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| June 21, 2020

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On behalf of AW1Ed…

It’s time once again, Delta Whiskies and Whiskettes, for Boomer’s Sunday, where I cull through his weekly offering of ‘toons, and pick the best. Honorable Mention goes to my pals Gerhart, Woke Infidel, AW1 Scott, AW1 Rod, and our own Cameron, Skippy, HMCS(FMF) ret, Poetrooper, Mason, Jeff LPH 3 63-66, thebesig, Keepin’ It Real, and Ex, who also have provided some entertainment. These are mostly from the right, with humor scattered around. I am more than willing to post up differing points of view if they don’t annoy me. Now what could be fairer than that? So here we are, with the ‘toons that may amuse, make you think, or just piss you off.

If any of you Delta Whiskies and Whiskettes suspect I may have had you specifically in mind for a particular ‘toon, you’re likely quite correct.

And finally, an oldie that rgr1480 brings to us that’s relevant to today’s events… How to properly interact with police officers:

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  1. Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman says:

    Chris Rock…..always a classic.

    • Eric (the OC Tanker) says:

      That Video should be required viewing for all high school and collage age kids. Could prevent some issues.

      Just say’n.

  2. 5th/77th FA says:

    Tanks Folks, I needed that. Some may have picked up on my subtle hints about my long planned cancelled vacation plans. The pity party continues. Did key in on the reference mentioned in the FGS.

  3. Skippy says:

    It’s Sunday !!!!!

  4. AW1Ed says:

    I’ve found myself on the Binnacle List for the sick, lame and lazy. I still try to submit articles where I can, but at a reduced rate. I’m sure this is not unwelcome news for some.
    Many thanks and much appreciation to my fellow TAH staffers- I’ll get back up to speed ASAP.

  5. Commissar says:

    It is kind of unbelievable that Trump supporters think the Russia investigation was a hoax.

    The extent to which he obstructed right out in the open, blocked witnesses, ordered agency to refuse to cooperate, refused to turn over transcripts and documents, had volumes of documents classified to
    proteft himself, claimed Executive privilege on all conversations he had, and went further to say his conversations are classified, fired officials, fired IGs, refused to testify or be interviewed by the FBI..,

    When he is out of office his obstruction apparatus will collapse.

    And then what will you all say to defend him? Deep state conspiracy? Propaganda hit job?

    What then?

    My bet is you will still cling to the conspiracy it was a hoax. Despite the millions the Russians and Eastern Europeans, Saudis, and the Turks have paid the Trump organization before and since.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      It WAS a hoax Major Moonbat, you’re just far too brainwashed to see that!

    • Just Lurkin says:

      Right-and it’s just a strange coincidence that the drug addict, stripper impregnating, disgraced Naval officer son of the former Vice President of the country got a job paying half a million a year from a foreign oil company.

      Everyone in Washington might well be corrupt Lars, let’s just stipulate that from the get go, but isn’t it better to have someone in office who the media at least wants to investigate rather than cover for?

    • 11B-Mailclerk says:



    • SFC D says:

      An investigation (any investigation) based on a bogus warrant obtained through fabricated and/or purchased evidence is the very definition of “hoax”. See also “perjury, conspiracy, abuse of FBI authority, and plain old lying”.

      • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

        SO IT WAS OKAY for the B. Hussein 0bama Administration to use Government Agencies to spy on the Trump Campaign, but JUST ONE burglary on a DNC Office in a hotel and a Past President’s legacy is forever tarnished, what a universe of double standards, IMHO Major Moonbat is brain damaged for life from all the Kool-Aid he has guzzled and continues to!

    • NHSparky says:

      Only you, Lars.

      Only. Fucking. You.

    • Blaster says:

      It was no hoax at all! It was a straight up coup attempt on an incoming/sitting president of th US

      “The extent to which he obstructed right out in the open, blocked witnesses, ordered agency to refuse to cooperate, refused to turn over transcripts and documents, had volumes of documents classified to
      proteft himself, claimed Executive privilege on all conversations he had, and went further to say his conversations are classified, fired officials, fired IGs, refused to testify or be interviewed by the FBI..,” like Obama and his birth certificate and Clinton and her emails?

      Funny to me what a hypocrite you are. You were ok with your “lord and savior” Obama doing all that you blame President Trump of doing. As someone that took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the U.S.,, SHAME ON YOU!!!!

      Deep state is correct. BUT, you are ok with Sanders,Clinton and Biden who have all been a part of what you call “systemic and institutional” you are what I raised to recognize as a hypocrite.

      You’re a disgrace!!

    • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman says:


    • OldManchu says:

      Good grief. You are getting more desperate than Joe Biden’s handlers as November approaches.

  6. Commissar says:

    “We stand up for what made our country great”

    As he stands awkwardly holding the Bible upside down and backwards as a prop for a bullshit photo op. After ordering agents of the government to attack peacefully assembling American citizens in the shadow of the White House.

    The cognitive dissonance of his base.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      BUT the heroes of your side are okay to CULTURALLY APPROPRIATE African Clothing to take a knee for a photo op? C’mon there, Major Moonbat!

    • 11B-Mailclerk says:

      The only folks I have ever heard squawking about how someon holding a book are extreme Islamic nutcases.

      Is that really the best you have? He held a book “wrong” ?

      That is -so- lame.

    • 11B-Mailclerk says:

      In fairness to you, I just tried to duplicate that pose. As I look at my Bible with the front cover facing me, the bookmark ribbon is at the bottom left, hanging down.

      I checked others. Same.

      Same with his Bible in that “raised Bible” pic.

      Front, up, facing camera, with ribbon/mark down, left, hanging. Thumb on front cover, fingers on back. Ribbon near “pinkie” finger.

      Plenty of images easily searchable in several engines.

      There are other pics where he is holding that Bible in front of his torso. With the Bible’s spine visible and upright, the ribbon is down/left. The cover appears unmarked.

      I cannot recall ever seeing a Bible with a ribbon that is attached at the bottom and pokes out the top.

      So, Major, did you simply make that up, or not do even a simple fact check on someone else’s statement?

      Or did you try it yourself, and forget Mirrors invert but cameras effectively do not?


      Either way, that would seem to speak to the quality of your “intelligence work”, if you only ever pass along stuff that fits your approved beliefs, with no checking.

      Verification is a key component of intelligence gathering and reporting, right?

      Of course, spewing unverified propaganda is certainly a -different- aspect of “intelligence” work.

      Oh snap! We were not supposed to notice!

    • Slow Joe says:


      Ok, I confess. My deep hatred of communism has blinded me to the point that I will fuckin die a million fuckin painful deaths before even contemplating the remote possibility that there is anything even remotely positive in collectivist ideology.

      Let’s just face it. We are ideological enemies, and there is no amount of good your collectivist friends can ever do to gain my tolerance, let alone my approval.

      There is only one way to deal with communists and collectivists, and that is to defeat them. And their defeat is my core value.

      I understand you are just a fellow traveler. They are using you while claiming to a collectivist fake morality that supposedly benefits the majority, but in reality only benefits the elite.

      You are the typical dude that gets eaten by the Revolution once phase one is complete. People like you, do not survive phase two of the collectivist revolution, whatever name they give them.

      So, enjoy your self-righteousness while you can. Your friends will cut your head off.

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        Joe, I thought they just lined them up and shot them after making them dig their own graves.

      • SFC D says:

        Joe, I’m gonna send you a case of Bud Light for that. Pretty dammed awesome.

      • 11B-Mailclerk says:

        You are spot on. I have tried to warn him.

        He posts as if nothing that deviates from his belief is real to him.

        • rgr769 says:

          Mentally, he resides in a parallel universe where right is wrong and wrong is right. In his universe, I think the sun rises in the East.

          And, I must admit I was wrong about his trip to CHOPistan. The Chopistanis must have cancelled his letters of marque.

      • OldManchu says:

        Fuckin’ A dude! Well said!

      • The Other Whitey says:

        No amount of propaganda will ever make up for the nightmare my wife’s parents suffered in Cambodia. No amount of Lars’s apologism and “No True Scotsman” bullshit about how those cocksuckers supposedly weren’t “real” communists/socialists/marxists will cancel the torture and starvation they endured, nor will it erase the many times my Mother-In-Law was raped, nor will it bring my wife’s older brother—who was a preschool-age child when he was declared an “enemy of the socialist revolution” and murdered—back from the dead.

        Anyone who supports that ideology, be it Lars, the CHAZhole fucksticks, Bernie Sanders, or the sleeper agent jerkoff who currently occupies Saint Peter’s office in Rome, is an enemy of the US Constitution and an enemy of humanity. God will judge them, and if they push too hard, we might, too. Either way, it won’t end well for them.

    • OldManchu says:

      You forgot your double space after the word “op”.

  7. Roh-Dog says:

    It was a much needed and greatly appreciated BS infodump and then the funsponge reared his stupid beak.
    Thanks to those that contribute.

  8. 3/10/MED/b says:

    Not sure of the exact wording, but the saying goes,”Never get in an argument with an idiot.” If anyone can complete the quote, it would be appreciated.

    Happy Father’s Day to all. Spent the morning with Dad, and my Sister’s family. Her husband retired from the force 2 years ago after 30+ years. It was a great time.

    I’ve seen that Chris Rock bit 100+ times. Still hilarious.

    Peace to all.

  9. SgtBob says:

    Boom Operator. Hmm. My daughter, who was on an airplane receiving a boom, said women boom operators had the most explicitly sexual comments and remarks when inserting and pumping and withdrawing the boom.