Kentucky- 1st and 4th Amendments…

| April 11, 2020

…no longer apply. More draconian threats from our political overlords.

Mason sends.

Kentucky governor: Anyone at mass gatherings this weekend must quarantine

Beshear said anyone gathering this weekend, including those at in-person church services, will be required to quarantine for 14 days.
Author: Taylor Weiter, Jessie Cohen

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear (D) said the state will require people who participate in mass gatherings this weekend to quarantine for 14 days.

In his Friday press briefing, Beshear said the state will record the license plates of any people at a mass gathering, including in-person church services this weekend, and give the information to local health departments, who will order people to quarantine for 14 days.

“Even on a weekend like this, we cannot have any in-person gatherings of any type,” Beshear said.

Beshear said there are about seven churches in Kentucky who will not comply with the recommendations to not host in-person services.

“We absolutely cannot bring people together in one building like that, because that is how the coronavirus spreads, and that is how people die,” Beshear said. “Understand that this is the only way that we can ensure that you’re decision doesn’t kill somebody else.”

Exactly how the health department will identify which family members attended the services, or enforce the quarantine, remains unsaid. There also is no reason the six foot social standoff can’t be applied to church services- seems to work at the supermarket. While attending church services is personally not an issue for me, this is pretty blatant overreach, and infringing on Constitutional rights. This is an issue for me.

Read more here: WHAS 11 and here: Breitbart

Thanks, Mason

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5th/77th FA

Connect the dots. Another D after his name. Are the Mosques still open for their prayers 5 times a day?

Are we now giving up the rest of our Liberty for some supposed security from the bug, only to find out that really no longer have neither?

Is it finally time for torches, pitchforks, lamp posts, tar, feathers, rails, and rope?

The Other Whitey

I’m curious as to how any state/jurisdiction plans on squaring away the constitutional issues they’re messing with these days. They can claim “public health” all they want, but the Constitution does rather explicitly say that they can’t do what they’re doing. The Founders were not ignorant of the common tyrannical practice of arbitrarily restricting freedoms in the name of some variant of “public safety.”

I’m betting this question—if not this exact case—will be determined by the USSC, with far-reaching consequences. Their decision will either endorse or repudiate fascism.

5th/77th FA

Eggsactly TOW. You may recall I had made mention last summer about how the politicians needed to be in VOV’s Constitution Classes? Do they not realize what they are doing, or is it they have gotten away with so much that they are pushing the envelope just to see how far they can go. Y’all all know that I am a student of History and of especially War Between the States History, a war brought on not some much by the slavery issue, but by politicians trying to maintain or increase their level of power over the people. They cause a war that killed well north of 600K Americans. I stated many years ago in various classes, seminars, and round table discussions that the next war like that would be the 50 states against Washington DC.

These bastards are doing the same crap today, and have been for decades, stirring up the citizens of the country against one another so as to distract from what the politicians are doing to us all.

And ‘Ed… Thanks for the twofer shot of the works of the Saintly JMB (Howitzer be his name). That is most apropos for this weekend, with that piece of paper, and that example in the cocked and locked position. Ms Thang might get lucky after all.


Alright, I’ve typed and deleted numerous responses to your posts, and now I have to say something. First, the Civil War was absolutely brought on by slavery. your ‘unique’ alternative view is simply a regurgitation of bad scholarship. Read the Confederate state’s Articles of Secession. Virtually all of them cite their intent to retain slavery as an primary cause of their secession. The CSA constitution is a virtual copy of the US constitution except that it specifically protects the right for states to own slaves. You are repackaging faulty thoughts. Aside from that, the attempts of local and state governments to stop the spread of a deadly virus have absolutely nothing to do with the actions of the federal government leading up to the Civil War. You have failed in stating your case, and what you say makes absolutely no sense. There is such a thing as the public commons, which local and state governments, duly elected by the people, have a responsibility to protect. Yes, you can go in the public square and say whatever you want, until you start threatening people, or until you start taking actions that endanger the lives of other citizens. Should you be able to go down town and set off explosives, or shoot your firearm randomly in the air? Of course not. This is the same thing. You are minimizing it because in your personal opinion this virus is nothing to worry about. You scoff at the actual medical professionals and epidemiologists that… Read more »


And the leftest troll surfaces again.

Get out of the echo chamber, won’tcha?


Democrats, what we now call “the Left” , were losing their argument in the long run, and made last ditch effort to impose slavery on free states. The Fugitive Slave Act, and it’s twin Dred Scott, were epic blunders of desperation.

The parallels to today are instructive. Again, some Dem folks “know best” and will apply their -epic- and wrong-headed arrogance “for their own good” , even if they wreck society to do so.


the Left can’t stand that someone disagrees with them. They can’t stand that freedom keeps defeating “the masses” or “educated people” or whatever they imagine makes them society’s “betters”. The current fiasco is exposing the would-be tyrants among them. They can’t seem to help their arrogant selves.

It is a fatal arrogance that they think themselves “smarter” “educated” “better” people, thus the natural aristocracy to rule their lessors whom they must “help” and “guide”.

The damnfools learn -nothing- from their “educated” errors, blaming it all on those they scorn.

Not an ounce of respect for different principles or premises. No tolerance of diversity of thought. No freedom of conscience. No Liberty other than their way and their rule.

Another much larger vintage of the grapes of wrath is being prepared. For the love of God, turn away. Liberty -will- win.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Photographing license plates reminds me of when the large shopping center in New Jersey was opened up on the other side of the Holland tunnel, the nyc mayor at the time sent over his peeps to photograph nyc car plates and then letters were sent out to tell the new yorkers that shopped there that they would have to pay nyc sales tax on items bought in nj. I don’t remember what happened after that though.


Too bad we don’t have more politicians like former NH governor Meldrim Thomson.

The Other Whitey

I’m curious how that could possibly not be an unconstitutional restriction of interstate commerce.


Federal judge already slapped down the mayor of Louisville KY. Hopefully the governor is next


“This is an issue for me”



Good luck with the class action lawsuit on that Brazzer…

A Proud Infidel®™

Politicians often get stupid and evil once they get a taste of power.


They get all upset and rules-for-thee-but-not-for-me about that… well, here’s something for ’em:


Going by the license registration? What if the person driving the vehicle is authorized to drive the vehicle, and the person that the vehicle is not registered to the vehicle isn’t there but was at home?


Same kind of a deal – “Hello, Hertz®™, Avis®™, or Alamo®™ – I need a rental for this weekend, my car is sitting at the mechanic’s shop waiting for parts. “


“Respect my authoritah!” The issue is never the issue with leftists, the issue is always having their way.


I foresee a bunch of license plates that have “fallen off” tomorrow!!


Remember in November.






The justice department is taking notice
Read the part about everyone at a drive-in service being slapped with tickets



Slap them into next year – or into jail.


It’s more than just one place:

Tyrants are appearing.

In other, unrelated, news, Academy Outdoors stores are restocking ammo daily.


Hopefully Academy will be able to expand into all of the empty Dick’s Sporting Goods stores…..


Here’s another one. This one actually resulting in the police issuing tickets!

$500 for going and parking in a church parking lot to listen to the minister on the radio.

For anyone who wonders just how so many Germans did nothing when the Nazis took power, I hope they’re paying attention. This virus, while undoubtedly something to be concerned about, is absolutely not reason to give the government unilateral executive power (these are all executive orders) to ignore the Constitution.


And you are right about the




It doesn’t have to be another bloodbath, folks.

The time to start resisting is when you still can fight by driving it to court, or to the polls, or to public scrutiny.

“I’ll fight”. Yeah? Prove it.

I am going to church today. It is now a civil duty to assert that we -can- go. Even if you would put “none” on your ID tags, -go-. Assert your Right to go, that others may retain it. Refuse to be turned away. defy any fine. Go to court. Sue the bastards. Mock them. -defy- them.

They ain’t preventing congregating where they want you, eh? they keep asserting more and more authority to command you, eh?

Don’t wait for the hissing showerheads to decide it is past time to be uncooperative with tyrrany.

Most folks here wrote that “blank check” once, for the Constitution. Well folks, it is time to see who meant it. Because -this- is what Liberty looks like.

Going when you -know- it is going to cost.

Going when you already did your bit, before.

Going for the other folks’ rights.

-that- is the price of Liberty.

Do it -because- they demand that you do not.

Disobey. For the love of Liberty, disobey.

Herbert J Messkit

Civil rights were violated after hurricane Katrina.
Civil rights were violated during the search for the Boston bomber.
Afterwards as far as I know there was no follow up to deal with the authorities carrying out these policies. I hope The people affected by these latest violations don’t drop everything once the crisis is over