bret Baier on Wednesday.

Also in the interview, Wray declined to directly answer whether he was personally “responsible for holding back from Congress” relevant materials concerning key documents, including some relating to former national security adviser Michael Flynn. The Daily Caller has reported, citing a source, that Wray was involved in withholding exculpatory evidence in Flynn’s case. = article.

The rest of it is at the link. Foreign influence, especially from Communist countries, has been going on since the Bolsheviks overthrew the Mensheviks  and Stalin ruled the roost. It isn’t something. A while back, I said very plainly that the NKVD  (precursor to the KGB)  recruited Hemingway, a noted and popular writer, to write propaganda for their US publications.  However, the idea that China is responsible for all this  current violence and destruction seems like a stretch. Ruining a trade relationship with a huge source of revenue won’t do anything to enrich the trading partner. If politics do not allow innovation, then there is no progress.  China stopped making progress in new ideas and new technology long, long ago. That the Chinese steal our ides and intellectual property is nothing new. However, if you stomp your cash source into the ground politically, you end up with no cash, and the Chinese government likes cash.

While the FBI’s investigations may lead to some valid information about how the Chinese are trying to snooker us financially, it’s more likely that the disturbances we are seeing are being financed by an entirely different source.  The activities we’ve been seeing are too much like something that happened elsewhere, under someone who really knew how to manipulate young people into being stooges for The Cause. It does not help that the media act as stooges for The Cause, whatever that is.

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  1. Skippy says:

    Absolutely no surprise here
    China has there fingerprints all over our media industry movies – books – music and da news
    Thank you Democrats and Republicans
    For selling us out

    • Anonymous says:

      Chicoms snapped up LeBron and the NBA right quick– you can bet they got a buttload more.

  2. CM says:

    We need to hammer and destroy them now. They are guilty of stealing billions (probably trillions) from us in tech and intellectual property, are behind a bioweapon, have spies infiltrated in all our infrastructure, use fentanyl to kill Americans, have done everything in their power to kill Americans and I am convinced they are behind the ship crashes in the south Pacific by using some type of GPS jamming tech to ram boats together. Not to mention they (literally) ram boats constantly in that region.

    What does it take to see them as a country attacking us in a total war scenario. If we don’t destroy them now then it will not look good in about 20 years (less probably). Need to crush them now. No occupation, no anything outside of bombing them back to the stone age, destroying all their bases and crippling their economy. Anything less will set the world on a very bad future path. Anyone working with or conspiring with them should be immediately killed.

    • 5th/77th FA says:

      Testify CM! I trust those bastards about as far as I can throw a 12 pounder Napoleon. I trust George Soros and his minions even less. There is too much evidence, finally, coming out of collusion between the Chinese Communists and members of our own elected grubmint.

      The Chinese Communists have plenty of money. Their stated long term view is still world domination and they are biding their time and doing the whole “death by a thousand cuts” thing. Some of our dear readers served with/know of/read the works of Ralph Peters. I never met the man and have only read 2 of his tomes. One was 20-25+-(?) years ago and was titled War in 2020 IIRC. The overall political climate and the wars/rumors of wars worldwide was very similar to what we see today.

      Read a little blurb in an American Legion or maybe War History magazine the other night. The article made mention of how many vehicles of war we produced for WWII. The numbers were staggering; 300K aircraft, 80K tanks 10s of K wheeled vehicles, the list went one. Forget the number given for stuff that floated. Could we gear up to repeat that feat again? I doubt it. We have as many useful idiot domestic enemies now as we have foreign enemies.

      Eternal Vigilance!

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      You guys didn’t really read that, did you? China is grabbing cash wherever it can get it, and land rights, too, but funding for BLM riots?

      That’s not what they’re after. They don’t give a crap about what goes on here. What they give a crap about is cash and whatever IP they can steal from us.

      You have all been bitching and moaning for months now about Soros funding all those pre-election events, e.g., parades and demonstrations, and even the climate change ninnyhammer protests.

      So when is it going to sink in that he’s the most likely source of cash for these rioters to get a head start on what they did, and will continue to do unless they are stopped?

      • 5th/77th FA says:

        Oh I read it all right, M’Lady and I agree that Soros bucks is buying a lot of the BLM and other domestic terrorists time and effort. However, I also believe that the Chinese Communist are spreading their monies here and there also. They have plenty to spread around and a lot of the BLM Manifesto is straight out of Mao’s little red book.

        With the millions that it is reputed that the ChiComs sent to Gropingjoe/Skerry/klintoon et al who is to say that some of those funds didn’t end up with the BLM/antifa crowd. ChiCom Soros BLM antifa AND the demonrats all have the same goal…The destruction of the American Republic.

        I’m not mad cause my ancestors were indentured, persecuted, and driven to American. I’m glad it happened, made me get born in the Greatest Country in the World. These sissy punks should have served under SFC Sledge, he’d of set them straight.

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        Yeah, but they can get that crap from the classes they take in school, too, KoB, and the methods they are using are too close to the early days of Hitler’s intention to grab the German government. Why else would a nincompoop like Hawk Newsome, a Black Lives Matter leader in that other blog post, come up with Kristallnacht?

        If it were the Chinese financing it, there ought not to be any reference to anything involving the Nazis. Call it a clue, OK?

        • 5th/77th FA says:

          Agree. I’m thinking too, that the ChiCom $ may be a more indirect type funding. But then, too, Hunter and Skerry’s or Pigolosi’s young’uns may not want to share the wealth that they have squirreled away. Either way, ChiCom and Soros, and the Russkies along with the mooselems all have stated their desire to destroy us.

          Odd that 2 of those groups we saved their azz in WWII and the other group (mooslems) we developed their primary resource and have protected it/marketed it for decades.

          Be curious to know how much “foreign aid” has been spent on those three since say about 1920.

  3. 11B-Mailclerk says:

    And “useful idiots” , here in the USA, have no problem giving aid and comfort to hostile foreign powers, as long as they get help tearing down our Free society so they can replace it with yet another “we can try harder and get it right” Marxist dystopia.

  4. Anonymous says:

    All China wants is peace– a little piece of Taiwan, a little piece of ‘Nam, a little piece of Singapore and the Philippines perchance!