Boomer’s Sunday

| April 12, 2020

It’s time once again, Delta Whiskies and Whiskettes, for Boomer’s Sunday, where I cull through his weekly offering of ‘toons, and pick the best. Honorable Mention goes to my pals Woke Infidel, AW1 Scott, AW1 Rod, our own Skippy, HMCS(FMF) ret, Poetrooper, Mason, Jeff LPH 3 63-66, thebesig, Keepin’ It Real, and Ex, who also have provided some entertainment. These are mostly from the right, with humor scattered around. I am more than willing to post up differing points of view if they don’t annoy me. Now what could be fairer than that? So here we are, with the ‘toons that may amuse, make you think, or just piss you off.


Category: Guest Post, Humor, Satire

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  1. 11B-Mailclerk says:

    Oh bravo, again

  2. 2banana says:

    So…is it wrong to vacuum your roof?

    Asking for a friend.

  3. Skippy says:

    Good ones today
    Nothing beats a little humor
    On a Sunday morning

  4. 5th/77th FA says:

    Crewing the water cannon alone is hard work!

    The ones that made me laff were overwhelmed by the ones that pissed me off with what the domestic enemies of our Republic have done in their unrelenting attempt to destroy our way of life.

  5. Skippy says:

    Only in the army can you pack 30 people
    In a 16 person passenger van
    Or a while company in a small cattle car

    • SFC D says:

      Not anymore! Schoolhouse is filling buses to half capacity. Which is still more than a civilian bus.

    • rgr769 says:

      Ooh, love the pic of the school bus at the Benning School for Wayward Boys.

      • Skippy says:

        AW1Ed didn’t understand it
        Navy they have it so good

        BHWHAHAHAHA !!!!!!

        • AW1Ed says:

          I figured it was an Army thing. And I was right.
          As for the Navy, well, of course.

        • rgr769 says:

          For five weeks that was my morning ride at IOBC. IIRC, I think they used them to haul our sore asses to Pope AFB for jump week. At Ranger school we walked/ran everywhere except for deuce & a half rides. I think the last time I rode in one of those trailers was a trip to the artillery range in May, 1970 at the Infantry Officer Vietnam Orientation Course. I don’t think they had them at SF school at Bragg.

  6. Hondo says:

    Poor cat. (smile)

  7. JustALurkinAround says:

    Congratulations. You have now made Sunday my favorite day of the week.