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| June 21, 2020

Red Flag Law “Bait-And-Switch” coming to a State Near You

Grand jury: February shooting near Yellow Springs self-defense

by Joshua Richardson
XENIA, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) — A grand jury voted this week not to charge a Greene County man in a fatal shooting in February, determining the incident was in self-defense of himself and his wife.

Greene County Prosecutor Stephen K. Haller said that an investigation into the Feb. 12, 2020, incident at 3443 Grinnell Road near Yellow Springs included the Greene County Sheriff’s Office, the Ohio Bureau of Investigation, with help from the Greene County Prosecutor’s Office, Cedarville, police and authorities in North Carolina and Texas.

Deputies say in February that Robert Lindsey Duncan acted in self-defense and in the defense of his wife, Molly, when he fatally shot his ex-wife, Cheryl Sanders and her husband, Robert Reed Sanders.

Haler said investigators determined the Sanders’ had planned an assault against Duncan and his wife. Both had been armed at the time. The attack, Haller said, took place at the entrance of the Duncan residence.

Haller said Sanders and her current spouse had driven from their home in North Carolina to Ohio with the intent to kill both Robert and Molly Duncan.

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Read the rest here: Dayton 24/7

Man stabbed by ex-girlfriend he allegedly tried to drown
Mill Creek police found the woman injured and soaking wet. She had nearly been killed, she said.

By Zachariah Bryan
MILL CREEK — A man is being investigated for attempted murder after he allegedly tried last Saturday to drown his ex-girlfriend — and stopped when she stabbed him in self-defense.

Mill Creek police responded around 4:30 a.m. to reports of an assault with a weapon in the 3400 block of 132nd Street Southeast. They arrived at a Shell gas station and found a woman soaking wet, bleeding from two of her fingers, and with black eye and a swollen cheek.

She reported that her ex-boyfriend, 39, who is homeless, tried to kill her.

According to the woman, she went to the man’s shelter to talk, a few blocks from the gas station. When she tried to leave, he wouldn’t let her, according to her account. He allegedly tackled her and tried to drown her in a puddle. She said she fought back, then he choked her. The woman told police she thought she was going to die. She said she used a knife that she had found in his tent to stab him under the left arm.

He reportedly struck her in the face. He tried grabbing the knife, but she held on tight, to the point that she cut herself, she told police. He ran off.

Police found the man nearby in a field, near a makeshift shelter. He was crawling and could barely move. He told officers he couldn’t breathe. The officers treated his injuries.

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Read the rest here: Herald Net

UPDATE Philadelphia Gun Store Owner Shoots Two Burglary Suspects, Kills One

By Mark Ehlen
Four men broke into the building, housing a south Philadelphia gun store a bit after 4:00 AM. What they didn’t know was that the owner, concerned about the recent riots and a previous break-in attempt, was in the store that night monitoring state of the art surveillance cameras.

Seeing the men entering the building, the owner prepared to defend himself as the men proceeded up the stairs to his business. One of the suspects reportedly pointed a handgun at him, and he fired in self-defense, killing one and wounding another.

Three of the men fled the scene. Two are at large, but the third was found at a hospital seeking treatment for his injuries.

The local district attorney called the owner’s actions “justified.”

It’s important, especially in the light of current events, to remember that (and again outside of Texas) using deadly force to protect property is not justifiable. Yes, some states do extend Castle Doctrine to a person’s business location and even to an occupied vehicle, but this is not universal among all states. Even then, it does not automatically give anyone the legal right to shoot someone just because they broke into your property.

Yes, Castle Doctrine does provide some additional legal protections in such cases, but deadly force is still only justifiable to defend innocent life.

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Read the rest here: USA Carry

Real numbers, Delta Whiskies and Whiskettes. I’m guardedly optimistic.

“The American Republic will endure, until politicians realize they can bribe the people with their own money.” — Alexis de Tocqueville


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5th/77th FA

Outstanding score for FIRST thing of a Sunday Morning. Tho the totals have been counted before on some of these, it is always good to see the follow ups. This lets us know that Justice does prevail, sometimes, when one has to use deadly force to defend life and property.

The “gun pr0n?” The original meaning of the term, “in the belly of the beast!” They really were “riding to the danger zone.” 😛

Sister Golden Haired Surprise? It’s obvious what she is packing. And with those flotation devices, no worries about drowning.

Woulda been taking the Family here, after early morning Chapel Service, for brunch. They do an outstanding job on every menu item, Breakfast, Dinner, and Supper. For some reason, tho it can be several years between my visits, they always seem to remember me. “Hi Honey, I’m home!” 😆

5th/77th FA

My pleasure Bro. Least I could do for my all time favorite Aeronautically Designated Squidley Swabbie. Poor ol’ Roh-Dog is still in a food coma from TWBGCC. He couldn’t even beat his F5 key without getting 2 black eyes and a bloody nose. Bless his heart.


Big Bad Wolf: “My, that’s a big gun you have there.”



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Read the linked article. If that doesn’t get you angry then nothing will. I can never understand why people agree to let the government (mostly Democrats) trample their rights. With these “Red Flag” laws and so far unpassed “No Fly, No Buy,” and “hate speech” legislation, the politicians are destroying our rights to keep and bear arms, due process, and free speech.


TINS! The Vanilla ISIS twerps tried that Trojan entry to a PD.

They stood out front of the precinct with contractor sized trash bags pulled down over themselves.

Didn’t seem to work very well. They said they need to try harder.


Inbred Redneck

She went to her homeless ex-boyfriend’s shelter to talk?
Back in my day the talk with the daughter wouldn’t’ve even included the advice not to go to a hobo camp. That was thought to be understood. Then again, at 39 you’d think that a girl would have enough native intelligence or common sense to know such things.