Colorado woman uses red flag law against officer….

| January 15, 2020

Poetrooper sends us the odd tale of a bereaved mother seeking to file a Red Flag complaint against a law officer, where he would lose his firearms by a judge’s order. The basis of her complaint? Colorado State University Police Corporal Phillip Morris and Fort Collins Police Services Officer Erin Mast encountered her son wielding a large hunting knife, and telling the officers to shoot him.

…who shot and killed her knife-wielding son

Posted by Leah Anaya

FORT COLLINS, COLORADO- I’m trying so hard to stop laughing so I can tell you how stupid a Colorado woman is. I hate to speak ill of her since she has lost a child, but there really is no better word to describe her based on what she’s trying to do.

I’ll compose myself now, but only because besides being entertained, I’m also a little frightened by her intent. And by the possibility of her intent becoming a reality.

Let me back up. In 2017, Jeremy Holmes encountered 2 police officers, Colorado State University Police Corporal Phillip Morris and Fort Collins Police Services Officer Erin Mast.

Holmes was holding a large hunting knife and telling the officers to shoot him. On the officer’s body camera footage, viewers can hear Corporal Morris telling Holmes to put his knife down 36 times in 2 minutes.

As Corporal Morris started to put his gun away (he later stated that he intended to use his taser to subdue the subject), Holmes charged at the Corporal with the knife unsheathed and raised.

Corporal Morris and Officer Mast both fired at Holmes, which resulted in his death.

District Attorney Clifford Riedel said that the shooting was “clearly justified.”

But Holmes’ mom, Susan Holmes, was not satisfied.

Susan has taken advantage of a new “Red Flag” gun law, enacted January 1 of this year, and filed for an extreme risk protection order (ERPO) against Corporal Morris.

And then it gets weird.

The terms of an ERPO in Colorado require a person to be a family member, household member or law enforcement officer to petition the court to take a person’s firearms from them if the person is considered to be a danger to himself or others.

In her petition, which is signed under penalty of perjury, Susan says Corporal Morris is a family member. More specifically, that they have a child together. Susan has told reporters that she plans to offer a different interpretation of the term “child in common.”

Can’t say I’m a fan of the jocular nature of the reporting, after all the guy was obviously disturbed and now the LEOs will have to live with the shooting for the rest of their lives. But the strange behavior of Mom afterwards makes the article interesting due to the Law of Unintended Consequences in the passing of these unconstitutional laws in the first place.

Read the rest and view the vid here: Law Enforcement Today

Thanks, Poe!

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Interesting reporting from a “legit” journalist.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

That’s it, I’m baffled over this one.




Literal written law of “having a child in common” (vague) can be interpreted usefully faster than you can say “that depends on what the definition of ‘is’ is” by a sharp lawyer.


Well, she has had a child in common with the officer. She spawned her boy and the officer un-spawned him, even if justifiably so.


Pretty much. Whether a judge and/or jury takes that seriously or calls BS though…


… And how many people have been saying these ‘Red Flag’ laws would be abused?

Not surprised.

Mom is just deflecting guilt/blame for the stupid, suicidal mess her son was.

5th/77th FA

^THIS^ And one might wonder who was the major contributor to the kid becoming the stupid, suicidal mess. Thanks Mom.

These “Red Flag Laws” are nothing more than an end run around the 2A. Proposed legislation coming to a district you live in…soon.


Leftists become “concerned” about everyone they don’t like (or just everyone else)…

Roger in Republic

The evidence points to the Acorn not falling very far from the Tree. It looks like mental illness runs in that family.

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

Nah. It doesn’t run. It gallops.


From what I’ve seen, she’s the one who called the police because the kid was threatening to kill his brother. Now she seems to believe that she is the victim here.


Folks who call the police for “domestic disputes” often expect that the Police will make the offender straighten up and knock off the bad behavior.


Those folks get seriously bent out of shape when the police do police stuff like subdue a combative offender.

“I didn’t call you to arrest/taze/shoot my abusive mate! Just make him stop!”

They may express this displeasure by trying to assault, kill, and/or sue the police.

The abused partner has a whole bunch of investment in the relationship, else they would simply have departed.

Some act out on that, with rage and gusto.

It isn’t rational. It isn’t “politically correct” to point it out. But spend fifteen minutes talking to anyone who deals with domestic abuse, and the victims of same, and they will explain it to you.

Willfully or not, welcomed
or not, you will be told.


Yup, calling the police on a relative because they’re having issues and “needs help” isn’t the best idea– cops will draw iron and shoot him when he acts out on them. (Officer Friendly done retired these days, folks.)


Sounds to me like she’s trying to invoke in loco parentis, which doesn’t really apply to this….

The term in loco parentis, Latin for “in the place of a parent” refers to the legal responsibility of a person or organization to take on some of the functions and responsibilities of a parent. – Wiki

I don’t think her complaint will “stick”, but she seems a bit off the line of reasoning, anyway.


Well, you got the loco part right.

Puppy Pusher

It didn’t. Judge denied the request.


I think there’s a link missing in the this family’s DNA chain.

The Other Whitey


Club Managerm USA ret.

Gives new meaning to, “Be careful what you ask for”.


Many big cities have the psychiatric emergency line (which guarantees paramedics used to handling crazies show up) instead of just 911 (which could be cops, firemen or the ambulance who get there first).


These laws were generally written so that the people can’t turn thes law on the State.

But lawyers do have a habit of creatively interpreting law. And I certainly think any law not equally applicable to members of government inherently violates idea that we have no nobility, no aristocracy. The law applies to all, or it is void.

If X can be disenfranchised on mere accusation, than so can officer/deputy/congresscritter Z.

All created equal. All equal before the law.


This is the F’d up state run by leftists in which I now live… this is also the reason that the vast majority of the county Sheriffs in the state have said that the will NOT enforce the idiotic red flag laws that the dims have recently passed… I guess this is what you get when you elect a “side saddle governor”…
Bonus points if you can tell where that quote is from.


Hmmmm … “Side saddle governor” does not come up in a Google search ….


For some reason, John Wayne comes to mind. “McClintock”.

Cameron Kingsley

Speaking of which, it seems like ole Ralphie is beginning to realize the magnitude of what he’s going to face with his little stunt.


Red flag laws?
Virginia just declared a state emergency over
possible 2nd amendment violence:

I used to see bumper stickers with a heart and
the words “Virginia is for Lovers”.
That was decades ago.


Democrats just made their own Red Flag complaint about everyone else in VA.

Slowest Joe

Wait. She was the one that called the pigs?

What did she expect?

Bruno Stachel

“She was the one that called the pigs?”


You are an NCO in the U.S. Army and now you are here at TAH referring to Law Enforcement Officers as “pigs”?

Take your stupid bullshit somewhere else, Yef.


Why do you insist on convincing us all that you’re a complete idiot? This is beneath you. You’re better than this.


Expecting continued oppression and hassles from The Man or something, dude?


Slow Joe:

Why did you call LEO “pigs”?

Is that how you feel about them?

So Sad.

Asking for my Deceased Brother who was a Policeman and a National Guardsman.

Rest In Peace.

MI Ranger

Why is she only going after Corporal Morris and not Officer Mast as well? Didn’t they both shoot? Corporal Morris was more obviously defending himself since he was attacked.

MI Ranger

Ok, I hadn’t watched the footage and just assumed Erin was a guys name…I guess Ms. Holmes is not one of those LGBTQ kinda folks and wants to say she has a child with another woman!

A Proud Infidel®™

I’m sure that this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg of the dumb shit and abuse of it we’re gonna see!

Slow Joe

Hey, what happened to the thoughtful and provocative post I posted here?

Did my post get sent to the gulag?
Poor post.

Cameron Kingsley



Quit trying to troll. You suck at it.

A Proud Infidel®™

Slow Joe, YOU NEED TO LAY OFF of the Bud Light and occasional hits of Cisco when you post!