Chris Cuomo’s Fake “Emergence”

| April 25, 2020

Most everyone has heard that CNN’s Chris Cuomo, the brother of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, has tested positive for Coronavirus.

Chris Cuomo recently captured a video of himself emerging from his basement after a few weeks, which quite frankly was dramatically underwhelming.  Cuomo produced several videos from his basement scolding encouraging everyone to strictly adhere to the virus quarantine guidance put out by his governor brother.

However, Chris Cuomo had been caught walking about allegedly looking at the construction of his new property, all the time not wearing a mask.

TheMix is carrying a story of Marine veteran Johnny Jones who is calling out Chris Cuomo’s “emergence” from quarantine saying it is a staged event and highlighting that Cuomo was out and about.

Marine Who Lost His Legs In Afghanistan Trolls
Chris Cuomo’s Clearly Staged Quarantine Video

In addition, the bicyclist who had an encounter with Chris Cuomo while he was out and about in violation of his governor brother’s guidance, has come forth to give a video interview providing his side of the story.

So it does appear that Cuomo violated quarantine guidance after several videos of himself warning others to stay inside.  He was out and about with an active case of coronavirus and not wearing a mask.

What’s worse is the media fails to call him out for it.  Governor Cuomo has not been asked about this by the media.  Maybe it would prove too uncomfortable?

Thank goodness for Johnny Jones – at least he is holding Chris Cuomo’s feet to the fire.

This highlights a premise I have always felt strongly about.  Although news media has the power to shape a narrative, it is not Hollywood storytelling and many in the media cross that line.  They should stick to just a factual presentation.


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  1. Combat Historian says:

    This was more fake and more dangerous than Geraldo’s safe-opening stunt. At least with Geraldo, he didn’t accidentally shoot anyone with the Tommy Gun. In this case, Fredo has infected his wife and son while covertly breaking curfew, and God knows how many other random passers-by as well. ..

    • Green Thumb says:

      At least Geraldo was looking for Al Capone’s riches.

      Chris Cuomo was looking for special attention.

      Maybe he should go by the moniker Chris Dildo.

  2. STSC(SWSS) says:

    Cuomo is an overpaid useless asshole just like his brother and vice versa.

  3. Stoutguy says:

    And Chris Cuomo was so careless even his son wife and son caught coronavirus. I can’t believe not called out.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      That would likely be akin to calling for a Kennedy of Massachusetts responsible for manslaughter for letting a Woman drown in his car.

    • Green Thumb says:


      Someone just needs to pimp slap him and he will stop.

      I love the fact that old dude called him out. Chris Dildo can talk shit to old people, but I doubt he would to a qualified and practiced opponent.

      What a fucking tool.

  4. 2banana says:

    2banana’s Law.

    Conservatives are more than happy to live under the same laws and taxes they want for everyone else.

    Liberals/progressives expect to be exempted from the same laws and taxes they want for everyone else.

  5. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    Fredo is nothing but a overpaid trauma drama queen…

  6. 2banana says:

    So…why isn’t Fredo subjected to “Red Flag” laws…?

    Oh yeah, see my law above.

  7. 5th/77th FA says:

    “They should just stick to a factual presentation.” Sarcasm? Or are you smoking that sh^t again? Take the brown acid? Hold his feet to the fire? Dang Skippy, hell to the yes. Do that whole burning at the stake thing on his ass. Each night I have to see the guv bloviating on the national news and the whole Orange Man Bad scene, switching channels doesn’t help, sissy punk is on all of them. And each time the whole, “We’re going to peak in cases this week” or “The upcoming week will see record numbers.”

    The saddest part is not this idiot and those like him it’s the idiots that keep re-electing fools like his brother, AOC, et al. “Rules for thee and rules for me.”

  8. Green Thumb says:

    The CDC cleared him? Really?

    What, did they fly up there from Atlanta and check him out?

    Maybe they dropped off another 10k ventilators to his brother and grabbed a grinder from Shorty’s?

    What a fucking clown.

    • Daisy Cutter says:

      I loved it when Tucker asked the bicyclist if he was going to get tested for coronavirus.

      He replied that a regular guy like him with no fame or wealth can’t get a test.

      • Green Thumb says:


        I am thinking Chris Dildo should probably have turned around and gone back down into the basement.

        I doubt many folks would really care.

      • AW1Ed says:

        His daughter is a Doc at Johns Hopkins; I’ll bet he could get tested if he wanted. Bike-boy here is a die-hard liberal, as reported. He’s just grinding his ax.

  9. The Other Whitey says:

    Maybe Fredo thought the basement was the closet…

  10. SgtBob says:

    Next hurricane season, maybe Cuomo can find a water-filled ditch to stand in.

  11. Comm Center Rat says:

    Tucker mentioned that Cuomo was in “full ‘roid rage.” Long term ingestion of steroids likely compromised Fredo’s immune system resulting in his testing positive for the coronavirus.

  12. Bubblehead Ray says:

    If Fredo sees his shadow, does that mean 6 more weeks of “shelter in place”?

  13. OWB says:

    Hey, Fredo! You really don’t need to keep proving to us just how very special you are. We already know. But it may not mean what you think it does. Delusional, spoiled punks are indeed special, but not in a good way.

    You won’t like it, but there just aren’t that many folks out here who care about your precious feelings either. Some of us still respond to yet another tale of your misbehaviors with a, “Who?”

  14. AW1Ed says:


    • Green Thumb says:


      Chris Dildo is really going to shit himself when he figures out he has no true friends or followers.

  15. Mason says:

    He is so painfully stupid. It’s amazing that people as just plain dumb can succeed. Obviously on the coat tails of his father and brother, but still it’s a perfect example of why the US is the greatest country on Earth. Anyone can succeed. Even Fredo Cuomo. Hell, his mental equal Joe Biden was the freaking Vice President for eight years.

  16. Skippy says:

    Are we sure this wasn’t just a stunt by CNN to get ratings ????

  17. Anonymous says:


  18. OldSoldier54 says:

    This guy is nothing but another Liberal attention whore. Being as he’s shorter than big brother Andrew, he may have some of that “little man Syndrome” going on.

    He is definitely cruisin’ for a bruisin’. Guys like that one day run their head at the wrong dawg and get their clocks cleaned.

    It’s only a matter of time.

  19. 11B-Mailclerk says:

    I seem to recall someone bitching about folks calling CNN “fake news” …

  20. Bubblehead Ray says:

    I remember when Fredo got pissed at being called “Fredo” and said “it’s like using the “N” word.

    Then I heard this and I couldn’t stop laughing.

  21. Green Thumb says:

    There is another takeaway here.

    The man that was interviewed really did not look all that thrilled to be interviewed. Particularly by a conservative such as Tucker.

    But on the flip side, he did let himself be interviewed and admitted that he was very left-leaning (I could care less).

    He also told the truth. And in doing so, saw that no left-leaning media outlets would take the interview. It would go against their narratives.

    Odd how that works. I wonder if it will change his opinion or that of others moving forward in his circle, if you will?

    Fairness should never have a color.

    Its a start.

  22. Green Thumb says:

    Is this loser back to work?

    Or is he going to ride unemployment for a while….?