Judge: Conor Climo, accused of bomb plot, also targeted McDonald’s in ‘manifesto’

| February 16, 2020

Conor Climo, 23, of Las Vegas, was arrested Aug. 9, 2019, by an FBI-led anti-terrorism task force alleging he plotted to firebomb a synagogue and sketched a shooting attack on a LGBTQ bar. (Photo: KTNV)

One of our ninjas sent us this article on Mr. Climo, which I then forwarded on to our own Nate Thayer.

Conor Climo, a former security guard, told U.S. District Judge James Mahan he possessed materials to make a destructive device and is a member of the Feuerkrieg Division, an offshoot of a U.S.-based neo-Nazi group called Atomwaffen Division.

Nate of course was already all over it.

And then it got weird.

USA Today

U.S. Law Enforcement: Leader of U.S. Nazi Terror Group is a Russian Spy

Nate Thayer

Rinaldo Nazzaro aka ‘Norman Spear’, formerly of New Jersey, is now living in St. Petersburg, Russia. The founder of the U.S white supremacist domestic terror group is a Russian intelligence asset with previous connections to U.S intelligence agencies, according to documents, intelligence analysts, U.S. law enforcement sources, and former members of The Base.

The leader of a violent U.S. Nazi, white supremacist domestic terrorist group was affiliated with U.S. defense and intelligence agencies before becoming an asset of Russian intelligence, documents, U.S. intelligence and law enforcement sources, and former members of The Base say.

U.S. law enforcement and intelligence sources insist Rinaldo Nazzaro, aka ‘Norman Spears’ and ‘Roman Wolf’, the founder of the “The Base”, is currently “not one of us,” according to two U.S. federal law enforcement and intelligence sources with direct knowledge of the U.S. investigation of The Base terror activites in the U.S.

The Base and Rinaldo Nazzaro are central to a tangled web of covert U.S. government law enforcement and intelligence operations, private U.S. defense and intelligence contractors, the Russian intelligence services, and a Nazi, white supremacist violent terror group whose members have plotted murder and terror attacks in the U.S. and ammased an arsenal of weapons intent on launching a ‘race war.’

“He is not an American asset,” said one U.S. source with direct knowledge of the federal government investigation of The Base. “He is working with the bad guys but covers his tracks very well,” the source said, referring to Russia, adding currently “He is a major target” of U.S. intelligence and law enforcement.

The sources declined to answer if Nazzaro had previously worked for any U.S. government agency.

Nazzaro created a U.S. based terrorist organization and incited and instructed his subordinates to carry out violent terror attacks in the United States.

If Nazzaro is, in fact, a Russian operative, that would escalate Russian intelligence operations well beyond cyber hacking of United States elections, placing Vladimir Putin’s Russian government as funding and organizing armed, violent, military terror attacks on United States soil.

The FBI arrested 7 members of ‘The Base’ in January on a plethora of domestic terrorism crimes, including conspiracy to commit murder and plotting to launch armed terror attacks charges–three in Georgia, three in Maryland, and one in Wisconsin. Earlier, in November 2019, the FBI arrested a Base New Jersey resident, Richard Tobin, for directing the desecration of houses of worship in Michigan and Wisconsin on September 21, 2019. Mr. Tobin, according to federal court records, is cooperating with authorities and the information he revealed to the FBI was central to the arrest of the seven other Base members on January 16 and 17, 2020.

A propaganda photograph taken in Silver Creek, Georgia released by The Base in August 2019

U.S law enforcement sources with direct knowledge of the U.S. federal law enforcement investigation said this week that they are “rolling up the bad guys” and “there is more coming” in “cases all over the country.”

Rinaldo Nazzaro founded The Base, a United States domestic terrorist organization with, according to four current and former members of the group, “50-60 members”, in July 2018–the same month he moved to St. Petersburg, Russia. Nazzaro has directed the activities of the U.S. terror group from Russia ever since.

Currently, Nazzaro lives in St Petersburg with his two children and his wife, Lyudmila V. Sergeyeva, a U.S. and Russian dual citizen.

Previously, the couple maintained homes in New York city, New Jersey, Northern Virginia, and Washington, D.C. before moving to Russia in July 2018, according to documents, government records, intercepted social media posts, U.S. law enforcement and intelligence sources, and four former or current members of The Base.

In January, ‘The Base” founder, using the online alias Norman Spear, was revealed by journalist Jason Wilson of the Guardian newspaper to be Rinaldo Nazzaro, 46, an American citizen originally from New Jersey.

Messages on encrypted social media discussion boards written by Base founder Rinaldo Nazzaro under the alias Norman Spear

Nazzaro has directed the terror groups operations from sanctuary in Russia since its inception.

The Base is considered to be one of the most violent U.S. domestic terror groups by federal law enforcement authorities, and has actively recruited members over social media, neo-Nazi and white supremacist extremist web sites to commit acts of violent terrorism in the United States.

A social media post by Rinaldo Nazzaro in June 2018, days before he formally founded the terror group “The Base” and moved to Russia

Nazzaro has claimed to be an Afghanistan and Iraq war veteran; a “former CIA field intelligence officer”; and a “Defence studies expert”; among other self descriptions which are not independently confirmed. U.S. military records show no one with the name Rinaldo Nazzaro, with his verified New Jersey issued social security number or date of birth has ever served in any of the five branches of the U.S. uniformed services.

Nazzaro encourages white supremacists who gather online to organize in real life and carry out ‘Lone Wolf” violent terror attacks on U.S. soil.

Rinaldo Nazzaro, under the name ‘Roman’, referring to the arrest of a member of the Atomwaffen Division, an affiliated U.S. terror group of The Base, in Texas in November 2019. The arrested domestic terrorist, Aiden Bruce-Umbaugh, who is from Washington state, was pulled over in a traffick stop with two AR-15 semi automatic rifles, an AK-47, a 9 mm handgun with three fully loaded clips, and “‘2 to 3 thousand” rounds of ammunition in the vehicle.

“He was telling us he was a defense contractor and that he did two tours in Afghanistan,” said a member of The Base in a February 2020 interview. The former Base member left the organization in 2019. “The overarching theme was he wanted people to get together in real life formed in regional cells.”

“Nazzaro was always trying to herd people” on their online encrypted discussion boards. “Norman’s big theme was all groups could have cross membership. As more and more mainstream people left the group, that is when the extremists started talking about ‘let’s get together and do crimes.’ Those voices were AWD.”

On the left is rhe flag of the terror group Atomwaffen Division and on right the flag of The Base. Sources affiliated with both groups say the man on the left is John Cameron Denton, aka “Rape”, a leader of Atomwaffen Division currently living in Conroe, Texas, a suburb of Houston. The man on the right holding the Base flag is Rinaldo Nazzaro, founder of the Base and a Russian intelligence operative, according to Base sources.

AWD is the acronym for The Atomwaffen Division, a Nazi, white supremacist U.S. domestic terror group which has a number of cross memberships with the Base. The Atomwaffen Division is linked to at least 5 murders since 2017 and a number of foiled violent terror attacks in the U.S.Both the Base and AWD goups openly advocate for lone wolf terror attacks against houses of worship, schools, and mass killing of civilians to spark a race war in the U.S.

A July 2018 message from Rinaldo Nazzaro aka Norman Spears promoting a race war in the U.S. Nazzaro moved to Russia that same month when he founded The Base.

Rinaldo Nazzaro aka Norman Spear & Roman Wolf, the founder of the U.S. terror group, The Base, and a Russian intelligence agent

“From when the Base was founded, people in the chat rooms were saying his IP address was in St. Petersburg,” said one former Base member. “It was very common knowledge he was living in Russia. You could easily sell me his job was to sow chaos–that the Base was a ‘honeypot.’”

Rinaldo Nazzaro and Lyudmila V. Sergeyeva, a U.S. and Russian dual citizen, at their New York City wedding on July 14, 2012

Much more to read here: Nate Thayer.com

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A translation of al Qaeda is also “The Base.” Thanks, Nate!

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  1. MSG Eric says:

    In the Army a “Division” is 8-12,000 troops. Are there even that many neo-nazis total in the US?

    Granted, to many democrats anyone who isn’t a democrat is a neo-nazi….

  2. 26Limabeans says:

    That is the goofiest fucking hat I’ve seen in a long time.
    And believe me, Maine has some pretty goofy hats.

  3. Roh-Dog says:

    Ok, a guy who is relatively young, multiple houses in various locations engages in fomenting racism and acts of domestic terrorism from a non-extradition locality. The Feds decline to comment.
    Sound like one of their ‘assets’ slipped the yoke and/or was compromised.
    Honey pot or CYA op engaged!
    Americanism and Nazism are diametrically opposed. In my travels the Huite Nationalists ‘true believers’ are ignorant f*ckfaces that were bullied and ostracized as children.
    These clowns don’t need a terrorist designation, they need a library and Jesus.

  4. David says:

    Anyone who thinks any major country just sings “Kumbaya” and doesn’t attempt to further their own aims by any means they can get away with, isn’t paying attention.

  5. Fyrfighter says:

    Hmmm, so you’re saying a Neo-Nazi is a Russian asset? It’s almost like socialism and communism are related, kinda like two sides of the same coin…. Seems I’ve heard that somewhere before.. (maybe from the founders of communism??)..

    I’m sure Lars will be here soon to tell me how I’m wrong…

  6. 2banana says:

    National Socialism?

    Does Bernie support?

  7. 5th/77th FA says:

    Seems like I remember another Russian Communist a good while back on news media. Appears he thought we were dead and he wanted to bury us. IIRC there was some shoe pounding going on…or something.

    Maybe some of the people that were in Eastern Europe back in the dark days of the 20th Century can give us an idea of how the benevolent Russians welcomed them with open arms into their society and brought peace and prosperity, raising their standards of living and allowing them to live their happy lives, unimpeded by any government interference. If we could just get a few offspring of influential politicians to go to work for some Russian controlled business, we may could get some better understanding.

    Or better yet, All of you assholes that don’t Love America, GTFO! And take your socialistic politicians with you. I hear Venezuela is nice this time of year or for those into winter sports, maybe a Gulag in Siberia?

    Thanks Nate, keep hammering them.

  8. Slow Joe says:

    Why are comments closed on the Subway thief?

  9. Ex-PH2 says:

    Whenever one of these reports is put on TAH, it should be a wake-up call to any of us who want to keep ourselves free and able to go on about our lives.

    This creature from the slime pit wants to be the Big Boss in Charge of Slaughter. He and his kind are worse in their way than the lefty politicians who try to sneak one past us. If they want a fight – and that is what it seems to me – they’re on the wrong planet.

    I just want to go about my life and get stuff done, and then turn in my return ticket at the end of my Tour of Duty. The idea that anyone should have to worry about a bunch of whack jobs like this one is appalling.

    They talk themselves into this state of mind they carry around with them. They need their own planet where they can fight off dinosaurs and organic robots and get themselves all blowed up, and leave the rest of us alone.

    So now I have to stock more dry beans, more freeze-dried stuff, more seasonings, and stuff like that, because this slimy pig wants to start a pissing match somewhere?

    Yeah, well, I also cook. He’d better not show up in my chow line. I may know how to roast a whole hog in a pit, but it doesn’t mean I have to serve one like him, does it?

    (DId that come off as too harsh??)

    • Cameron Kingsley says:

      No it didn’t. But if he wants to be in charge, he better learn to be careful when handling a poisonous snake (this includes the left). Most don’t bite if you leave them alone. The minute you start pestering them, however. That’s a different story. Messing with an angry America, is about as smart as messing with a king cobra or a black mamba.

  10. Cobrakai99 says:

    Straight out of Season 7 of Homeland

  11. rgr1480 says:

    The three “wolf-hooks” rune on that flag iscalled the “Opfer rune.”

    Hello Military:
    I note the following online regarding The Opfer-Rune.
    “The Opfer-Rune symbolised self-sacrifice. It was used
    after 1918 by the Stahlhelm war veterans’ association
    and was later the badge which commemorated the Nazi
    martyrs of the 1923 Munich putsch. It also formed part
    of the design of the SA Sports Badge for War Wounded,
    which could be won by disabled SS ex-servicemen.”

    And elsewhere that The Opfer rune it was a symbol of
    “Self-sacrifice”, which preceded the Nazis, as it was first
    adopted after 1918 by the Stahlhelm war veterans’ movement that eventually merged with the Nazi Sturmabteilung (SA).

    The symbol was adopted by the Nazis after 1923 to com-
    memorate the party members who died in Hitler’s failed
    Beer Hall Putsch.”

  12. Poetrooper says:

    “AWD is the acronym for The Atomwaffen Division…”

    Um, has anybody in admin run a background on UNO HOO?

    Dave? Dave? You there, Dave?


  13. Skippy says:

    A lot more going on here then what Uncle Sam is letting us know
    Wish we had a news media that would report news instead of fake news